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Book 3 of the Katsuki Bakugou x Reader series! Once again Katsuki and (Y/N) ended on a happy note. Will they continue their relationship without any hardships? What happened when a child is involved?

Romance / Drama
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(Y/N)'s POV

It's been three months since the battle with Kora. Honestly, it really felt like it was yesterday. Ever since the battle with Kora, I feel like I've gotten stronger. I've been training with Katsuki every weekend. We want to be prepared just incase any more villains come along. But that's not all I've been doing; I still keep in contact with Aria sometimes. I found out that she goes to Shiketsu High. Sometimes I invite her over to the dorms to hangout with the class, and sometimes we would just have a girls night. She tends to talk about Shiki a lot which breaks my heart. Shiki's death is still buried in my mind. Whenever she mentions him that's all I think about. I just know that he's in a better place now and he will be missed.

"Hey idiot! Pay attention when I'm talking to you!" Katsuki walks up to me and places his hands on his hips. I shake my head, "Sorry, I was just thinking."


"Everything that's happened." I frown. Katsuki sighs and grabs my hands. I look up at him and stare into his crimson orbs. He slowly leans in. I close my eyes waiting for his lips, instead he kicked the back of my leg. I fall onto the ground with a loud thud.


"It's training time! Not thinking about the past time!" Katsuki kneels down to my level. I rub my butt and dust off my shorts. "Was that really necessary?"

"Of course it was, we've only been training for an hour." He cracks his knuckles. I check the time on my phone and yawn loudly, "It's getting late though Katsuki, why don't we head back?"

"Seriously? You're tired already? What a wuss." He scoffs. I yawn again and lean my head on his bare chest. "Carry me."

"There's no way in hell I'm carrying you."


"You're so lucky that I love you." Katsuki mumbles. I laugh, "Thank you for carrying me. You're my prince."

"Shut up." He blushes as I kiss his cheek. "When we get back to the dorms you better cuddle with me."

"Since when are you so needy?" He smirks down at me. I roll my eyes, "I'm not needy."

"Why don't we fuck instead then?"

I slap his chest and he laughs, "Quit acting so dirty!"

"Oh come on we both know you like it." He winks and I slap his chest again while groaning. Once we made it to the new and improved dorms, Katsuki gently puts me down.

"I need a shower." I wipe my forehead. Katsuki laughs, "Damn right you do, you smell like shit!"

Small flames erupted from my hands, "You little punk."

"Why don't we shower together?" He clams me down by kissing my forehead. I thought about it for a moment. It's been a while since we've actually showered together. The only problem is that when we shower together it always leads to us fucking.

"Katsuki, I'm not in the mood to mess around in the shower." I whine and he rolls his eyes, "I didn't say we were going to fuck, dumbass."

"Fine. You can only shower with me if you don't do anything dirty!" I started walking to my dorm. The new dorms including our own bathrooms, so we didn't all have to share. There were still bathrooms on the main floor just incase.

"Why do we always have to go to your room?" He groans as we made way to my room.

"Because your room is a mess." I say simply. He doesn't respond. Once we got into my room we stripped down and entered the shower. Katsuki stood behind me as I turned the water on. The cold water hit his face, making him jump. Small explosions came from his palms as a reflex. I cover my mouth as I laugh. Katsuki wipes his eyes and blushes from embarrassment.

"Shut up and let me wash your hair." He grabs the shampoo bottle and squirts it onto my head. I turn around and let him wash my hair. All you can hear was the sound of the water hitting us. It was comforting.

"Ah!" I squeeze my eyes shut as soap entered my eyes. Katsuki flinches, "Shit! Sorry babe!" He grabs the shower head and points it towards my face. I take it from him and clean my eyes. Once I open them, I was staring at a worried looking Katsuki.

I smile, "Don't look so worried."

He exhales deeply, "I thought I made you go blind or something."

I place the shower head back in its place. "You're adorable."


"Hey (Y/N), did you understand the math homework?" Mina rests her head on her hand. I glance at her from across the table and took a bite out of my food. "Yeah, did you need help?"

"I would say yes but we have class tomorrow and after we eat dinner we have to go to our rooms! So there's no time. Ugh!" She exclaims. I chuckle lightly, "Sorry Mina."

"Why don't you just look it up on your phone?" Kaminari suggests as he shrugs his shoulders. Mina looks at him with her head slightly tilted, "You can do that?"

"Um yeah! That's what Bakugou showed me! You can even watch videos on how to do a problem!" Kaminari shoves his phone in Mina's face. I laugh at the two birdbrains and move my attention to Izuku, Ochaco, Iida, and Todoroki. They were having a conversation about some new movie that came out. It warms my heart to see everyone back to normal after everything that's happened. It almost seems like it never did happen.

"Oi, what are you smiling about?" Katsuki raises an eyebrow at me. I shake off my thoughts and focus my attention on him. His scarlet eyes were filled with affection.

"Nothing." I shake my head with a the smile still present on my face. Katsuki shrugs and goes back to eating his food.

Everything was back to normal, at least for now.

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