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BTS Interracial Oneshots

High Seas • J.HS (Pt.2)

*this chapter depicts very graphic violence and sexual assault so if you don't like that, do not read this.

It took a while for Melania to grow accustomed the life out at sea. It was mostly the smell of sweaty men and the seasickness from the rocking of the ship, also, lingering looks she got.

But I'm all that bad, there was good. For one, she had made friends, they were some of Hoseok's most trusted men, Namjoon and Yoongi.

They treated her with respect, never on e looking at her as more than another crew member. They thought her just as capable as the other men on board. She dressed like the men on board and she started gaining their mannerism, learning.

Hoseok had sort of grown accustomed to her, taking a liking to her even. She would sometimes come to him at night when everyone was down below, drinking their heads off with beer and try to convince him to come down and have fun with them.

"Not tonight, my dear." He would tell her, sending Melania on her way to go have fun and told her to be safe before she left.

When they came by a merchant ship to raid, it was quite uneventful seeing as at the first sight of them, the merchants surrendered and gave them everything they had.

Hoseok was a pirate, and pirates weren't particularly known for their kindness. Despite his saving Melania, he was also feared by his crew and he needed it to stay that way. You could say he had a reputation to uphold, so

He burned down the ship, taking it down with everyone on it. The light of the flames danced behind his eyes as he laughed out with his crew in cheers.

Melania stood to the back with Yoongi watching as the wind blew through his ebony locks and his cheerful laughs echoed throughout the night.

And as unsettling as the fire was and the screaming of men as they were being burned alive or drowning in the cold sea, Mel could only focus on Hoseok.

Between raids, things were mostly calm and uneventful. Yoongi could be found most likely sleeping in down below while Namjoon, Hoseok's right hand was up front, making sure everything was okay. The amount of fights that broke out were insane.

Melania found different things to occupy her time. Namjoon knew how to play chess and so did she so that was one way, but she also found others.

There was one particular day that was different. It was no longer calm as a few drunk men had stumbled out to the deck and made their way over to Melania.

"Oh, look, it's the whore." One of the men said, grabbing her why her wrist, pulling her against him. Melania cringed as she smelled heavily of beer. So did the two other men.

"Let go of me." She order, pulling her wrist out of his drunkned grasp only for the others to come up and surround her, their hands touching her body roughtly as they laughed.

They started putting their hands under her clothes, touching her in places she didn't want be touched in. Melania cried out, trying to fight against them, but they were too strong.

"Shut up slut, we know you like it." One of the men said as they started for her panties.

"Yeah, this is all that women are good for anyways." The other said.

And that seemed to trigger something within Melania. She refused to be deemed as weak or below men. She was just as strong, just as smart, just as capable as any of them.

She roughly brought her leg up and kicked one of them men in between let legs, her foot connecting violently with his prized jewels.

The man groaned out in pain, stumbling back enough to give Melania space to run. She pulled herself away from them and went to go find someone, Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok, anyone that would help her.

As she was running, she collided right into just the man she was looking for who seemed to be in a rush himself.

"Mel, darling, was that you screaming?" Hoseok asked her, pulling his hands on her shoulders as he looked her up and down of injuries.

"Men...they attacked me, they touched me." Melania told him, panting, trying to catch her breath after running so much.

Hoseok did not seem pleased at all. His eyes became dark and his face became hard with intimidation and a sort of evil look that made fear strike into Mel's heart.

Hoseok grabbed her hand and pulled her with him onto the main deck. He came over and stomped his boot down over the latch where the small bar was, were most of the men were.

The 3 men that attacked her we're still on the deck, one man still clutching his jewels in pain while the other two stared at Hoseok with a frightened look in their eyes.

"Captain, please, we're sorry! It was all just a game!" They pleaded with him, getting down on their knees to beg for forgiveness as Hoseok stalked over to him while the others came came out onto the deck.

"Shut the fuck up." Hoseok told them, kicking one of them right in the face, pushing them down onto the floor with the other man.

Hoseok then turned around to the rest of his crew, all still with fear and silence, not wanting to face their Captain's wrath.

"I've been meaning to make an example for some time now because some of you think that you can just do whatever the hell you want in this ship!" Hoseok yelled out in the faces of some of his crew members. They all flinched away from him.

Hoseok pointed at the men. "These men will be my example. Maybe you all will learn something." He told them before walking back over to the men.

"These men had the audacity to touch the lady of this ship in such a disrespectful manner when they clearly knew my rules." Hoseok spoke, pulling his sword from his sheath. He grabbed the man who Mel had kicked between the legs and forced him to sit up.

"This is what I do to rapist." Hoseok murmured, kicking his legs open before bringing his sword down, stabbing the man right in his dick.

He screamed out in pain and the crew hissed, feeling it as well in a full pain.

There was a lot of blood and the man couldn't even run away because he was being pinned down by Hoseok sword which had gone all the way through and was now stuck in the floorboards.

Mel watched the furious look in Hoseok's eyes and the wicked grin that pulled at his lips when he grabbed his sword and yanked it out, making more blood spurt out and the man scream even louder, crying, sobbing.

The other two men tried to scramble away on their hands and feet, but Hoseok put his foot down on one of their legs and grabbed the other's hair with his ringed fingers.

"You both know better than to run." Hoseok told them. "And now because you decided to run. You both get the death penalty."

