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Y/n L/n is being abused. What happens if a boy named Kita is there to save her?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

(❗Can include some abuse and blood. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can leave.❗)

You plopped yourself on a random chair, arranging your materials on your table. It was the first day of your third year in high school.

You were pretty nervous, not because it was your last year, but because you didn’t know how to face your best friend, Kita. You haven’t really been in contact with him during the summer. For very personal reasons. But still, he’s very clueless about your situation. You should at least have told him about it before completely shutting him out. Not completely. You just spent too much time crying that’s all. You didn’t know how he would react, maybe he’d shut you out, like you did. But you knew he wouldn’t. He was one of your only friends. That one friend you’ve known and loved since middle school.

[It’s just another day in this boring life.] You thought, resting your head on the table. It all happened a month ago. Maybe two months. When you’ve changed from a positive, outgoing girl, to a negative, done-with-life girl.


Your father had been coming home late for the last month, covered in hickeys and scratches, drunk and dazed.

Your mother assumed it was nothing at first but as time went by, it got more consistent and worse.

Your mother had now decided to confront him. She told you to hide in the small pantry and record everything in case something bad happens. You just did as she said and hoped nothing would go wrong. [Nothing wrong’s gonna happen. Nothing bad.] You were hoping, NO, convincing yourself, that it was nothing. But boy, were you wrong.

You started recording as your father entered the house, looking the same as always. Your mother bombarded him with questions, each related to the other. You just watched, frozen in fear, tears streaming from your e/c eyes.

Your father finally got pissed. He grabbed a large vase and threw it at your mother. She collapsed, shards everywhere in her frail body. You stopped recording and dialed 119.

“Shhh..He’s gonna hear.”
[Oh. Okay. What’s the problem ma’am?]
“My address is ******** My father, he-he killed my mom after cheating on her.”
[Okay, stay where you are now. We’ll be there in a jiffy.]



Your father had gone to jail, while your mother passed away despite the great number of surgeries she’s undergone. You now live with your bratty aunt who poses as a nice young lady when in real life, she abuses you and claims you are the cause of her sister’s death. Insufferable.

You were left broken into pieces in the end even if justice had been served.


The teacher entered the class and did some introductions for new students and all that stuff. She also addressed the fact that you had to work harder because this was your third and last year before entering college.

She then proceeded to explain the school rules and activities that were to be done and followed. It was a tad bit boring honestly. A lot boring.

The teacher then ended the class and showed a record of where everyone was to be seated. You squinted your eyes and proceeded to pack your things and head to the assigned seat.

A window seat. That was nice. Your only problem would be who your neighboring classmates would be. You turned out to be seated beside a person from the boys volleyball team, Ojiro. You only knew him because you are currently the manager.

“Hey Aran.” You said plainly and continued to lay your head on the table. “Hello y/n.”

The person in front of you was a girl, she had dyed blonde hair, brown at the roots. (No she’s not Kenma.) She turned around and MAN was she pretty. She had bubblegum pink lipstick, and light blue eyeshadow, which made her dark brown eyes sparkle. She gave you a kind smile. Kind. Not fake. “Hi! I’m Lana Suoh! I transferred here from Tokyo. Nice to meet you.” She held her hand out for you to shake. You slowly shook it. “y/n l/n. Pleasure to be your friend.” She smiled brightly and turned back around.

Now the person behind you. You looked back and slightly gasped. He looked the same as last year, maybe a bit different. His build, was athletic. It never let you down every time you had a glimpse of it during practice. You had always blushed at it. His eyes, plain, held no emotion, but it did to you. You’ve known him so long you could tell his emotions just by looking at those dull brown eyes. His hair is short and light gray with black tips at the ends. His fringe is parted in the middle of his forehead, with one clump of hair hanging down in the middle just above his eyes. You’ve always found it cute. You quickly turned away.

But he knew you were looking. He was happy you still acknowledged him in a way.

But you were silently hoping he wouldn’t be your seatmate. You were afraid he’s shut you down, and break your heart like you probably did.

