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A Match Made In Hell {Karma Akabane X Reader}


She's the monster you looked for under your bed when you were a child. She's the killer in the ghost story you would hear around the campfire. She was the stranger parents tell their kids not to talk to. At seven years old she killed the group of teens that ripped her favorite teddy bear when she was five. At twelve she murdered an entire gang that robbed her favorite thrift store. She always had a list; a vendetta, and you better pray to whatever god or gods you worship that you're not on it. Her name, Y/n Karasuma. Daughter of Tadaomi Karasuma. And now, at fifteen she's the best assassin in the world. She's now sent on a mission at Kunugigaoka Junior High. Her mission, kill the yellow 'octopus' know as Koro-Sensei. She thought it would be a one-day thing; in and out, but things didn't go as planned. The octopus was stronger than Y/n anticipated, and a certain redheaded boy kept getting in the way. Now Y/n has to try and kill the octopus while dealing with a very flirtatious Karma Akabane; who happens to have a thing for her.

Romance / Drama
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Kunugigaoka Junior High; class 3-E. That's where our story takes place. The class of misfits. We have our students: Yuma Isogai, Taiga Okajima, Hinata Okano, Manami Okuda, Megu Kataoka, Kaede Kayano, Yukiko Kanzaki, Masayoshi Kimura, Hinano Kurahashi, Nagisa Shiota, Sosuke Sugaya, Tomohito Sugino, Kotaro Takebayashi, Ryunosuke Chiba, Ryoma Terasaka, Rio Nakamura, Kirara Hazama, Rinka Hayami, Sumire Hara, Yuzuki Fuwa, Hiroto Maehara, Koki Mimura, Takuya Muramatsu, Toka Yada, and Taisei Yoshida. Then we have our E class teacher; who at this point is yet to have a name, so we'll just call him the octopus.

Now that we're all acquainted let's start the story, shall we? That class of so-called misfits are now the Earth's only hope. That teacher of theirs happens to be a yellow human octopus thingy; who in March will blow up the Earth. So, as a result of that, the students of class 3-E were given one task. To kill their teacher. They were to become assassins and save the Earth from total destruction.

On another unusual morning, the children of class 3-E sat grimly at their desks awaiting the arrival of their newfound teacher. They could hear him. His tentacles dragging along the floor ever so loudly, but slowly. He walked into his classroom, got his roll call book from his desk, looked at the class, and said excitedly, "Alright people, let's get started, shall we. Class monitor, will you do the honors?" Nasiga stood up, and said, "Right, ready?" All of the students stood up and aimed their guns of all different sizes. "Aim." He continued. "Fire!" He yelled and all hell broke loose. There were tiny pink anti-yellow octopus bullets flying everywhere, all aimed at one target. The yellow octopus. Their teacher fled the bullets at mach twenty speed, breaking the sound barrier as he always does.

"Well, why don't I just call role while you children wear yourselves out?" He questioned. "Isogai?" Their teacher questioned. "Here." The boy answered. "What's that, I'm afraid I couldn't make it out over all the gunfire?" The octopus asked. "Here!" The boy yelled. "Okajima?" Their teacher questioned once again. "Here!" The boy called. "Okano?" "Here." "Okuda?" "Here!" "Kataoka?" "Here!" "Kayano?" "Here!" "Kanzaki?" "Here!" Their teacher continued to call role, and the students made their presence known.

Once he was finished calling role the students were breathing heavily, clearly worn out from the constant shooting they were just doing. "Excellent! All here and accounted for. No tardies. Congratulations." Their teacher said. His faces turning orange with a red circle on it. Nakamura sighed. "He's fast." She said. "The whole class opened fire, and he doesn't even have a scratch." Said Isogai.

The octopus spoke up. "No luck today either ay? That's really too bad." He said tauntingly. He continued. "What's the lesson here? Numbers are no substitute for inventiveness perhaps. That any hack can point a gun and pull the trigger? Some of collum A, some of collum B. I get that you're trying to cast the net as widely as possible so to speak, but the approach lacked originality. When the target clocks at mach twenty an assassin has to think outside the box." He lectured. Maehara laughed. "Right, mach twenty" He started sarcastically. "No freakin' way did you doge that hand of bullets." He finished. "He's got a point. These are only BB's right? For all we know, you just stood there and took them like a champ." Sugino interjected.

