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Hearts on Fire ↠ Katsuki Bakugou x Reader


Book 2 of the Katsuki Bakugou x Reader series! The story of Katsuki and (Y/N) continue! They both are enjoying their new home in the dorms. Plus they're happy with each other and are excited to become heroes! Nothing can go wrong, right? (READ BOOK 1: DEVOTION IF YOU HAVEN'T)

Romance / Drama
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(Y/N)'s POV

I️ stretch my arms and yawn loudly. The bright sunlight coming from my window woke me up. It was Saturday which means, no school!

I️ jump out of bed and knock on Katsuki's door.

No answer. He's probably still sleeping.

"Good luck trying to wake up Bakugou." Eijirou comes out of his room. He had a bandana wrapped around his head. He wore a black tank top with grey sweatpants.

"He'll wake up sooner or later." I️ shrug and follow him downstairs.

"So how do you like the dorms?" He asks me while we walked downstairs.

"I️ love it! Living with all my friends is definitely an amazing experience." I️ tell him and he smiles.

"Yeah! Since it's Saturday, why don't we go out somewhere?"

"Oh where are we going?!" Mina pops up from behind the couch once we took a seat. Eijirou and I️ look at each other and laugh.

"Well we don't know yet. I️ was hoping that we could all go out somewhere, you know to have a little fun after everything that has happened." Eijirou trails off.

"Yeah! Do you have any ideas Mina?" I️ cut the awkward silence.

"We can go to the beach?" Tsu puts her finger on her chin and tilts her head. I️ smile and hit Eijirou's arm, "That's perfect! It's a nice day after all!"

"A nice day for what?" Kaminari and everyone else joined in on the conversation.

"The beach!" Eijirou and I️ say at the same time. We look at each other again and laugh.

"Aw yeah! All the girls in bikinis—"

Tsu slaps Mineta with her tongue, "We can all walk there since it's not that far."

"Oh this will be so much fun!" Ochaco squeals with Mina.

"Yes. I️ could use some time to relax." Tokoyami nods and crosses his arms.

"Are you coming Todoroki?" Izuku asks Todoroki.

"I️ guess so." He gives him a small smile.

"Awesome! Since everyone wants to go, let's get ready and meet back here at—" Eijirou looks at his phone, "Noon!"

We all agreed and went to our rooms to get ready. I️ walked passed Katsuki's door but stopped my tracks.

I️ wonder if he's awake.

I️ was going to knock but the door opened, revealing a shirtless Katsuki. I️ bite my lip and look down.

"Like what you see?" He leans against the doorframe with his arms crossed. I️ shyly look up, trying to avoid his rock hard abs.

"Don't be embarrassed," He leans in to whisper in my ear. "You've seen more to me than just my upper half."

I️ gulp, "We're all going to the beach. I️ suggest that you tag along." I ignored his comment.

"Why would I️ do something so stupid?" He growls and turns around to head back into his room but I️ stop him by grabbing his arm.

"You'll get to see me in a bikini." I️ smirk. He looked over his shoulder and smirked back.

"What's that?"

I️ press myself against his back and run my hands over his chest.

"I️ said you'll get to see me in a bikini."

His breath hitched, "Fine."

"Yay!" I️ kiss his cheek and ran inside my room to get ready.

"YOU BETTER WEAR A BIKINI OR I'M NOT GOING!" He yells behind the door. I️ laugh and started getting ready.


"Alright, is everyone ready?" Iida puts his hands on his hips. Ochaco and I️ snickered at the lotion on his nose.

"Yes everyone's here now let's go!" Kaminari shouts. We all exited the campus and started heading towards the beach. Katsuki and I️ walked behind the others. His hand intertwined with mine. I️ smile up at him.

"Is that my shirt?" He eyes me up and down.

"So you noticed?" I️ stick my tongue out and smile. I️ was wearing his black shirt that had a skull on it.

"You better not wear it the entire time." He raises his eyebrows. I️ shook my head, "Oh don't worry."

Once we arrived at the beach, we laid out our towels and put up the umbrellas. I️ watched as Katsuki took off his tank top.

Don't drool, don't drool.

He looks at me and grins, "Your turn."

Two can play at this game.

I️ slowly took of his shirt. I️ can feel his eyes burning through me. His eyes widen and he bit his lip. I️ was wearing a black bikini with a fire design.

"Holy shit." He eyes me. I️ walk passed him and winked, leaving him dumbfounded.

"Hey (Y/N) wanna play volleyball—" Eijirou stops his sentence once he eyed me.

"Something wrong?" I️ tilt my head. He gulps and scratches the back of his neck.

"I—uh—wanted to know if you and Bakugou wanted to play volleyball?" He looked around, trying not to look at my body.

"I'll kill you both." Katsuki takes the ball out of Eijirou's hands and walks towards the net.

"Bakugou let's team up!" Kaminari and Sero place their hands on Katsuki's shoulders. Katsuki shrugged them off.

"No way. I️ wanna verse Deku. Just me and him." He glared at Izuku. Izuku trembled, "What?"

"Why verse him," I️ walk in front of Katsuki with my hands on my hips, "when you can verse me?"

Everyone oohed at my comment. Katsuki lowers his head and raises an eyebrow.

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