But at the same time, you wanted to feel his warm embrace, to feel safe from everything.

You didn’t know what to feel about Kita Shinsuke. Should you love him, or ignore him? A big part of you said to continue to love him. But what if he shuts you down?

“That’s it for today class. No subjects for today so that you can use this time to familiarize yourself and get used to it. You can roam around the school, just don’t leave the campus. I’ll be taking my leave.”

You stood up and headed for the doorway. “Y/n!” A voice too familiar called out. You began to walk faster. You opened the door and shut it, like you had shut down your true love.

But you didn’t mean too.


He knew something bad was happening to you. The Y/n he knew wouldn’t do such thing unless she was upset. And she had shut him out for 2 months now. Something very very bad must’ve happened. But he knew you needed some space if it was very bad. He understood you like he did himself. He loved you as much as he treasured his own life. Maybe he even loved you more.

He heard from his Grandma, Yumie, that something had happened to the L/n household and it was best to not interfere yet. He respected that. But at the same time he longed to hear your cheery voice. To feel your small, warm, hugs. He was willing to wait if it meant to feel your hugs and cuddles.

Maybe the time wasn’t right.

You ran to the back of the school, where there was a garden and lovely gazebos. It was you and Kita’s favorite secret spot. Where you would tell each other everything. But now, it was a reminder of what friendship you’ve lost and might never get back.

You sat down in a gazebo and curled yourself in a fetal position. Silent sobs escaped your lips as tears streamed down your face. You recalled what happened this morning.


Himiko threw a plate in your direction and you dodged it. Himiko was your bratty aunt, who you were living with. She was the closest relative you had and the police had sent you to live there. “It’s all your fault brat! And your dad’s! If I hadn’t told your mother about him, she would be well and alive and you wouldn’t exist! But I had to tell your mother didn’t I? I had to even develop a crush on your father! That caused a big family feud and I was forced to undergo therapy.” [You DO need therapy, still.] You thought.

Himiko threw a glass of water at you and you tried to dodge it, missing about half of it. The other half was buried in your arm. Good thing it was just a shallow cut. You felt tears sting your eyes due to the pain. You quickly ran upstairs and washed yourself.


You touched the arm hit and flinched a bit, the pain still there.

“Y/n-senpai?” A voice asked. You looked over and saw the Miya twins. You sat up, wiping the tears of your face. “Y-yes?” Osamu and Atsumu sat on both your sides. “Why were you crying?” Atsumu asked, his finger holding on to your chin. You took his hand away, tears running down your eyes. “D-dad and mom.” You stumbled between words. Osamu patted your back. “Can you tell us what happened?”


You were crying pretty hard after explaining. Just recalling it made you want to jump into Kita’s arms and cry.

“I honestly think you should go approach him. He recently asked us if we have news about you and he sounded.. worried. You should talk to him.” Atsumu said softly, rubbing circles in your back. “BUT- ’Tsumu doesn’t mean now. You can take the time you want until you’re ready. Just know there is no way he’ll shut you out.” The twins looked at each other, recalling that time...


They had gone to a before the school year practice. Everyone noticed that their captain, Kita, seemed very very off.

After the few practice matches they played, they decided to wrap it up and leave. After changing into their clothes, Kita packed in his things and put his jacket over his shoulders. He slung his gym bag over his shoulder and left.

The twins, Gin, and Suna decided to follow him and see what was going on.

“Kita-San! Kita-San wait up!” Atsumu shouted, running towards the captain. Kita merely ignored them and went his way. Gin ran up to him as fast as he could and caught up to him. “What’s wrong Kita-San?” He inquired. “My grandmother is looking forward to my marriage.” Kita murmured, a lie, obviously.

The twins and Suna caught up with the two. “That’s obviously a lie, Kita-San.” Gin said, trying to keep his cool. As much as he was worried for the light gray haired, his temper was something to try to control. “Wait, wait, wait. What’s going on, what’s the lie?” Atsumu said, panting. “Kita won’t tell us what’s wrong!” Gin said.

