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"I killed him." • • • A relationship was what you planned not an apocalypse. Running from the walking dead is not exactly romantic. Will you be able to handle a zombie apocalypse and a relationship? ⚠️Contains Slight Smuts⚠️ mature content, this story may contain: alcohol, drugs, sex, and strong language. [This is my first story] Started: March 16, 2020 RePublished: Mid June

Thriller / Fantasy
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Chapter 1- Come

⚠️This story may contain some smuts and I will not let you know when any sexual scenes are about to happen (unless you think I should do otherwise). As well as, triggering scenes and mature content will happen, such as: alcohol, drugs, sex, and strong language⚠️


3rd Person POV:

Busan, Korea 5:48p.m

"Come on!"

The strong figure ahead of you said while pulling you along by the wrist and inside the building. "Where are we going?," you said with a giggle. "I have to show you something," the voice belonging to the male said with some excitement. Leaving you curious as to what he is trying to show you inside. Slightly running up the steps, you decided to remain silent leaving only sounds of your feet hitting the steps. Barely audible chuckles leave your mouth while you think of what this adorable man in front of you has in store for you. He's always setting up little sweet surprises for you. Taking glances at you here and there, you see a glowing smile on his face, his top row teeth showing off his bunny-like smile.

Finally, with both of you reaching your apartment door, you let out a breathy sigh. You look up only to stare into his innocent eyes, sparkling. He takes out his keys fast, shoving them into the lock. Pushing you inside along with himself and slamming you against the door, your back feeling a stinging pain. Two small presences are felt on the sides of you. You look up to see a grin on his face and both of his hands on either side of you. The innocent smile he had on his face less than a minute ago is wiped and replaced with a dirty grin. "Let me show you my room that you have seen many, many times before," he says with a husky voice along with a smug look. Like usual, his dirty commentary makes you blush but yet, turned on, but for some reason you can't take him seriously.

"Stop! We just got home. Chill," you say while laughing. But he looks at you with a serious look not fazed that you find his horniness funny. He slowly brings both his hands on both sides of his body and backs off, poking his tongue into the inner side of his cheek, while sticking his hands in his front pockets.

"You're so cute." you say in a baby tone and pat his cheek.

"Cute?" he reiterates with one eyebrow up. "Yap!" you state bluntly while walking into the kitchen and turning on the light. Snooping around the kitchen to find a light snack, you head to the cabinet. You find a box of granola bars and grab one.

You look over your shoulder to see his slender but muscular body leaning against the kitchen doorway. "You don't call a grown man cute. I'm sexy, get it straight." he states with his lips slightly puckered.

You'd be lying if you said he wasn't, but you like to mess with him, so you decide to egg him on. "Good thing I'm not talking to one, because you're a baby." you say nonchalantly, when in actuality you are just trying to see what his reaction is. You turn back around only to hear heavy footsteps behind you causing you to snap your head around quickly. Only to see no one there.

That sneaky little man....Who is actually not so little now that you think about it. How can he make so much noise but disappear so silently. That time served sure helped him.

You turn your head back around and focus on the granola bar. Not wanting to deal with the trash later, you unwrap the granola carefully to not drop any and throw the wrapper away.

You walk to the front door taking off your shoes. You walk into the living room to see a slightly irritated, baby man sitting on one of the couchs against the wall. You walk over to him and take half of your granola and place it in front of his face. He opens his mouth to speak and you take this as an opportunity to feed the now pissed off looking man.

"Eat a granola, you're not you when you're hungry," you state while shoving it into his mouth.

He takes out the granola, grasping it in his left hand as he dramatically coughs and laughs at the same time for a few seconds. Once done, he looks at you with a small smile while trying to cover it up with a smirk; he's acting hard. He aggressively eats the granola he practically choked on a few seconds ago.

Y/N's POV:

I take a seat on the opposite couch.

"Jungkook?" I say, slightly laughing but try to act serious when I see he isn't looking at me. "Jungkook, are you seriously gonna give me the silent treatment now?" I ask with an eyebrow raised with an innocent smirk.

"Who said I was giving you the silent treatment?" he says, still not looking at me.

"Then will you at least look at me?" I can't take him seriously whenever he acts like this. "Not unless you apologize and make it up to me," he states, still not looking at me.

"Apologize?! For what?!" When I say that I can't help but get a little loud and make both of my eyebrows crash together.

"You hurt my feelings-"

"Shut the hell up," I cut him off.

He knows when I'm serious when I cuss at him, and right now is not one of the times I'm for real. Besides, Jungkook is no softy; it would take a lot more than a miserly laugh and a weak turn down on doing the....dirty.

But at least I got him to look at me. Tehe.

When he stares at me, I get chills. His eyes are piercing into mine. I'm becoming weak.

Legs, don't you fail me now.

That's when I can't help but start to feel hot and slightly rub my thighs together. I hope he doesn't notice because otherwise he is going to take advantage of my newly aroused state. I think he noticed though because he is giving me a dark look, and it's more intense than the one before. But I have to keep my cool. He almost always makes me fall first whenever there is sexual tension between us.

He raises one eyebrow and cocks his head to the side. But he then releases his brow and grins making his head sit straight up again. He slowly spreads his legs, letting me have a full view of his bulge. I can't help but suck in my stomach a little thinking about him teasing my core.

Oh shit I want him now.

"Apologize." he says coldly "And then...put on a good show to make it up to me."

I know exactly what he wants now.

I get up slowly and sway my hips from side to side, trying to be as sexy as possible. But honestly, I don't always feel comfortable walking so sueductivly, especially when I over think it. I feel like Ariel when she got her legs for the first time. But I quickly shake that thought off as I am now in front of Jungkook.

I crouch down in front of Jungkook, as I am now between his legs. I place my hands at the top of his thighs and run them down to his knees, repeating my action. I lock eyes with his as I hear loud breathing come from him but he never breaks eye contact. "Now, beg for forgiveness." He speaks with a low voice that sounds so appealing to my ears.

I nod yes and start to get in the mood. "I'm sorry for laughing in your face, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, baby-." I say as seductively as possible until getting cut off. "Baby?" he says harshly with an eyebrow raised.


I called him a baby earlier.
Great job Y/N, you were just in there.

"D-daddy," I stutter out. "I meant..." I quickly recover sounding confident.

"Get up." he says emotionlessly. I do so without hesitation and take a step back. "Take off your pants, sit on the couch, and touch yourself." He says staring straight into my fucking soul.

"Don't come till I tell you to."


I have fallen and I can't get up.


if you are reading this, thank you❤️ i don't really know what to say as of right now but i hope you enjoy and like it because this is my first real book. please don't forget to comment and vote🙃

i love being an army and meeting new ones as well🐰
let's get to know each other a little maybe?🥺👉👈 who's your bias?

i'll tell you mines in the next chapter

if I get any comments that is lmao.

tank you for your time🐢 (see what I did there😌)

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