Painting The Court { T. Oikawa X Reader}


Collab with @Cookie_Monster_427 and @Lucys_Lil_Sis (Both on Wattpad) Y/n L/n had no way of knowing how quickly her life could change. How fast someone could be taken away or leave and how unexpectedly someone else could help you through it. The only constant thing she had left was her art. It helped her through everything. Helped her find beauty everywhere, something needed desperately. That was until Toruu Oilawa came crashing in nto her life, and changing it, for worse or better who knew. What we did know was he was there. That was the one thing she needed, whether she knew it or not.

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:


Before you start here are some things you should know.

1. This book is a collab with me , Cookie_Monster_427 and Lucys_Lil_Sis (Those are their wattpad usernames)
2. This is a Oikawa Toruu x Female Reader.
3. This wild have mild language.
4. There may be some triggering themes in here.
5. Here are some terms you'll need to know:

Y/n= Your name
L/n= Last name
E/c= Eye color
H/c= Hair color
F/m= favorite manga
F/a= Favorite anime
F/f= Favorite food
F/d= Favorite drink
F/c= Favorite color

And I think that's it. Thank you all for reading. XD <3
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