“Fine! I’m worried about [Nickname]. Is that okay?” Kita stated, a death glare on. He then felt tears sting his eyes. “Is [Name] okay? Do-Do you know anything that concerns her?” He mumbled. The twins shook their heads. Suna raised his hand slightly. “Something about her parents I think. I don’t know everything but- I hope that’s enough for you to know.” Suna said, looking away. Gin hugged Kita. “I’ll walk you home, bud. You don’t look like you’ll be able to do that alone.” He said, escorting Kita. He glanced at the second-years. “You can go home now.”

“Now we’ll go now to give you time to think, alright?” Osamu asked. “Mhm.”


You walked in the halls of the school, on your way to the classroom. Your eyes were a bit puffy but you could care less. You thought about what Osamu said earlier. {There is no way he’ll shut you out.} You better not wimp out on talking to him or it’ll be too late.

You earlier decided that you had to talk to him and acknowledged your decision by buying tofu hamburger, his favorite food, in the cafeteria.

You mustered the courage to talk to him when you entered the classroom. But the courage soon wavered when you saw a girl standing in front of Kita, in the empty classroom. “K-Kita-San, I-I like you! Please accept my confession!” She bowed, handing him a white card, decorated with little foxes. Kita took the card and unfolded it, his eyes scanning the designs.

He skimmed through the lines and sighed. “I’m sorry to say this but I don’t feel the same way.” He sternly said. Tears welled in the girl’s eyes. “I-It’s okay. I just wanted you to-to know.” She took the card and rushed out of the classroom. You then awkwardly entered the classroom. “Hi [Name].” Kita said, sitting back on his seat. “Hi, Shinsuke.” You then awkwardly proceeded to place the food on his table. “F-for you.” You said then headed to your seat and sat down.

Kita smiled. “It’s good to have you back [Nickname]”


The school bell had rung, excusing all students from school.

You headed to the gym, where practice was (obviously) held, smiling at the small interaction with Kita. It somehow gave you hope.

You changed into your manager’s clothing and started setting up the net. You heard the door open and you turned your neck to see who it was. “Hello, Akagi-San.” You waved slightly. He waved at you, “Hi, [Name]-Chan! Do you want me to help you set the net up?” You nodded.

He ran up to you and helped you, the distance between you was pretty close. But you didn’t mind, you looked at him as a brother.

But Kita minded. He opened the doors to the gym and found Akagi helping you set the net up. The distance between you two was close, Kita tried to control himself from getting too jealous.

“Thank you Akagi-San.” You said, bowing your head slightly and giving Akagi a closed eye smile. Kita slightly blushed but was quick to remove it from his face.

You noticed him and your face turned into a ” ‘o’ “. “Hi Shinsuke.” You slightly smiled at him and Kita could see pain written all over your face. Every smile you’ve smiled today, was fake. And Kita knew that. He could only hope nothing wrong happens today.

“Hi Y/n.” He smiled back at her.

“YO, YO, YO! What time is it?” Atsumu’s voice boomed across the gym. “..Practice time...” Suna and Osamu answered. “You guys are no fun!” Atsumu whined. “Says Barry Bentson from the Bee Movie.” Gin said, entering the gym.

Most of the team members snickered, including you. Kita had to admit it was pretty funny, his lips slightly curved into the smallest smile ever. No one noticed it. But you did. It made you smile even more.


You were currently changing in the girls’ changing room near the gym.

You put on your skirt and left the room.


“Akemi...” You slightly growled. Akemi was your shit cousin from Tokyo. She’s been homeschooled all her life and can keep a fake act as long as she wants. She’s the one ruining your childhood. She’s the one who lowered your self-esteem.

[“Y/n, dear~ It’s been a while hasn’t it?“]

“Ah, yes. That time you attempted to push me down the hole where my mother was buried. Oh and after that, you attempted to poison me with... alcohol, was it?”

[Ah. Those were fun times weren’t they?]

“Not when you’re the one on the verge of death. I nearly died two times that day because of you, Akemi.”