Students started mumbling or yelling their agreements. The octopus sighed. "Collect the ammunition and bring it here." He said; grabbing a gun from Okano. "As was explained, these are anti-me BB's." He started. "Harmless to you, but," He continued as he pointed the gun at one of his tentacles and pulled the trigger. His tentacle looked as if it had been sliced off, and it had yellow liquid (or, yellow blood) splashing into the air. The children yelped in surprise. "Able to split my cells open like a knife through warm tofu. Developed by your government for that express purpose. Of course, after a few seconds, I can regenerate good as new. A luxury you won't have if you accidentally shoot your eye out. From now on, no discharging guns in the classroom. Safety first." He concluded. Then he spoke again. "And good luck killing me before graduation. You're going to need it." His yellow face now had green horizontal lines on it. "Firearms and government-issued anti-me BB's away, please. Time to get to work." He ordered.

While the octopus gave a lesson. Kayano turned to Nagisa and said. "Hey, Nagisa, look. The crescent moon. It's out during the day. Weird huh?"

Now, I bet you're wondering how all of this happened. Well, it was definitely a weird start for the third year students of class E, that's for sure. It all started with the moon. One moment it was just as it normally was, then next thing you know, boom. Seventy percent of it is blown up, and it's a permanent crescent. It was the only thing the news was talking about. Then our friendly neighborhood yellow octopus thingy shows up to class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High and announces that he's going to be their new homeroom teacher, but not without the first thing he says being, "I'm the one who blew up the moon, and next year I intend to do the same to Earth." Yeah, well that's one way to make a first impression, now isn't it. Then some guy says, "I'm Karasuma. I'm from the Ministry of Defense. (A/N: You mean your name is Dolores Umbridge and you're from the Ministry of Magic. Jk cuz no one likes her, so go die in a ditch you old hag) What I'm about to tell you, we in the business call classified. Ah hell, I'll just come right out with it. I'm gonna need you to kill this man for the sake of mankind.

The children groan. Then Mimura said, "Um, excuse me, but, is this some kind of joke, 'cause if that's the alien who blew up the moon..." But he was interrupted by the octopus making some odd noises. "Alien?! I am an earthling born and bread, thank you very much!" He yelled, clearly offended by the boys' words.

Karasuma spoke up again. "I am not at liberty to discuss the details of this juncture; I'll just say he's telling the truth. His threat is all too real. As of this coming March, he will obliterate the earth. Apart from you, the only people that know this are world leaders. If word of this leaks out to the public we'll have widespread panic on our hands. He must be terminated soon, and with extream prejudice. This means that you must become assassins." He told them. Turning and trying to stab the octopus.

"Now, you'll notice he's incredibly fast." He said as the octopus moved from his attacks at high speed. Then he stopped and groomed Karasuma's eyebrows. "And for some reason, he likes grooming eyebrows, immaculately. You're looking at a being so powerful he can obliterate over half the moon in seconds. So fast he's been clocked at mach twenty. A world where he's allowed to live is a world that is waiting to be destroyed. Plain and simple." Karasuma concluded.

"He makes it all sound so grim doesn't he." The octopus said as he put his stuff back in his eyebrow grooming kit. "Cheer up! I've graciously made your government an offer. Stop making fools of yourselves trying to kill me, I said, and let me teach class 3-E at this illustrious institution." He told them. The children gave him unamused looks and Karasuma responded.

"We didn't have much of a choice. We don't know what his motives are, but under the condition that none of you students would be harmed in any way. The advantage is to full. On one hand, we'll know his whereabouts a good portion of every weekday. Which is something. On the other hand, he'll be in close range of thirty people with the means and incentive to kill." He finished.

