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Double Crossed (K. Bakugou x Reader)

Chapter 2: I Swear I Know You

Y/n walked away from Recovery Girl's office and down the hall. As she turned the corner she saw Shouto Todoroki and froze. "Shit, I didn't even realize he went here. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure he's in my class. Damn it if he figures out who I am he'll fuck everything up." Y/n cursed as she hid back behind the wall. "You're fine n/n , just keep your head down and make sure he doesn't see your face." She told herself.

Y/n hung her head and continued walking. Right when she thought the coast was clear and he hadn't noticed her, which would've made sense since he was pretty much ignoring everyone in class, he put a hand on her shoulder and turned her around to face him. He searched her face and said, "I swear I know you. Have we met before?" Y/n shook her head innocently and said sweetly, "I'm sorry sweetie, but I have no idea who you are, and I haven't seen you before today." "But I swear-" Y/n cut the boy off. "I have to get to class, sorry." And with that being said she quickly walked to class.

During class Todoroki had tried to talk to the h/c-ette/blonde multiple times. She never answered him though. He decided to corner her after class.

Once the class was dismissed Todoroki got up and grabbed Y/n's arm. "Why do I feel like I know you?" He asked. "Look sweetie I keep telling you we've never met before because we haven't. now can you please let me go so I can get home." SHe said trying to get out of his grip, which he complied.

This was not going well at all. Y/n then put her headphones on and started walking home. Todoroki had given up, for the day at least. Bakugou though -having witnessed everything going down throughout the day between Todoroki and Y/n- decided he would follow the girl. He didn't trust her. Not one bit, there was just something off about her, then again there was just something so fairly intriguing about her at the same time.

Y/n walked down the street into the more secluded and beat up part of town. Little to her knowledge, she was being followed by the red-eyed boy. She walked down an alley, music still blaring and unaffected by the world around her. She didn't notice the lady being mugged at gunpoint right in front of her, or the child sitting hungry at the end of the alley. At least Bakugou thought she didn't notice. In reality she just didn't care. It was a daily occurance in this part of town.

This was where all the villains, drunks, and gamblers lived, so why was this where she was going? She couldn't really live here.... could she? All these questions were running through Bakugou's mind as she walked up to a large wooden door at the end of the alleyway. She pulled a key out of her bag, unlocked the door, opened it just enough for her to slip in without anyone being able to see inside, then shut it quickly. To Bakugou it seemed as if she knew he was there, but she couldn't know. How would she, she never looked back, not even once, and he never made noise.

As Y/n walked into the apartment she called out, as she stopped her music and put her headphones around her neck, "Dabi, I'm home!" Once she didn't get a response she walked into the kitchen looking for the note she knew would be there. As cold and stoic as her brother was to everyone else she knew he cared about her even if she was only adopted by him.

In all honesty she looked up to him. He really wasn't a bad guy, he just did what he had to to get somewhere in this world. Whether people saw him as a horrible person because of what he was didn't bother him because at the end of the day, the only persons opinion that mattered, the only person who would help him get anywhere in this cruel world, was himself. And so, as a result of this, Y/n admired him. He learned at a young age how horrible the world really is, and so did she. She thought this was why she got along with him so well, because he understood her and knew that nobody will ever really be equal or enough.

As she turned to the counter in the kitchen she saw a fresh plate of Okonomiyaki, meaning he didn't leave that long ago, and the note the h/c-ette/blonde was looking for.

Went to get groceries.
Be back soon. You had better eat
Or I'll kick your sorry little ass. :)

Y/n smiled at the note. Dabi knew Y/n would always get distracted with work, planning, or designing and usually forgot to eat if he didn't remind her. She made a cup of lavender tea and took the tea, her food, and two pairs of chopsticks up to her room and set it on her desk.

She changed into a pair of sweats, a grey sports bra, and a light blue Ouran Highschool Host Club hoodie. Then she went out to her balcony, which was really a black metal fire escape balcony. She took her cup of tea and food and leaned against the railing looking down into the alley.

"Hey Pop Rock, what are you doing following me home. I'm flattered really, but I don't actually need a stalker." She called out.

"Who you calling Pop Rock!" Bakugou shouted.

"You apparently, since you answered." Y/n responded.

"Shut up, weirdo!" Bakugou shot back.

Y/n chuckled. "Am I really the weird one here, because last I checked you followed me home, not the other way around." Y/n stated with a smirk. Bakugou glared at her but didn't respond.

Y/n looked down at her food and then at the red eyed blond in the alleyway. "I'm not going to invite you in because I haven't known you long , but if you want to come sit up here with me I can give you some of this. I'm not going to be able to finish it myself anyway." Y/n stated as she nodded her head towards the plate. Bakugou eyed the girl suspiciously, but compiled.

She held one of the pairs of chopsticks out to him and he took it, but asked a questioned that had bugging him. "So you knew I was following you this whole time?' "No, I just grabbed two pairs of chopsticks for the hell of it." The girl stated sarcastically. Bakugou rolled his eyes, but asked another question. "So, you just let me follow you?" "It's not like I have anything to hide." She responded coolly.

"But how did you even know I was following you? I made sure you never saw me, and you never turned around. You also had music blaring from your headphones even I could hear it." He catechized. "Do you see where I live. If I wasn't as observent as I am I'd be dead by now." She told him. "Now, why were you following me in the first place? If I may ask." She questioned. Bakugou answered truthfully like she had done for him. "Well, if I'm being honest I was really suspicious off you. You just seemed so odd. It felt like there was something off about you." 'Fuck. Calm down. Just think of something anything. I got it!'

"Well, if I seem a bit off to you, I should be fine by tomorrow. You see my week is almost over." Y/N told him as she took a bite of her food. Bakugou knew immediately what she meant by that and made a disgusted face. "I did not need to know that." He told her. Y/N raised her hands in surrender, smirking. "Hey Blondie you're the one that accused me of being off. I has just pleading innocent." She smirked. "Have you never heard of TMI though?" He questioned. "I have yes, it's such a good book series if you don't pay attention to the incest." She smirked again.

"Whatever." Bakugou shook his head. "Here, you can have the rest." Y/n handed him the still basically full plate of Okonomiyaki. "You barley ate anything though." He pointed out. "Yeah I don't eat a lot. My brother knows that so this was probably meant to be leftovers also, but oh well." "Are you starving yourself?" Y/n sighed. "Why is that always the first question everyone asks. No I'm not starving myself I just physically can't eat much or I'll be sick even just thinking about food when I'm not hungry can make me nauseous."

"Oh." Bakugou said. "Well you should go now. We have school tomorrow so I'm going to bed. Night Bakuhoe." "WHAT'D YOU JUST CALL ME PIPSQUEAK!" Bakugou yelled. "Who you calling pipsqueak I'm only y/h (your height)." And with that the girl shook her head and went back in her room to go to sleep.

Katsuki stood there for a moment not knowing what to do. Then he snapped out of it, jumped the bars of the balcony and landed in the alleyway. He then made his way back home knowing his mom was going to kill him. It being past his bedtime and all.

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