𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑹𝑼𝑳𝑬𝑺 ( ルール )


κ’° 🍼 κ’± β™‘ ༘° // ❝ recite the rules for me , doll ❞ // 1. dont leave the house without getou 2. dont leave the house without his permission 3. no touching yourself when he leaves and the list goes on...... // - will these two fall in love or will this relationship continue to be a master/sex slave relationship . // getou x reader :: modern au

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the rules

❝ you know what happens when you break on of the rules right ? ❞


a set of regulations that { y/n } and only { y/n } has to follow , if { y/n } breaks one or more rules a severe punishment will be heading to her way .

❝ recite the rules now , doll ❞


1. dont leave the house without geto

2. dont leave the house without his permission

3. no touching yourself when he leaves nor when he's there unless instructed to

4. no male friends unless he approved of them himself .

5. when out always keep on the vibrating panties he brought you .

6. NEVER tease him in public or behind closed doors .

7. don't beg or you'll be left high and dry .

❝ good girl , now pick your punishment ❞
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