[Well, if you don’t see the fun in hurting others then you’re pure dumb.] Akemi dumbly retorted.

“Pure dumb is when you don’t care about what others feel and keep hurting them and aren’t aware of the consequences. Remember, your dad, who is may I remind you, a police officer, said last time was the last warning and if you keep hurting me again, you’ll find yourself behind bars. That’s attempt of murder, Akemi.”

[How’s Himiko doing?] Akemi stammered.

“She’s doing exactly what you would do.”

[Ah. Mom was never one to keep her emotions bottled up. I think it’s dumb but at least you’re getting hurt.]

“You’re a lot like her you know?”

[Are you saying I’m dumb?]


[Well, I don’t wanna be talking to you for the next hours so I’m just gonna tell you. I’m transferring to your school in two weeks! Mom needs some therapists so me and dad are gonna buy the house next door to yours! Mom’s gonna move in there tonight actually and you can live there alone! Me and dad will be coming in two weeks. Now isn’t that nice?]

“It’s not.”

[Why is that?]

“You’ll try to kill me, you have more chances to. You can do just about anything that involves me getting hurt.” You said, trying to sound confident. But that confidence was already faltering by the second.

[I knew you’d get it! Now good night!]


You wiped some fallen tears. “I hate my life. Lord just end me right now.” You muttered, looking up at the sky. “If you were to die, what would I do? You promised not to leave me alone.” A monotone blunt voice said. “Shinsuke, you heard?” The boy nodded.

“From what I can make from your side, Akemi, that cousin who tried to murder you countless times, is moving here to make your life miserable?” He inquired. You slowly nodded. You were suddenly engulfed in a warm hug. You hugged him back. “I missed you, Y/n.” He said, rubbing the back of your head with one hand, the other, on your shoulder. “I missed you too, Shinsuke.” You sobbed in his shirt. “Let it all out, y/n. Let it out.”

And so you did. You told him what was going on.

“And-and... I don’t know what to do... She obviously came here to ruin my life. She’s faking her good girl act in front of others and then she only shows her family and especially me her bad side. She’s undergone therapy countless times but...” Kita nodded in understanding.

He now knew what was going on with you. But he was sure it was gonna take long for him to fully be in your life. He now understood why.

He just hugged you tightly, afraid that you might leave again. “It’s okay... Wanna stay over?”

You nodded, burying your face in his chest, inhaling his scent.

“My grandma would like to see you again...” He murmured. You smiled.

“Hmm... Yeah, I guess it would be nice to go somewhere other than school and home.” You said. Kita hummed in agreement. “Now let’s go home, it’s almost seven and we’re still here.” Kita said, pulling you out of the hug and grabbing his bag, which he had dropped earlier to hug you. He turned his head around and looked at you. “Let’s go.”

You walked behind him, following him like a lost puppy. You always admired the way he walks so confidently even if the situation was fraught. ‘I don’t understand the point of being nervous.’ He had once said. He was merely telling the truth but you honestly thought that he’s a human and humans get nervous at least once in their lives. Unless he wasn’t an alien. And he definitely wasn’t an alien.

You soon arrived at the house. It was a one story, with around five bedrooms, as you recall. Kita’s grandma, Yumie, was in the front porch, sipping green tea.

She spotted you and Kita and smiled. “Ah, if it isn’t [Name]! It’s been months since I’ve seen you. So have you made your decision on marrying my grandson?” You blushed. [Not this again..] “W-well...I-“”Grandma. Shouldn’t you be resting right now?” Kita cut you off, making you sigh in relief. “Hm... What time is it anyways?”

“7:05 ma’am.” You replied.

“Oh! Then it’s time for me to rest... Dinner’s already set, you can eat as much as you want. And, you have to sleep in Shinsuke’s bedroom. The other rooms are not in tiptop shape right now.”

You blushed, again. “I- Okay.”


Kita led you to the dining room. He sat down and gestured for you to do the same.

