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Blur of Hope | j.jk


"Who...even am I?" Dae was a normal paramedical student who was lucky enough to get a job somewhere moderately far away to somehow pay off her student loans. But, one day she found someone lying on the road, slightly injured, but unconscious. She helped him up, and since home is a few minutes away, she took him to her home to take care of his injuries. But, little did she know that this certain someone has a certain problem that she would never expect... Warning: May contain themes which may not be suitable for some.

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Chapter 1

โ€œUm, whoโ€™s Dae?โ€

I perked up and raised my hand. โ€œHere!โ€ I beckoned.

I was one of those students who worked extremely hard to finish my studies with flying colours, but my college debt forever lingered to me ever since I had difficulties getting a job.

I just hoped I would get this one.

โ€œYou have to visit the Directorsโ€™ hall, which is in the left,โ€ the officer who called me, told. I made a mental note and started to pack my things and go to the destination where Iโ€™ll get my job...probably.

I went towards the eerily empty hallway and slowly pushed a huge door to the Directorsโ€™ hall.


โ€œOkay, Ms Kim. You are hired.โ€

I could not believe my luck. I finally got a job upto my studies!

I surpressed my overwhelming urge to scream a loud โ€œYesโ€ towards everyone. I was told by the office and that I could start working on my job from tomorrow onwards.

โ€œMs Kim, Iโ€™ll show you your quarters,โ€ one of the officers told me. I followed her, while keeping my formal faรงade for as long as possible.

She showed me a small room, where there was a defibrillator and a sphygmomanometer on a seemingly huge table. There was a very comfy chair next to it which contrasted with the atmosphere which was slightly colder than outside.

We came out of the cold room and she gave me the keys. She also informed me that it is alright to depart.

So, I wasted no time. I quickly walked to the exit of the hospital and after making sure no one is looking, I ran to the parking lot.

I started my car and maneuver out of my soon-to-be workplace, hoping to reach home before dusk.

My home is about an hour long lengthy car ride from my workplace, which Iโ€™m guessing is around 100 kilometres. Even though college debt lingers on me all the time, I somehow saved enough to afford a usable VW Beetle.

I started my long and about to be monotonous ride to my home.

I turned on the radio to stop the deafening silence from making me insane. As expected, it was the same propaganda about how one guy from a criminal group escaped from jail and was missing and all. Donโ€™t these reporters have some other tea to spill?

A few minutes passed, and I found nothing even considered entertaining, so I turned it off and proceeded to listen to some chill music.

Ah, nothing is better than listening to some ambient music while driving through a cold night to relieve some of my stress.

Speaking about stress, I have one more questionable stress reliever with me..

I stopped my car to one steep and forest-filled side of the road. I rolled down my windows and lit up a cigarette. I know that Iโ€™m a paramedical student and I am not supposed to do anything this controversial, but I couldnโ€™t help but smoke occasionally.

But then, something caught my attention.


A cry of distress.

I came out of my car to confirm that I heard something. It was a raspy, low voice, like that of an injured man.

โ€œPlease...help..โ€ I heard the same cry again, albeit it is a bit more weak in strength.

I looked around for any sign of the man and saw something I should never see as a student with no experience in real life.

A man was lying beneath some bushes, almost unconscious. He was bleeding from his shoulder and bruises covered all over his body. His clothes were torn up and he does not look like he would last long.

I quickly ran upto him. โ€œAre you alright?โ€ I asked, kneeling down to him. He let out a groan in reply and I quickly went to my car to bring some supplies I kept in case of any emergency.

I loosely bandaged his bleeding wound and tried to haul him into my car bed in order to bring him to an infirmary. Oof, heโ€™s heavier than I expected; but I manage to lay him on the bed nevertheless.

By the time I started my car, the man spoke again.

โ€œPlease...donโ€™t take me...to a hospital...โ€

My thoughts screeched to a halt. Why does he not want to go to a hospital? Is there a reason why?

โ€œPlease...I beg you...โ€ the man said in a very desperate voice.

That desperation somehow hit me in the feels and I decided to obey what he said. I drove at full speed towards my home to make sure no excessive bleeding occurs.


I reached my apartment, and I was very thankful that I came late. Not even a soul was there in the premises, and I donโ€™t have to be stealthy to carry him to my home.

I tried carrying the heavy man again. It was extremely strenuous, but I managed to keep him on a chair while I ran to my car and brought my bag full of supplies.

Keeping my bag on my hands, I barely carried the man bridal style and stumbled into the elevator. I pressed the 3rd floor button with my nose and waited for it, while my hands were already starting to lose it.

After the ding of the elevator, I paced speedily to my home, and almost sacrificed one of my hands to unlock the door. By the time it was unlocked, I kicked open the door and placed him onto the couch. I slowly pulled his torn clothes and the bandage out to see the wound properly. Turns out, it is not that bad, and I guess it will be fully healed in around a month if I dress it properly everyday.

I was about to go and bring some bandages when I felt something furry touch my legs. I looked down to see my cat rubbing on me.

โ€œOh, Yoonie, Iโ€™m so sorry,โ€ I told and picked him up. โ€œI was so busy that I forgot to feed you dinner,โ€ I gave him a good rub on his head, and he showed his normal disgusted face in reply, meaning everything is alright.

I dressed the wound over and over until the bleeding stopped. The man was unconscious during all of this. So, I placed a pillow beneath his head and went to my kitchen for preparing food for my poor lilโ€™ meow meow.

My thoughts went to the poor man while I dumped the can of tuna on to my catโ€™s bowl. Who is that man? Why does he not want to go to the hospital for his injuries? And how did he end up getting a potentially fatal injury on his shoulder?

โ€œHere you go,โ€ I beamed at my cat. โ€œI know itโ€™s your favorite.โ€

He just showed me the disgusted face again and hastily ate up all of the food. He then went to his little improvised beanbag in my bedroom and went to sleep immediately.

Before going to bed, I came to the couch and checked on the man if his injury is bleeding or not.

โ€œHmm, looks like everythingโ€™s alright,โ€ I reassured myself.

I reluctantly went to my bedroom, changed my clothes and lay on my bed, concerned for my first unofficial patient. I forced myself to sleep while my thoughts were filled with my new job and my first patient.

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