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From The Inside {K. Bakugou X Reader}

Chapter two: Are You On Crack

So here I was, sitting in the 1-A common room with all of the class and teachers staring at me. I still can't believe it. Am I really in My Hero? Is that even possible?

"First of all, what's your name kid?" Aizawa asked me.

"Umm, Y/n L/n." I answered.

"And can you please tell us what happened and why you're here."

"You see Sir, I'm not sure I can actually answer that. One moment I was laying in my bed watching My Hero Academia, then the next I wake up and I'm suddenly in My Hero Academia. Not only that. I'm in one of the main character's dormrooms. That doesn't usually happen where I'm from. Not mention we don't even have quriks there." I answered.

"Oh no, are my parents looking for me? Wait I don't have have parents. I live in an orphange. But what about my friends? Oh yeah, don't have those either. But what about Mother Jamie. She might be looking for me. Oh no they're probably gonna realize I'm missing and freak out and call the police. I'm gonna be the next missing person case. Why, just why? And what about Kuroo, who's gonna feed him now? And does this mean I'll never get to look at Austin's beautiful face at school anymore? That's The only thing I ever have to look forward to anymore." I ranted.

"L/n, I'm going to need you to calm down please." Aizawa said. "Right sorry Sir. Damn I don't think I'll ever get use to being called by my last name." I exclaimed.

"Okay so explain this to us again. From the top and in full detail if you will please." Aizawa said.

"Right. So last night, or tonight, I don't know I'm still confused. Anyway, I got home from school around four pm. The bus was running late and I had volleyball practice so I got home later than usual. I got yelled at by Mother Jamie, the head of my orphange for getting home late and not telling her because apparently she was worried sick. I guess there had been some guy going around and kidnapping kids and teens so yeah."

"But anyway, I went to my to my room and started on homework which was more than necessary I might add, and studied for my up coming algebra test, which is weird cuz I never study." I rambled.

"L/n focus!" Aizawa yelled.

"Right, sorry. Anyways, I finished all my homework around 9:30 so I decided to lay down and watch some Boku No Hero Academia. I fell asleep around 10 and when I woke up I was in Bakuwhore's room." Mina and Denki laughed at my nickname and Izuku was trying to hold back a smile while Kirishima was trying to stop Bakugou from punching me.

"When I woke up I felt really dizzy and like I was going to throw up, you know, like when you wake up with vertigo, which I thought was werid cuz I never get sick, and I don't have vertigo. I looked around and felt like I'd seen the place before but I knew I'd never been here. SO I walked up to Bakugou, not knowing who he was at the time and woke him up, even though my inner self told me that was stupid cuz he might call the police. And you know what I got for being brought into an anime and not knowing it. I alomst get my face blown up."

"Like I'm sorry but I'm not like you guys. I'm not able to get thrown into building an surive. Or have Todoroki use his fire side and not get burned. Okay when I fall down I get a scrapped knee and when I get thrown through building I die. I'm not fucking Batman yo."

"So you're trying to tell us we're an anime?" Deku asked.

"No I'm trying to tell you you're part of the next Ironman moive. Yes Im trying to tell you you're part of an anime! I would show you on my phone but apparently it didn't come with me."

"I don't know, we seem pretty real to me." Kirishima said.

"Ah, yes, and that is because I am officially going crazy." I nodded.

"You seem to know a lot about us. How do we know you're not a spy to the leauge." Iida asked.

"Dude that would be so cool. Cuz like Toga is fine as fuck, in like a crazy way, and Dabi is hot." I laughed at myslef. Y/n you're not that funny stop. Oh shut up yes I am.

"But like I don't know I might be a little scared of Shigaraki, he could kill me at any given moment because I've been told I'm very annoying. But I would like to ask Dabi about his Touya Todoroki situation. Oops, sorry Todoroki. I bet that thought never crossed your mind, and that's probably a touchy subject. My bad. I don't really know when to shut my mouth. By the way Iida, how's Tensei doing, they haven't really brought him back up in that manga or anime?" I just kept rambling on.

"I've come to the conclusion they rambled and talks too much to be part of the League." Aizawa said.

"Aww thanks Dadzawa." I smiled.

"What did you just call me?" He growled.

"My bad, it's a habbit, basically the whole fandom does it. By the way, is Shinso your secret love child?" I asked.

"Back to the topic at hand, do you have a quirk?" Aizawa asked. I saw what you did there Dadzawa, dodging the question. I will get answers.

"Sir, are you on crack? I already told you, there are no quirks where I come from. So why the hell would I have one?" I asked as though he was dumb.

"Just try doing stuff and see if anything happens." He said tiredly. I just sided and complied.

I messed with my hands but nothing happened. I tried to harden myself. Nothing. Tried to turn into something, nada. I moved my tounge around for I don't know what reason. How do you even use a quirk? Like is there a special thing you have to do to get it to start? Like pushing down the gas to start some cars?

"Ugh, this is useless I don't have a quirk. I already told you that." I said annoyed. Suddenly my outfit changed and I had a sword in my had.

"Woah. I do have a quirk. It's like Erza's requip magic. That's so cool. I shall call you new quirk requiption Gate. Is requiption even a word." I don't believe it is. "Well it is now."

"So you're telling me, you just fall into my room from a different diemtion or world or something, which we're an anime in and doesn't have quirks, and now you have one." Bakugou asked dumbfounded.

"Exciting right, I really wish I had popcorn."

"So you knew who Bakugou was, right? Does that mean you know all of us?" Asked Jiro.

"Jiro, best girl, yes it does. You're Jiro Kyoka, hero name Earphonejack. That's Kaminari Denki, hero name Chargebolt, Ashido Mina, hero name Pinky, Todoroki Shouto, hero name Shouto, which not gonna lie, I still have mixed feelings about, just like your dad's redemption arc. Aaaaannnnyway, Kirishima Eijiro, hero name Red Riot, based off your favorite hero Crimson Riot, Iida Tenya, hero name Ingenium, which you got from your brother after Stain almost killed him. Need I go on?" I asked.

"That's cool but creepy that you know so uch about us." Mina declared.

"Oh I know more. I know the truth about how Midoriya got his quirk, I know what time Bakugou goes to bed, I know Todoroki's favorite food, I know about Urarak and Asui's home situations. I know a lot." I smirked.

"You are aware that you sound like a stalker, right." Todoroki asked.

"Yes, yes I am. But I would rather you all know I know this stuff, than me hide it, slip up, and you all become suspicious of me and send me to jail or something. Because I wouldn't last tolng in jail. Nah ah, not long at all." I said.

"Okay well, why don't you stay on one of the common room couches for tonight and we'll sort this out with Nezu in the morning and figure out what to do with you? Okay?" Aizawa asked.

"Sure thing Aizawa Sensei." I nodded.

Everyone then went back to bed. While I was up all night thinking about what just happened. Unbeknownst to me, so was everyone else.

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