Hoseok grabbed the one of the men, the one he had kicked in the face, and lifted him up onto his feet before dragging him over to the far side of the ship.

"Jump." Hoseok told him, letting go of his arm. The man looked at him, terrified, and then looked down at the violent waves crashing against the side of the ship.

"I said jump." Hoseok growled at him, looking back to make sure everyone was watching. When the man once again didn't do as he was told, Hoseok grabbed his hair and slammed his face against the side of the ship, causing blood to come from the side of his head.

"You have on last chance...jump."

The man shakily put his hands on the side of the ship and got up on it, sitting down on the side, just about ready to jump. His legs dangled off of the side.

"Please." He whispered to Hoseok, only for the man to sigh after his order was once again not followed. Instead, Hoseok pushed him, sending him falling.

His head hit the side of the ship, cracking his skull open before his body hit the water violently. The water was becoming red with blood, but Hoseok thought very little of it.

He turned back to the final offender, the one who had originally out his hands on Mel, his beloved Mel. No one was allowed to touch her.

"Now, what to do with you." Hoseok hummed as he slowly made his way over to him. The man backed away from him, falling back into the pool of blood from the first man.

Hoseok out his foot in his chest and out down pressure before lifting his bloody sword to the man's face.

"Please." He sobbed out, only for Hoseok to give him a look of sympathy. "Are you really sorry?"

The man nodded quickly. "I get it. She's your girl. I won't do it ever again, Captain, I promise."

Hoseok sighed and took his boot off of his chest. "Alright then, I trust you not to do it again." He told the man, turning away from him

The man the out a sigh and got up, only to be met with the swift blade of Hoseok's sword against his neck.

Everyone gasped, including Mel who quickly covered her eyes.

There were two thumps. One of his body and one...of his head.

The man had been decapitated.

"You day that every time." Hoseok grumbled, reaching down to pick his head up by the hair. It gushed blood all over his hands and on the floor. Splatteres were all over Hoseok's face and in his hair, but he was unaffected by it.

He held the head up for everyone to see.

"If anyone lays a hand on Mel again. This will be you. I don't care if I have to kill my entire crew. If she tells me that anyone of you touched her, looked at her, or even breathed on her the wrong way. I will not hesitate to end your lives."

Hoseok then threw the head overboard into the water. He looks at all the blood on the floor, the screaming, crying man, all the carnage of his wrath.

"Now clean this shit up." He told them before walking way back to his personal room on the ship.

Crew members rushed over to help the man who will never ever be able to reproduce while others started cleaning the blood.

"I've never seen him so angry before." Yoongi murmured. "He never goes this far. Decapitation." He shook his head.

"He must really be protective of you." Yoongi murmured.

Mel frowned a bit and started walking away to go talk to Hoseok. He shouldn't have gone that far for her sake. He just seriously injured and killed two of his crew members for her.

When she approached the door that had 'Captain' carved into the wood, she lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in." Hoseok called thought the door, knowing exactly who it was knocking at his door. No crew member would have the balls to come to him after that demonstration.

It could only be Melania.

She opened the door to see Hoseok sitting on the floor, his shirt gone as he sat in front of a bucket of water, washing the blood from his hands, face and hair.

Mel looked away, shy of the sight of his hard ads and lean muscles from behind at sea, a pirate for so long.

"What, like what you see?" Hoseok asked with sky smirk pulling at his lips as she dunked his hands back into the brown-tinted water to wash off his hands before flicking off the water.

He stood up to his full height and used a rag to dry of his hands before tossing it to the side, walking over to Mel.

"You didn't have to do all of that." She whispered looked down as her body tensed. He was so close to her, his torso naked, his body heat radiating off if him.

Hoseok put his fingers under her chin and forced her head up so that she was looking at him. "Of course I did. No one should disrespect a woman like that. Those who do aren't deserving of their lives."

Mel sighed. "I just think you were overreacting a bit."

Hoseok smiled lightly, his hands gently coming up to rest in her hips. "Is this alright?" He asked her, want to make sure that she was okay with him touching her.

Mel nodded looked up at him, looking him directly into the eyes, something she's avoided doing until now as Hoseok didn't like it when people looked him in the eyes.

Hoseok's eyes were soft as he brought on and up to cup her face, running his thumb over her cheek softly as he eyed her with adoration.

Hoseok pulled her against him, making Melania's hands go up, placing them flat against his smooth, hard chest.

Hoseok dipped down and pressed his lips against hers in a soft kiss. He went slow and kept his grip on her loose in case he was reading this wrong and she didn't want him.

Mel reached up and put her arms around his neck, pressing his lips even hard against hers, making the kiss deeper and more passionate.

Hoseok's tongue ran across her bottom lip, asking permission for entrance which Melania happily gave to him, opening her mouth enough to allow him to slip it tongue inside.

Mel moaned lightly when she felt his tongue brush against hers and his grip on her hips became tighter.

When they pulled away for air, Hoseok kissed her head. "You are mine. If anyone touches you, they will all get the same treatment as those three men did."

"I still don't think you have to go that far." Mel told him only for Hoseok to chuckle.

"Of course I do."


Now that I think about it, this is a really good book idea, but that's a entirely different thing that I won't get into rn.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you all enjoyed and I wish you all a good day/night


~태현 (つ≧▽≦)つ
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