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Y/n is 4 years old when she gets the choice of being a demon or being a project pet she didn't wanna be one of those creatures so her only option was a pet for the Gracefield house along with Ray. Peter Ratari said she was a demon with the looks and a heart of a human yet she was more then he thought he made something big.

Thriller / Fantasy
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hello everyone my name is Sayuki this is my first book i would have published it on wattpad but sadly due to problems i have moved to Inkitt this story was inspired by princessniya03 y/n is mamas spy along with Ray and this is a Norman x Fem reader there 15 i think you know whats coming (wink wonk) sorry to keep you waiting hope you have a nice day/night/evening hope you enjoy this book i still have a lot to learn with this program so bare with me have a nice read (っ◔◡◔)っ


I woke up to the sun hitting my face and the bell ringing through out the house i heard creaks from a certain bed “Good Morning everyone its time to wake up” Emma chirped everyone rose from there beds yawning and rubbing there eyes i laid on my back and stared at the ceiling Gracefield Orphanage it wasn’t close to an Orphanage it was all a lie i got up resting feeling fuzzy inside i swung my legs over and sat at the edge feeling dizzy i looked at my wrists i had bandages they had drugged me the night before great now i’m gonna throw up i got up almost falling i caught myself i looked out the window and looked to my side i rubbed my eyes and looked back out the window i got a fresh shirt and put it on my bed i unbuttoned my shirt and put it to the side and put the fresh on i slipped off my white pants and put on my white skirt i got my shoes and sat on the bed i put them on and tied them i felt something rising in my stomach i realized i was gonna throw up i got up and ran past the kids and opened the door running in the hallway i got to the restroom and opened a stall throwing up in the toilet tears perked up i started to cry "I just wanna be normal" i rubbed my tears i couldn't have the little ones see me like this i got up and went to the sink and washed my mouth off still tasting the bitter taste i wiped my mouth off with my sleeve i turned around and walked back to the room i walked through the door seeing everyone running i saw Emma tying phils shoes “I’m gonna get you” Thoma said chasing Lannion “Hey stop messing around and get dressed”gilda said i giggled i felt a hand on my shoulder “Huh?” i looked at my shoulder it was Ray “Oh hey Ray”i smiled “Yo mom wants to talk to us” “Oh..ok” he turned around and walked down the hallway i was gonna follow him until i felt a tug on my skirt i looked down to my skirt “Oh yes Sherry?“i said smiling softly “Can you maybe take me to Norman?” “Of course Sherry” i picked her up and walked down the hallway i walked down the stairs i went to the kitchen to see Norman putting on his apron he looked over his shoulder and smiled making my cheeks a dust of pink “Norman!!“Sherry chirped Norman walked over and grabbed Sherry “I have to go see you two later”i smiled “Bye Y/n” Norman smiled “Byeee”sherry smiled i walked to moms office opening the door and closing it “Sorry i was taking Sherry to Norman” “Its alright any information” mama said “Nope”Ray and i said “Uhm mom can i have some medicine” “Why.??” “I threw up the up this morning from the..” i lifted up my sleeve “Oh yes.!!” she stood up and got some medicine “Ray you may go now” she said before walking to me Ray walked past me and i heard the door shut mama gave me some pills “Thank you mom” i said she smiled i held the pills i turned around and opened the door “See you later mama” i said she just smiled i walked over to the kitchen peeking in seeing Norman and Ray this time “Hey can i get water real fast” i said “Sure Y/n” Norman said flipping a pancake i walked to one of the shelf’s grabbing my mug i filled it with water i drank some i put the pills in the back of my throat i got the water taking sips each one going down i wiped my mouth i drank the rest and washed the cup putting it in the correct spot i turned around walking out before “Hey Y/n” i heard Normans voice i peeked back in “Uh yes Norman?” “Can you help me get the food and plates ready Rays to busy reading his book” “I’m almost done with it leave me alone” “Can you at least help with the tea” “Yeah yeah” Ray grabbed the kettle and putting his book down “Sure” i smiled going back in the kitchen “Hey Sherry would you do the honors of telling everyone foods ready” Norman said with a pan in his hand and a little bell in the other “Sure Norman” she said with a smiled she walked off i grabbed some plates and put them on the cart i grabbed some forks and spoons until i heard the little bell ring everyone came down like a tsunami i looked in the hallway there were a whole bunch of kids coming my way “Thats scary..” Norman giggled as he pushed the cart i grabbed some bread and other things Norman was infront of me “Goodmorning Norman, Y/n and Ray” was all i could make out it was a bit muffled because Phil was pulling her mouth open “Goodmorning Emma” Norman stared at her “Morning”i said smiling “Goodmorning Emma” “You’re so energetic you haven’t even had breakfast yet” “You have the same energy as the younger kid Emma” i smiled “How old are you again five??” i hit Rays shoulder he smirked “I’m 15 the same as you guys and one of the oldest here”Emma said sliding Phil off her back as Ray ignored the green eyed girl i went over to Gilda “Wanna help” i smiled innocently “Sure” Gilda smiled back me and her put plates down all the kids helped bring everything in i put down the last plate and Gilda put down the last spoon and fork i did a thumbs up to her and walked over to Ray he ruffled my hair “YOU JERK YOU MESSED MY HAIR UP” “As if it wasn’t already” he said smirking rolling his eyes Norman giggled “You’re such a tease Ray”Norman said doing his famous closed eye smile I’ve liked Norman for a while but never got the guts to tell him either way its pretty much forbidden you can’t have any sexual attraction to any of you ‘siblings’ that kinda explains why the older ones have gendered rooms but as well as teenage hormones “Y/n” “HuH” i looked at Norman “I’ve been calling you’re name for quite a while now” “Sorry just thinking” “About?” “Y-Youthfulness yup” “‘Nice’ save” Y/n” i thought to myself “Uh ok” the bell rang Everyone got to there seats i sat next to Emma “Goodmorning my dear children lets give thanks that all 38 siblings are able to live here happily too..Thank you for the food” “Thank you for the food” everyone said i picked up my fork ready to eat i realized Conny was getting adopted i put my fork down quickly looking at it tears perked at you’re water line you always thought about the kids getting adopted sometimes you couldn’t eat food for weeks you felt a hand rubbing my back “Eat ok..” you heard a whisper it was Ray you nodded rubbing you’re tears you looked at mama feeding conny as i ate my food i sighed and ate the rest of what i could hoping not to throw up again -time skip brought to you by the demons- “Age 11 type 1 answer each question within 9 seconds we will now begin” my score was pretty high i scanned the bar codes i scanned the last one the buzzer went off i looked around Gilda sighed and slammed her head on the tablet “Well i think i got at least half” “That much wow” Mark said in admiration “If so good job Thoma” i said smiling “Thanks Y/n” “I’m jealous i didn’t get most of the questions” Conny said “Lets settle down and go over you’re scores” everyone got quiet “Are you all ready for the results Norman, Ray, Y/n, Emma you four did and amazing job you got them all right perfect scores” “YAAAY” Emma chirped everyone was still surprised till this day “Those four are different, huh” “Norman is a genius with the best brains and Ray, and intellect who can keep up with Normans genius Y/n can always keep up with the little ones and is a combination of Norman, Ray and Emma and her motherly act makes it even better Emma has amazing athletic skill and her learning ability helps her keep up with the other three” “They say they’ve never had four kids at this learning ability at this level together” “No wonder moms proud of them” I looked at Don “Hey Don are y-” was all i could say before he exploded “Norman!!” “I challenge you to a game of tag” norman just smiled -time skip brought to you again by Normans cuteness-


