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Attakai Fuyuu (S. Todoroki X Fem!Reader)


Monsters are trying to take over the world. They're causing despair and destruction to everything they touch. You would think the kingdoms would come together and fix the problem but no. They haven't gotten along for years. Their feuds not helping at all. So they arranged marriages for their children with the other kingdoms. Only then another problem arises. Princess Yuki Fuyuu of the Winter court goes missing. While all this goes on one girl, a warrior and mage, named Y/N Harumi goes on a mission to gather up people, friends, new and old, to help her fight the monsters not having the time, nor the faith to wait for the kingdoms. Join Y/N in her adventure to find people to fight for their homes and maybe, hopefully bring peace to the kingdoms again. And maybe, just maybe, they'll find Yuki on the way.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:


Okay so before we start I wanted to make a few things clear. First of all this will have mature themes such as strong language, sexual innuendos, mention of gore ,exetera.

Secondly, this isn't a book about your ships. I know first hand how completely toxic this fandom is so I swear if you make any comments saying 'this shouldn't be happening because I don't like this ship's or 'this ship is so dumb choose a different one' or 'if you don't choose a different ship then I'll stop reading'. Sweetie go right ahead and stop reading no one is forcing you to stay here. If you don't like the ship that's fine but keep your mouth shut cuz I don't know about anyone else but I don't fucking care.

Yes this book will involve certain ships, no I don't give a rats ass if you like that ship. I'll just say what ships they are right now so you can decide whether you're going to quiely dislike them and read the story or open your mouth and give your opinion on them to which I don't want to hear and the comment will be deleted. So the ships are

Aizawa and Ms. Joke
Monoma and Kendo
Hagakure and Ojiro
and I think that's all

If you have a problem with it then by all means leave now because I don't want to hear it.

Okay so now that I'm done being a total bitch, constructive criticism would be nice, but as always there is a difference between being rude and giving constructive criticism.

Next, though this is an x reader I will be deciding your appearance and I'm sorry if you don't like that type of thing in x readers, but I promise it is for the sake of the story and plot.

And finally please enjoy the book. Let's all try to get along and just have fun with the book. Okay XD (Damn I sound like sap eww lol)
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