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From The Inside {K. Bakugou X Reader}


It was another usual day. You got home from school, did your enormous and unreasonable amount of homework. Ate dinner, and fell asleep watching some of your favorite anime. My Hero Academia. It was all routine. What wasn't routine was when you woke up. You woke up in a strange place. It was familiar, but you were sure you had never been there before. You woke up in your favorite anime. Not only that. You also happened to wake up in your favorite character Bakugou Katsuki's bedroom. Now you have to get used to living in a world extremely different from your own, figure out how to master the quirk that just randomly came to you when you got there, and live with Bakugou without wanting to kill him and vice versa. This was gonna be a long journey. This is what it's like from the inside. Inspired by @trashywritingwitch 's "Be Still, Just For Me" and @KatsuKills204 's "The Other Side" (Both on Wattpad). Please go checks those out they're both absolutely amazing.

Romance / Drama
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This day was just like any other. I got home from school. Well, I mean if you can call the orphanage I stay at home, that is. When I got there I did my enormous and seriously unreasonable amount of homework. Even so I did the crap, against my better judgement or not.

After about an hour and a half I was called down for dinner. Once I finished eating I went back to my homework. By the time I finished it all it was around 9:30. I decided I deserved it so I lay down on my bed, grabbed my phone and headphones, and turned on my favorite anime, Boku No Hero Academia, or I guess My Hero Academia.

I fell asleep to the sound of my favorite character Bakugou yelling at Izuku for God only knows what this time. What I didn't know, was when I woke up, my life would never be the same.
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