I saw kids run in different directions “Run, Run” i looked at Ray he looked at me and took out his watch he looked back and me and nodded i nodded back and ran in a direction i saw Nat and went towards him i touched his shoulders and the rest of the kids screamed i had made fake foot prints and went another way until i heard footsteps in my direction i peeked a bit it was Don and Conny i hid in a bush “Come get us Norman we’ll out run you this time for sure right Conny” he looked at her “Don thanks for always helping me” “You don’t have to thank me ill always help you anywhere anytime you need me” Conny giggled and put her index finger over her mouth “Shhh” she shushed Don, Don covered his mouth and looked down “Based on the size of these foot prints” it was my cue to come out i came out looking at Don and Conny “You let you’re guard down this time Norman” i giggled Conny did too Don turned around quickly “No you did Don” i walked towards him “i tell you this every time you’re weakness is that you make a quick judgement and lose you’re cool” i put my hand on his shoulder i ran and waved off to Conny i got everyone now i just need Emma and Y/n i walked across logs i ran past trees i climbed trees i saw Emma she was running i ran after her she looked at me and giggled i smiled she ran faster and swerved in front of me the edge of the cliff was coming i was gonna catch her until.. she somehow jumped across i smiled now i have to go a different route i went past trees flowers lakes logs and more i got to this little lake for a log as a bridge i went across it i looked around leaves fell Emma was in the tree i looked around and fake tripped i heard foot steps coming down “Norman!!” she came down i got up “Just joking” “HUUUH” “Emma you’re weakness is that you’re too nice” “I bet you won’t find Y/n” she smiled i got up and looked around Y/n was clumsy so she would fall out of a tree or bush i heard screaming above me “AHHHHH” i looked up it was Y/N had fallen i caught her a bit i fell with her “Sorry Norman..” she said looking at me she got up and grabbed my hand and pulled me up well at least tried i helped her Emma was just giggling-time skip brought to you by my energy to write this- “He caught me again why so frustrating” Emma said pounding her fist in the grass “Question” Ray said causing the group we had look at him “Whats Norman good at that you’re not” “The ability to plan ahead calmness overwhelming intelligence” “Strategy” Ray and Y/n said at the same time “If its simple physical ability you have the upper hand”Y/n said “But its so much more Norman has brains like no other”Ray said “You’re playing tag its a game where you compete with strategy” Ray said once again “A simple game of tag” Emma said Y/n just giggled “Its like chess but using you’re whole body don’t you think so Norman” “Yeah but you’re more of a tactician then i am Ray” "You overestimate me" I giggled smiling "Reading the enemy's move huh.." "But we're not close when i comes to mom" "That's true come to think about it we've never beat mom at chess" Emma said and smiled i smiled back i turned to see Y/n in Rays chest i guess Conny and her we're pretty close but it hasn't even been the end of the day i rubbed her back


