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The Need to be Owned


"On the surface, she looked normal. She blended in so well that she could easily go unnoticed. But from the second I laid eyes on her, I knew there were more layers to her than the one she so convincingly displayed. She had a secret, don't we all. The only difference was that her secret, was a completely different version of her. One that she worked hard to conceal, but I feel in love with both of her. An obsessive, manipulative, desperate, almost destructive Love."- KTH DISCLAIMER: The story contains sex, nudity, drugs, violence, necrophilia. I don't own any of the images used.

Romance / Horror
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Chapter 1: The Freaky Girl


The bell above the door of the diner rung with a 'cling' sound as I opened the door to enter.
"Welcome to Jin's." A high pitched voice, screaming extreme femininity, greeted me.
"Please have a seat. I'll be with you in a minute." I didn't bother to look at the girl, and made my way to my favourite table, at the corner of the diner, next to the window.

I hung my jacket behind my chair and sat down. The same girl who greeted me, made her way towards me. I still didn't look at her, focusing on the untouched menu in front of me. She took out a tiny notepad from her apron's pocket and a pencil, that sat delicately behind her ear.
"What can I get you?" She asked sweetly. She was definitely new here. She's too 'happy go lucky' to be a from here.
I finally decided to look up and make eye contact.

But the moment I did, my heart stopped.
She was.......PERFECT.
She was the kind of girl I found intriguing, and I'll tell you why.
She had warm, chocolate brown eyes, just like me. Her eye were round.
She had naturally long, thick eyelashes, that caressed her cheek every time she blinked.
She had a round face, with a sharp chin, and cute, slightly chubby cheeks. Making her look younger than she might have actually been.
Her nose however, was really sharp. It had the perfect straight slanting bridge, and gave her a gorgeous profile.

Her hair was barely touching her shoulders, it seemed like she was trying to grow them out.
She looked so Innocent. She'd be the perfect Corpse to fuck. Just the thought, made me want to slit her throat right here and now. I wanted her, so fuckin bad.
"Ummm.....sir? Are you ready to order?" She asked, confused to see me in a trance.
I snapped out of it and replied.
"Black coffee and a chocolate chip muffin." I said plainly. I glanced over her name tag. MAVIS STONE. Hmmm, this is going to be fun.
She scribbled in her notepad and smiled at me.
"Coming right up." She said and left.

She was not the skinniest girl I'd seen, but she wasn't fat either. She was curvy and petite. She had great tits, and a smack able butt.
I smirked. I have to have her.
"Hey Tae!" I heard Jin's voice as he came from the kitchen to greet me.
"Hi bud." I smiled and gave him a pat on the arm.
He sat on the empty chair in front of me.
"So how's business going? Filling in for your dad must be difficult." Jin said.
"Yeah.....but it's ok. It's not as bad as you think." I replied plainly.

"Here is your coffee, and your chocolate chip muffin. Enjoy." The girl interrupted our conversation.
"Thanks." I said, giving her my classic, irresistible smile. She simply gave me a nod and turned to leave, completely flushed. I couldn't help but stare at her back side.
"Don't even think about it!" Jin snapped playfully. I smirked.
"Can't help it. This one really caught my eye. Where did you even get her from?" I asked.
"She's from Itaewon. Says she ran away from home and came here to live with her friend." Jin said.

"How old is she?" I asked, eager to know.
"She says she's 18, about to turn 19."
"Interesting." I said, sipping my coffee.
"Don't do anything to her dude. She's a good kid. She doesn't need a gangster like you fucking up her life." Jin said sympathetically. He know what I liked to do with women and their bodies, but he also knew better than to stop me or try intervening. I could kill him in the blink of an eye, or his stupid fiancé, Jisoo or whatever her name was.
"I'll think about it." I said smugly. Knowing well that there was nothing to think about. I knew exactly what I wanted and I was going to get it, or rather her.

After I left the Jin's diner, I went to work. I tried not to think about her but I couldn't help it. I imagined Mavis's mouth wrapped around my cock. How she would suck it like a perfect, obedient little angel. Before I knew it, my hands slipped into my pants as I stroked my throbbing cock. I could only imagine the things I wanted to do with her, Alive and dead.
Yeah, I'm fucked up, but who isn't?
"AHHHH....FUCK!!" I grunted as I came.

I grabbed my phone and called one of my most trusted guys, Jungkook. I'd assigned him with the task of keeping an eye on her.
"Where is she?" I asked, slightly breathless from my orgasm.
"Shes still working here boss. Her shift ends in another 15 minutes." He replied.
I glanced at my wrist watch. It was 11:45PM.
"Ok, I'm coming there. You can leave. You're dismissed for the day."
I said quickly and hung up.

I left my office and headed straight for the diner. I took 20 minutes to reach.
I ran out of my car, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. As I walked towards the diner's door, I heard voices from the dark alley next to it.
"Come on baby girl, we'll show you a good time."
"Yeah, ride daddy's dick. I promise you'll love it. Come on, don't be shy."
I followed the voices and saw two guy, cornering a girl.
Wait, that's MAVIS!!

I reached for the gun in my back pocket, when I heard her laugh hysterically. She almost sounded possessed, like some freak.
"You want me to ride you Daddy?
Do you really think your tiny little Dick is good enough for me?" She questioned seductively. And the very next second, she grabbed his dick through his pants, and squished it really hard, making him Yelp.
"Fuckkk!!! You bitch!!"
He cried in pain.
The other guy was about to slap her, but I stepped in, shooting his right between the eyes.

Mavis flinched, but the second she saw the lifeless body laying by her feet, her face lit up with excitement like a kid in a candy store. She clapped her hands like a child.
"Moreeee!!!! Shoot him too!" She pointed at the guy who's crotch she had probably fractured.
"I want to see more blood!!" She squealed excitedly.
The actual fuck. It almost felt like she was someone else. Not the sweet, innocent, flustered, little girl I had laid my eyes on this morning.

"You're fuckin insane, you freaky bitch!" The man exclaimed before he tried to limp away. But I shot him anyways.
"Yayyyy!!! Bullseye!!! Omg, that was so fuckin hot!!" She turned to me and smirked.
"FUCK ME! NOW!" She demanded. As she started stripping.
"Mavis, Stop." I ordered.
She froze, and looked at me angrily. She walked up to me and grabbed me by the collar.
"Don't you dare call me Mavis! It's MAI, not MAVIS. That stupid, senseless idiot is not who I am!" She shrieked in anger.

She started hyperventilating as she let go off my collar. Her feet became wobbly and she was about to fall, but I caught her just in time. She looked into my eyes as tears poured down her face.
"He....lp...me....ple...ase.." she whispered, barely audibly.
I brushed a strand of hair out of her face as I caressed her cheek with my palm, trying to calm her down.
"Don't let.....Mavis...come...back...sto...p her..." she begged desperately as her eyes started to close.

She passed out in my arms. It was at that moment that I realised,
She had Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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