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Painting The Court { T. Oikawa X Reader}

Chapter 1: Changes

Y/n stood in front of the intimidating building of Aoba Johsai. Another new school. It was hard always moving schools, but certain circumstances always got in the way.

This was it though. Her last year of High school. After that she could escape the town that haunts her and the memories with it. The last few years of her life had been so long it all blurred together. But somehow, this year felt totally different. Maybe it was because it was the last one to be spent in Japan.

She just needed an art scholarship and she could leave everything and everyone behind. Even the ones she cared for deeply. It hurt her to think about, but she knew it had to be done before they inevitably left her first. The one person she thought would be forever by her side was gone now, out of her life because he couldn't understand it. But maybe, just maybe, someone could make her oh so bleak world brighten up, just a bit.

As she walked through the doors, she was met with a crowd of people she didn't know and had absolutely no interest in getting to know.

She walked into her homeroom class, taking a seat in the far back by the window. She looked out of it to the road. There, a car turned a corner quickly, causing her breath to hitch. A fist squeezed her heart and she shut her eyes tightly, staring into darkness for a few seconds before mustering the courage to peek out of the window again. The car was gone, and her fear eased significantly. But not completely.

Her head snapped away from the window when she noticed two boys approaching her desk. One of them was tall with chocolate brown hair that matched his eyes and contrasted his peachy skin. Just one look at him and she knew he was someone she’d dislike. His walk radiated confidence and he grinned at her like they already knew each other.

Beside him was a boy with a disheveled uniform and equally as messy brown hair that spiked up in various directions. Despite his unkempt appearance, he seemed more mature. Merely nodding slightly at her in a form of a greeting.

Y/n looked blandly at them, her patience already running thin. “Yes?” she asked, keeping her words simple and polite.

The taller boy swiped hair out of his face as he gave her a charming smile. "You must be new. I’d never forget a face that pretty.” His obvious flirting was enough to make her scoff. “My name’s Oikawa Tooru,” he introduced before pointing to his friend beside him. “And this is Iwa-chan.” A swift slap to the back to his head from Iwa-chan made him backtrack. “I mean Iwazumi Hajime.”

Oikawa looked at her expectantly, his smile never leaving his face, giving it a forced appearance. “Totally out of your league.” She had recognized him the moment he said his name, rumors had already met her ears, informing her of his flirtatious mannerisms that repulsed her greatly.

The boy Oikawa introduced as Iwazumi grinned at her. “Something tells me that’s not really your name,” he chuckled, “Though, I don’t think what you said was a lie.”

“There’s no need to insult me like that,” Oikawa muttered, crossing his arms childishly.

"L/n, L/n Y/n.” She found herself grinning at Iwazumi’s comment.

"Y/n?” Oikawa repeated, “There was a girl in a art magazine with that name… actually you kind of look like her,” he paused, but the excitement building in his face was clear. “Was that you?”

A look of pain was able to be seen in Y/n's eyes for a short second, but Oikawa saw it. The e/c eyed girl just laughed it off, though once again, Oikawa noticed how fake it sounded. "No. I can barley even draw a circle. I'd suck at art,” she shrugged.

The bell sounded, resulting in the boys heading back to their seats for class, but even after that Y/n could still feel Oikawa’s stare on her.

The boy was curious about her. There was something she was hiding and he wanted to know what it was. Not many people transfer schools in their third year, she didn’t seem like she was from out of town either. She was a mystery Oikawa wanted to solve.


The school day was over and Y/n walked into the gym the girls used to practice volleyball. She was going to try out.


A few days after tryouts Y/n found out that she was to be middle blocker. Her brother would be disappointed in her because he knew she could do so much better, however she just didn't have the motivation nor faith in herself to even try. How she even got on the team at all was beyond her. She was only even doing volleyball for a pastime. She didn't even enjoy nor really care about it.


Y/n stood in front of the gym door after practice and it was pouring down rain. "Fuck. I forgot my umbrella." She thought to herself.

Whenever it was about to rain, a feeling of hopelessness washed over Y/n. She hated the rain, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She thought of a beautiful painting. One of a cloudy night that was depicted, underneath was a lonely road. On one side there was a town that appeared empty while the other was a cliff that lacked guard rails. Five stars were barely visible, but it would only be a matter of time before the clouds covered them up as well.

She had been lost in thought for so long that everyone had left and locked up the gym. That’s what she thought at least, little did she know Oikawa was standing by, watching silently.

When the h/c haired girl finally finished she took a deep breath while she wiped her brow, socked with sweat and rain water.

"That was some amazing playing you did earlier. I didn't take you as a volleyball person." Oikawa said, making Y/n jump.

Once she was over her initial fear, annoyance began to bubble up, making its way to her face. "Thanks." She mumbled. Whatever reason he was here, she was sure it was bullshit.

The boy then strutted over to her, bent down to her ear level and asked, “So then, why did you join volleyball?"

The e/c eyed girl didn't like the way he spoke. It was like he was trying to find some hidden meaning in the answer she was about to give. However she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. He didn't need to put his nose into her personal like if she had any say in it.

"It's just a pass time because I have nothing better to do." The girl answered in a bored tone.

Oikawa just chuckled and left.
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