i cried in Rays chest i felt someone rubbing my back i'm guess it was Ray "Norman i want a rematch everyone's gonna be it except you" the rubbing stopped i looked to see who it was it was Norman he looked ready for another match it was like a minute later Ray started shuffling he grabbed my shoulder and put me on the tree i'm guessing he thought i was asleep i grabbed his hand "Hey if you don't want me to leave then come with me my legs are feeling numb" i got up holding his hand we walked through the forest i had my eyes closed being tired i felt something rise in my stomach again i tried to hold it in i threw up in my mouth not having a choice to throw it up so i just swallowed it "Yuck" i said "What.." "I threw up in my mouth" "Do they drug you that hard" i nodded he pulled me to his chest and crouched "Shh i see them i wanna scare them for the fun of it" "Mhm" i nodded "The gate and the fence deep in the forest are dangerous" Ray pulled me out with him "That's obviously a lie" "What do you mean by that" i heard Norman say i ran to Norman "He's dragging me around everywhere" "You look tired is everything alright" "Yeah just didn't get any sleep last night" he pulled me closer and hugged me "I-I don't want Conny to go" i started crying all i heard was a few words like mom or of course "Heyare you guys sure you're play" Don startled me i fell asleep after that -time skip to night time because this is getting long- i woke up in my bed "Mhmm" i opened my eyes i looked around the black dull room i got up and walked to the door i opened it i peeked in the hallway to see a light i walked towards it "Ray? What are you doing up" "And how come Emma's not in bed with the rest of the kids" "Normans and Emma are at the gate" My eyes widen "What did you say.." "There at the gate" "What the hell are you trying to do get us in trouble if mom finds out were gonna be in deep shit Ray" i yelled whisper i ran downstairs and grabbed a lamp turning it on a door had a picked lock im guess that was the way they got out it opened it and ran in the grass i saw a white haired boy and an orange haired girl i panted"What did you see.."

that is the end of the first chapter i'm surprised i even had the energy to write this all i was up at 3am and didn't much sleep and i had an exam didn't study for it and work haha but its ok i hope you enjoyed the first chapter as much as i did writing it goodbye you little bean bebes see you next chapter

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