You sat down, staring at the food immediately. “This looks delicious...” You mumbled. Kita chuckled. “Of course it is, I made it.” “Whaaat...” He smiled. “I made it earlier for breakfast. These are just leftovers.”


The both of you ate in an awkward silence. Once you finished, you stood up and grabbed your plate, heading to the sink to wash it. Once done, you grabbed a rag and wiped it, proceeding to put it in the rack. Right after you finished, Kita stood up and did the same thing.

“My rooms the second door to the right, you can go there and set a futon up.” He said, not removing his attention from the plate. “Okay.” You nodded, heading to the hallway. You headed to the second room to the right, opening the door.

His room was empty. Not really but for a bedroom, it was. It had a Japanese futon in the middle of the room, a cabinet in one corner, and a study desk in the other. You found a rolled futon and took it. You rolled it beside his and lay there, pulling your phone out and playing games on it. Not long after, Kita came in, with a few pillows and a blanket. He threw it at you and plopped himself on the bed with a sigh. You noticed he already changed into a white shirt and grey sweatpants. His hair was wet from maybe a bath. You blushed.

You averted your gaze elsewhere when Kita looked at you, probably noticing your stare.

“Don’t you want to shower?” He asked. Your eyes widened. “I-I don’t have clothes though...” He laughed. “If that’s your problem, you can borrow my clothes.” You turned redder than should have been possible.

“U-Uhm- Su-sure.” You stuttered. You cursed yourself internally for stuttering in front of your crush. [Just how cliche...] Kita stood up and took a shirt from his cabinet. He threw it at you. “There you go.” It landed on your hands and you stood up, walking to the door. BUT THEN. Your foot tangled with the blanket and you tripped. Well almost. Kita grabbed your wrist and pulled you up. You instinctively turned and bad (good) mistake, y/n. Your face was a few centimeters away from Kita’s. Your hands, landing on his chest.

Both of you intensely blushed. and looked away. Kita helped you regain your balance and let go of you. You suddenly felt empty. “S-sorry...” You apologized. Kita smiled at you endearingly, “It’s okay. It’s not really your fault anyways. Let’s just be thankful you didn’t get hurt.” You grinned at him and left the room.


You threw yourself to the futon, pulling your phone out. Kita was beside you, staring at the ceiling. [Is this what he does to fall asleep?] You ask yourself.

“No.” His monotone voice said, making you confuzzled.

“What?” You asked, baffled that he probably read your thoughts. “No, to both your questions. I don’t do this to fall asleep, I’m just like this when I’m thinking. And no, I do not read minds.” He said. You raised a brow, “Then how do you-” “know what you were thinking? It just shows it all over your face.” You were at a loss of words. You’re mind was now set into proving he can read minds. “I told you, I don’t read minds.” AGH DAMN, this guy kept reading your thoughts!

“You know what? Let’s just sleep.” You said, done with trying to prove that Kita can read minds.

Kita just mumbled a goodnight and hugged his pillow, turning over so that his back would face you. You hugged your pillow between your legs and did the same. Falling asleep right away.


You woke up, not being able to move, your pillow was a lot harder than how it felt last night.

You opened your eyes, only to realize, you weren’t hugging your pillow... You were hugging Kita. You blushed and tried to get out of his grasp without waking him up but... No such luck. His grasp was pretty strong. You quit trying to squirm out of his tight hug. You sighed, relaxing yourself. You weren’t complaining about the hug though.

Finally, after around five minutes, Kita woke up. You looked up at him with a small smile on your face. “Good Morning, Shinsuke-San.” You greeted, a small blush on your face.

“Can you let go of me now?” You asked.

Kita realized he was hugging you and profusely blushed. He let go of you and you rolled to your bed. “I-I’m sorry...” He apologized.

You laughed at how shy he suddenly became. “It’s honestly okay. Your hugs are warm.” You mumbled the last part. He raised his brow. “What did you say?”

You blushed. “N-Nothing! I didn’t say anything!” Kita raised his brow at you but didn’t ask more.

Because little do you know, he heard what you said.


The both of you walked to school, a quiet, distant aura surrounding the two of you.

