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From The Inside {K. Bakugou X Reader}

Chapter One: You're Bakugou Katsuki

When I woke up I immediately knew something was wrong. My head was spinning and I felt like I was going to vomit. You know like in that Melaine Martinez song "Carousel" in the video she's tied to the machine and can't get off no matter what, she just has to sit there as she starts puking. Not to mention I felt like to room was spinning. The thing is I never get sick, ever, so I knew something was off.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a dark room. I couldn't see a thing, but I did know I was on the floor. Weird, I remember laying on my bed. And I don't feel my phone. Though that should be expected since I'm not in the bed. I lay there for a few moments, waiting for my head and stomach to settle down and stop having what felt like a god damn water balloon fight inside of me.

Once they calmed down I looked around the room again. Still though, I couldn't see crap. So I did what any normal person would, I got up and searched around for the light switch. Once it was on I knew, I definatly was not in my room.

I was somewhere that looked familiar, but I swore I had never been there before. It looked like a dorm room. It was super clean, and there looked to be blackout curtains on the window. There was a bedside table that had a clock that said 10:00. Umm, what the hell, I'm pretty sure I fell asleep around that time.

Yeah, yeah I did. I remember. I finished my homework around 9:30 and lay down and watched some My Hero and fell asleep around 10:00. Okay Y/N you're obviously not home, but let's just stay calm and figure out where we are. Just keep looking around. Do you see anything farmilair. Let's see there's a bed.

Well no shit Y/n you're obviously in a dorm room, you already said that. I swear you're so fucking dumb. Shut the hell up we're the same person. Ugh.

Anyway, just check who's on the bed. Maybe they can help you. No, if they're a normal human being then they'll call the police because there's a stranger in there room. Well, maybe I'm not a starnger, maybe they're one of my friends. Y/n you don't have any friends, oh my god.

Ouch that was harsh. I do have friends. Name one. Umm, Kuroo. Y/n that's just the stray black cat from down the street. I know but we're friends. Yeah whatever just stop having mental arguments with yourslef and figure out where you are you dunce. Right, right, back to the task at hand.

Okay so I'm just gonna go up to that person and hope I don't get the police called on me.

I walked up to the bed and tapped the person. They shot up immeaditly, explosions shooting out of their hands. "What the fuck!?" They exclaimed looking around.

I stood there dumbfounded. I just looked them up and down. Then around the room then back at them.

"Y-you- you're B-Bakugou K-k-Katsuki. How the hell?" I whispered.

"Who the fuck are you and why the hell are you in my room?!!" He exclaimed. I didn't answer and just stood there gwaking like a fish out of water.

How the fuck, am I in Bakugou Katsuki's room! I was in my own not even three minutes ago. Not to mention, oh I don't know, he's a fictional character! I must me dreaming. Yeah, I'm asleep!

"Oi, did you hear me? Why are you in my fucking room, who are you, and how do you know my name?" He yelled.

"I- um. Look, can you do me a favor and slap me please?" I asked. He looked at me like I was crazy, which I very well might be at this point.

"Why the hell would I do that?" He asked.

"Because I'm asleep. Once you slap me, I'm gonna wake up back in my bed, with Bnha still playing and I'm gonna go back to my normal boring life." I told him.

"If you're dreaming then I'm dreaming and I'm 100% awake. Now who are you and why are you here."

"That's a long story that I think Aizawa should be here for." I replied.

"How do you know Aizawa?" He asked.

"That's not important right now I just need you to get him and maybe the rest of the class for me please. I think you should all hear this." I told him, and he surprisingly did as told. Even so, this was going to be a long night.

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