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Day 1 - Diavolo

~โ€ข Hand Job โ€ข~

"Diavolo, I have a complaint to make," I say to the male sitting at his desk. He hums in acknowledgement but doesn't lift his eyes off the papers he's gently rummaging through. "Go on," he tells me. "Well, um, it seems that Mammon has been refusing to listen to me as of late," I start.

He looks up at me briefly and goes back to rummaging around his desk. "And h-he's been touching me," I stutter, thinking about Mammon's actions. His movements stop immediately. "What do you mean?" he asks, clasping his hands together, and leaning forward on them.

"W-well, um, uh," I stutter but the words won't come out of my mouth. Dia stands up and slowly walks towards me. "He hasn't been respecting my b-boundaries," I stutter again, gripping the end of my uniform jacket tightly. Diavolo stands in front of me where I can see his long legs connecting to his shoes. I look up and almost bump my face into his chin. I step back instinctively, but he just steps forward.

"Want me to guess?" he suggests. The thought sends both pleasant and fearful shivers down my spine. I don't trust my voice so I nod my head vigorously. At first, he gently places a hand on top of my head while the other goes to the back of my hair. He slowly starts skimming downwards. His right hand grazes over my forehead, tracing my brow, down my cheek, and he puts his thumb against my lip, applying a gentle pressure and dragging.

I suck in a sharp breath and can't help but close my eyes. He brings both his hands forward, placing them over my jaw, and pulling me upward slightly. I open my eyes to see what he's doing and as I didn't expect, he kisses me. His eyes are shut lightly, brows barely furrowed as he starts to move his lips against mine.

I stand in shock for only a second before I grip onto the front of his uniform, pulling us closer together. Closing me eyes, I move my lips against his. He wraps his left arm around the small of my back, pulling my front against his roughly. He starts to back up, stringing me along with him until we reach the edge of his desk. He spins me around, lifting me up easily and putting me on the desk.

We quicken the pace of our kiss, and Dia starts undoing the belt of his pants. Once unfastened, he drops the thick leather to the ground. He presses himself against me harder, gripping my arse and pressing my womanhood against him. It's then that I feel his growing erection against my lower stomach.

I pull away to catch my breath, and Dia pulls me back in almost immediately. "Mmmmm, Dia~" I moan into the kiss after he slowly ground against me. "Y/N, will you help me?" he pants desperately. I nod slowly and he slips his shoes off, unbuttoning his pants in the process. He drops his work slacks to the floor, and I stare at his firm cock pressed painfully against his maroon briefs.

He doesn't do anything, so I reach my hands towards the band of his underwear. I gently slip my fingers in between his skin and the fabric and he huffs at the contact of my cool skin against his hot skin. I pull my hands with the fabric away from him slightly, proceeding to tug down and around his hard member.

"Faster please," he groans after I accidently brush against his sensitive member. I bite my bottom lip, bending over to pull his briefs far enough where he can take them off himself. I lean back up, staring into his eyes. "I've n-never done anything like this before," I admit shyly. His eyes widen for only a moment before he grabs my hand in his.

"It's okay, I'll show you," he whispers. He places both our hands over his cock, wrapping his fingers around mine, but not touching himself. He brings my wrist up and down, twisting ever so slightly. He groans at the pleasurable sensation, throwing his head back.

"Keep going like that," he huffs again, releasing his grip on me. I keep the same motions, making sure to twist only a tiny bit, just how he showed me. He groans when I give it an experimental squeeze. I move my thumb over the tip, smearing his precum.

"Aaaahhh~" I finally hear a moan from him. "Is your tip sensitive?" I purr. He nods with a blush heavily inking his cheeks. I move my hand up and down faster, getting more groans and a moan every time I rub his tip. "Y/N, I wanna cum inside," he practically begs. I stop my movements, feeling a sudden surge of confidence.

I push him away slightly, hopping off the desk. I spin my body around, leaning my chest and arms on the table. Swinging my hips back and forth, I say, "Come and get it then."
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