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Pleasure | Katsuki Bakugou x Reader



"Ochaco please." I whine as my best friend and roommate rummages though my closet, looking for a slutty dress. She should know that I don't own any revealing dresses. I'm not the one to party and show off my body.

"I told you that you're getting laid tonight whether you like it or not." She exhales deeply while pulling out a black tank top and a red skirt, "This will do." She throws the clothes on my bed. She also picks out a pair of black ankle boots for me.

"What if there are no cute guys there?" I ask her with another whine. I've been trying to get laid for the past month, but to no avail, no guys wanted me.

Ochaco decided to help me out by taking me to this party that some guy named Eijirou Kirishima is throwing. She told me that her boyfriend, Izuku, is friends with Kirishima.

"I've met Kirishima and his friends before," She takes out all my makeup and hair products. She also picks out matching undergarments, "I think you'll like them." She winks at me.

I start to change into the outfit she gave me. Ochaco doesn't bother to turn around; we've seen each other naked plenty of times.

What? We're both girls.

"A push-up bra, good choice." I grope myself. Ochaco laughs and sets me down on the chair in front of my vanity. She starts to apply light makeup to my face since she knows that I hate wearing makeup.

"Everyone is going to be there! Trust me you'll have fun." She says. I close my eyes as she applies some eyeshadow, "What if these guys aren't interested in me?"

Ochaco scoffs, "Any guy that rejects you is blind. I mean look how hot you look!" She stands back so I can see myself in the mirror.

I have to admit I look damn good.

"Now let me curl your hair." Ochaco plugs in the curling iron and waits for it to heat up. Silence erupts my room for a moment. I pick at my nails and bite my lip while thinking about all the possibilities that could happen tonight.

For once, I'm scared as hell.

"You alright?" Ochaco grabs a strand of my hair and starts to curl it. The heat from the iron makes my cheeks turn red.

"I'm just a bit nervous." I lie. Ochaco laughs, "I honestly don't blame you. I would be nervous too. The first time is always scary."

"What if the sex is bad? What if I bleed? Or what if his dick is not big—"

"Stop worrying will ya?!" She shakes her head with a small smile lingering on her face, "I doubt the sex will be bad...and about bleeding, you use dildos right?"

I nod, "Well yeah, but—"

"Then you shouldn't have a problem with bleeding if your hymen is already broken. It shouldn't hurt that much either." She tells me. I press my lips into a thin line, "What was your first time like?"

I see her smile through the mirror, "It was incredible. He made it all romantic and shit. He had rose petals, candles, it was great. It was painful for me since it was the first time, but I was able to enjoy it."

"That's nice." I fiddle my fingers. I always dreamt about my first time being all romantic. I imagined it exactly the way Ochaco had it.

Lucky bastard.

She notices my frown, "You'll have something like that one day. You just need to find the right person. That doesn't have to happen on your first time." She tells me. I smile a bit, "You're right."

She grins with content, "All done!" She stands back so I can look at myself in the mirror again. I almost gasp at my appearance. I look like a total different person compared to me on a Monday morning.

"Wow." I breathe out as I stare at my reflection. Ochaco playfully bows, "My work here is done."

A ding echoes through the room. Ochaco checks her phone while I clean up my vanity.

"It's Izuku. He said he's downstairs." Ochaco grins and places her phone in her pocket. I nod and grab my purse.

Ochaco and I exit out apartment and head down to the main lobby. I can see Izuku's blue car outside.

"Hey baby." Ochaco greets her boyfriend with a kiss. I awkwardly shuffle in the back seat, "Hey Izuku."

He looks at me through the rear view mirror and smiles, "Hey Y/N, ready to party?"

I inhale deeply and nod with an unsure smile, "Definitely."

The ride to the frat house wasn't far, only about ten minutes. Izuku parks across the street. I can already hear the loud music coming from the house. The car is vibrating from the bass.

Red solo cups and drunk people grinding and making out is what I'm greeted with when we enter the house. The air is thick and warm as I pass by sweaty bodies.

I follow Ochaco and Izuku towards a back room. In here there's two couches facing each other and a giant tv screen on the opposite wall; basically a living room. There's also smoke coming from the corner, which I'm guessing is where the stoners are.

The couple stops in the middle of the room where the couches are. I notice a group of guys and a few girls sitting around drinking and laughing.

"Hey guys." Ochaco sits down next to Mina. Everyone greets each other while I sit down awkwardly next to Mina.

"I'm glad you're here!" Mina hugs me. I chuckle and hug her back, "I was basically forced to come here."

"Were you?" She smirks and raises an eyebrow. I roll my eyes and look at everyone. I didn't notice that Ochaco was introducing me to them. My cheeks heat up from the sudden eye contact with everyone.

"Guys this is Y/N, my best friend and roommate." Ochaco gestures to me. The guy with spiky red hair introduces himself first. I notice that his teeth are quite sharp.

"Hey I'm Eijirou Kirishima." He shakes my hand, "This is Denki Kaminari, Hanta Sero, Kyoka Jirou, and Kat—" Kirishima stops himself once he realizes that someone is missing.

"Where's Bakugou?" Kirishima asks the others and they shrug. He's about to speak to me again, but he gets interrupted by a deep voice.

"I see that Deku's here." A guy with spiky blond hair comes up behind me. I jump and spin around from the sudden voice.

"Kacchan, hey." Izuku nervously scratches his neck. I look at Ochaco confused. She notices my stare and leans towards me, "That's Izuku's childhood friend. They kinda have a difficult relationship." She explains. I nod and watch the blond guy jump onto the opposite couch.

"Where were you man? I was just introducing Y/N to everyone." Kirishima smacks the blond's arm.

The blond groans and opens his legs further apart as he leans back on the couch, "Huh? Who the hell is Y/N?"

"That would be me." I cross my arms and poke the inside of my cheek with my tongue. The blond locks eyes with me and my heart almost stops.

His dark scarlet eyes scan me up and down, making me shiver. His gaze is cold and intense.

He's hella attractive.

"She's my roommate." Ochaco tells him. The blond keeps his eyes on me while nodding.

"The names Katsuki Bakugou." He says with a stoic expression. I smile a bit and scan his body. He's wearing a black t-shirt with ripped black jeans. His arms are muscular along with his chest. I can almost make out his abs from his shirt.

Bakugou notices me staring and he smirks, "Take a picture it lasts longer, sweetheart."

I snap out of my daze and blush a deep shade of red, "Sorry." I mumble quietly. I can see Ochaco grinning from the corner of my eye. She's probably reading my mind and knows that I think he's attractive.

"Anyway, you guys want to play 'never have I ever'?" Kirishima asks the group. A chorus of yeses answer his question. I gulp and hold up my fingers along with everyone else.

This is going to be interesting.
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