You thought about how your relationship with Kita was right now.

[Our relationship with each other is most likely still being mended because of what I did. And plus- if I want our situation to get better, I have to make mine better too. Himiko will be home later, she doesn’t have therapy today... I better try to fix it. Slowly but surely, I’ll get back up. I just don’t know how.] You glanced at Kita, who looked forward with a straight face while trudging ahead. You looked back at the pavement. [No. Kita can’t help me. He’s done so much I couldn’t probably ask for more. I’ll have to rise by myself for the better or the worse...] You kicked some rocks out of your path.

[This is my problem. And I have to fix it by myself. But I don’t know where or how to start. How do I gather evidence against Himiko and Akemi? Where could I possibly go for the time-being? Will Akemi’s dad defend Akemi and Himiko? So many things to do but so little evidence to carry on. Unless... Unless it’s still there. That box Akemi’s dad hid, filled with evidence of therapy, behavior! I was the only one who saw him bury it... But it’s way in Tokyo. I need to get help from him, do I? It’s been a while since we talked, maybe three months. But I can only hope he will help.] Kita pulled your arm, shocking you.

“What was that for?” You demanded. He pointed to his side. “We’re at school now.” You got embarrassed, “Oh.”

The both of you walked to the school gates, to be greeted by the ever so annoying, Atsumu Miya. “Hey! We’re having a practice match with Fukurodani today!” “Why so sudden?” You asked. You had a point, you were only a few days through school, and Tokyo was pretty far from Hyogo.

Atsumu pondered a bit, coming up with no answer so he shrugged. “Dunno. But coach just said we were having one.” The three of you headed to the gym.

Atsumu opened the gym doors dramatically to be greeted by boys in the Fukurodani jerseys. You smiled warmly at them. “I’ll just change.” You and Kita said at the same time, heading in opposite directions to change.

“Don’t mind them. They’re best friends but they like each other. OTP.” Atsumu whispered to the team.

“Yeah, n/n told me about Kita-San.” A monotone voice said from the team.

Atsumu’s eyes widened. “Who are you, how do you know y/n, and why the hell do you call her by her nickname?” He demanded. A boy stepped out of the crowd, he had raven hair, and gunmetal blue eyes. “I’m Akaashi Keiji, I heard y/n was having difficulties here, so I suggested a practice match.”

“Still doesn’t answer my quest-” Osamu smacked his brother’s head. “Honestly, I don’t know how you’re my brother.” He said, pulling Atsumu by the ear and bowing, hurting Atsumu more. “I’m sorry for his behavior.”

“Nah. It’s okay.” Bokuto said.


Do you wonder who Akaashi is to y/n? His relation to her?

You got out off the changing room and entered the gym, to see the boys bombarding Akaashi with questions. You sighed and facepalmed, knowing exactly what the Inarizaki boys were thinking. You pushed Atsumu away and clung onto Akaashi’s arm, frowning. “What’s all this about?” You demanded. You then turned to Akaashi and hugged him. “How long since the last time we talked?” He asked, rubbing circles in your back. “Hm.. Around three months, I guess. I missed you, Keiji”

“I heard... why didn’t you tell me?” He asked. “Nothing...” You both pulled away.

“Hah?!?! Akaashi got a girlfriend before me?” Bokuto asked, shook.

“No, Bokuto-San. We’re not dating.” Akaashi stated. “nO cAps.” You chorused. Akaashi nudged your arm. “y/n noooo. We’re not doing this again.” He grumbled. “Fineee.” You pouted.

Atsumu raised his hand. “If you guys aren’t dating, why do you act so... lovey-dovey.” He said. Osamu raised a hand, “I second to that.” Alot of peope from Inarizaki and Fukurodani raised there hand in agreement. You slightly blushed and clung onto Akaashi’s arm. Maybe you would date him if he wasn’t your cousin and if you hadn’t met Kita. Kita was still your number #1.


Kita entered the gym and saw that everyone had seated on the floor, debating. “I second to that.” Osamu said, raising his hand. A lot of people raised their hands and agreed. y/n blushed and clung onto Akaashi’s arm. Kita felt a pang of jealousy. “What’s going on here?” He demanded, trying to keep his calm composure. Which was gonna be hard.

Everyone turned their heads towards Kita. Atsumu smiled at the grey-haired. “We’re debating on whether y/n and Akaashi are dating, which they obviously are.” He said.

Another pang of jealousy.

“Uh... No we’re-” y/n tried to reason out but Suna cut her off. “No need to deny it, y/n. It’s pretty obvious.” You sighed in annoyance and clutched on Akaashi’s arm tightly, making the boy wince and slap your hand lightly. “y/n we’ll talk later ok?” He said, finally escaping your grasp. You just hummed in response. The teams prepared for the practice match.

Kita finally sort of calmed down when the two of you separated. He had lots of questions in his mind.

KITA’S TRAIN OF THOUGHTS (I’ll be having this every few chapters)

[Who’s Akaashi to y/n? Wait- Why do I care?...

Oh wait, I love y/n... Then who the hell is Akaashi? There has to be some reason or explanation behind them being so close. Wait- I’m jealous, and mad.] He spiked a ball that Atsumu tossed to him, he spiked it real hard.

[And, what if they’re dating? Impossible, y/n would tell me right away because I’m her best friend. Oh yeah. She shut me down for two months because of her situation. I can’t be jealous. No. I have to support her, as a friend.

But what if I assumed wrongly?] He received a ball that Bokuto spiked. The ball went to Gin, who passed it to Atsumu and he set the ball, for Osamu to spike. Komi tried to dig the spike but was a few seconds late. Inarizaki did a mini celebration. Kita sighed in frustration. [I have to clear my mind! I’ll get distracted if I don’t] Atsumu served a spike serve, Komi received it and sent it to Akaashi. Bokuto spiked down the ball. Kita tried to receive the ball but failed. “Dammit!” He said in frustration.

“Don’t mind!” Akagi yelled.

Kita evened out his breaths and continued the game.



Right after changing, Akaashi dragged y/n out of the gym. “Sorry for the late notice, my parents just heard yesterday so I rushed a practice match.” He said. “Yeah, it’s okay.” You nodded at him. “So.. How are you holding up?” He asked. “I’m slowly recovering.” “Can you tell me everything on our way home?”

You raised a brow. “You’re staying here?” Akaashi shrugged, “For the night.” “Well then, I might as well tell you.”


You entered the house and opened the door for Akaashi, who was still shook about her story. “You don’t have to be very traumatized in front of me.” You stated, leading him to your bedroom.

“I know, but... I should’ve come earlier...” He replied. You smiled at your cousin. “News travels fast in our family. It’s not your fault.”

Akaashi looked down, his parents told him something about you earlier and he was just shook. “It’s just that- never mind. Let’s go to sleep like before shall we, princess?” He said, bowing like a prince to you, an old joke going on.

You laughed, taking his hand. “We shall, my knight.”

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sonia: It just keeps getting better I can't wait till we have found everyone and see how big the group is then get to the real action

Christine Hiteshue: Read the first book and love it so much. The second is just as good! I love the orcs. The story is so captivating to me. But I am a romantic so that explains it all.

sonia: I am absolutely loving this series quick and to the point no reading unnecessary info a 100times before getting to the good stuff well written !!

Yo..: En lo personal yo podré decir que esta es una de las mejores historias que yo he leído

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karenlabuschagne58: The topics are relevant and relatable and I like that it is about real life and trials of couples and I would recommend it to my friends

Jopartner: Enjoyed the read. For a werewolf book it wasn't over the top which i prefer.

Boyzmom: I liked how everyone was interwoven. Usually you only get one couple, but had multiple couples and they were all throughout the story. Very well written and look forward to more from this author

mgttkinsella: Great book really enjoyed it

패티: Estuvo fuerte el asunto..🥵Por favor que Baek me pase el PDF del libro para invocar incubos..🤭

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