And that brings us back to today. A bullet flew through the air, straight towards the octopus's face, but alas, he caught it with his tweezers. "Nakamura! I distinctly remember saying no guns discharging in the classroom!" He scolded. His face was red and there was steam coming out of his ears. "I know." The blonde sighed; rubbing the back of her head guiltily. "Back row young lady. Think about what you've done." He ordered. Nakamura groaned but did as told.

There were two questions the class should have asked the day the octopus came. 'Why did he want to teach their class?' And, 'how were they suppose to assassinate him if the government couldn't?' But they didn't. They were distracted you see. I would've been too. Why? You ask. Well.....

"Do the deed and you get ten billion," Karasuma said. The children looked at him wide-eyed. He continued. "It's only fair. Kill him, save the earth. If that doesn't deserve a life on easy street what are we fighting for? He doesn't think you can do it." The octopus smirked; his yellow skin covered in green stripes. "Use that. Green stripes indicate he's feeling superior. We have some experience with it." Karasuma told them.

"Truth be told I'm not worried. The military couldn't kill me, why should anyone assume students could. After all, you don't even have fighter jets." The octopus said cockily. "It's all up to you. These weapons you'll be provided are harmless to humans but extremely fatal to him. And it goes without saying. We need to keep this between us. The clock is ticking. Decide whether you'll stand for our home being blasted to space dust. And in a few days, there will be two new students joining you. Both will be very helpful in this assassination. And one of them, well, if she can't kill this thing then I fear no one can. " Karasama ended.

"That should just about cover it I think. What do ya say we hit the books and make the final year of your lives a productive one?" The octopus asked.

Back to the present. The day went on normally, I guess. With the exception of Nagisa trying to suicide bomb the octopus; which ended in him shedding his skin, which then covered Nagisa so that he wasn't hurt. Terasaka, Muramatsu, Yoshida, and even Nagisa all got in trouble for putting Nagisa's life on the line. And the octopus finally got a name. His name is Koro-Sensei. A combination of the words korosenai, meaning unkillable, and sensei, meaning teacher. So he was now the unkillable teacher.

But in a few days, things would be a lot more chaotic.

The next day; while at P.E. a new student arrived at the 3-E classroom. His name was Karma Akabane. He walked with confidence and a pep in his step. His bright red hair hung over his orangeish-yellow eyes slightly, and he wore a suit.

"Nagisa; sup. It's been a while." He said. "Karma, you're back?" Nagisa asked. Karma smirked. "Oh hey. That must be the notorious Koro-Sensei. Wow, it really does look like an octopus." Karma said walking over to Koro-Sensei.

"Ah, Mr. Akabane, am I correct? I understand your suspension ends today. Welcome back; that said tardiness is a no no." Koro-Sensei said; his face turning purple. Karma chuckled. "It's kinda tricky getting back into the swing of things. Oh, and feel free to call me by my first name. Anyway, I've heard some good things, teach. Nice to meet ya." Karma said; holding out his hand for his teacher to shake.

"The pleasure is all mine. Should be a fun and educational year." Koro-Sensei said; grabbing Karma's hand. As he grabbed it his hand blew up, and yellow liquid got all over Karam's hand. Koro-Sensei was shocked, so Karma used that to his advantage and slid an anti-Koro-Sensei knife out from under his sleeve. He aimed it at Koro-Sensei's throat, but the octopus quickly dogged. "Ah, you are fast aren't ya." Karma chuckled.

"I just cut one up into strips and taped them. Pretty elementary stuff chief. I'm disappointed that's all it took to catch you by surprise. But, good jump. If you don't mind coming off like a fraidy-cat. What are you scared of me?" Karma asked tauntingly while showing Koro-Sensei his hand and walking toward him.

All of the other students looked at him dumbfounded. All surprised that he could injure their teacher within minutes of meeting him when they hadn't able to land a single hit as long as they've known him. "I've heard they call you Koro-Sensei 'cause you're supposed to be unkillable," Karma started, still walking toward Koro-Sensei while his hand grew back.

"Oh, come on. No way you can be this big of a pushover." Karma taunted with a psychotic smirk. Koro-Sensei's face turned a cherry red. "Hey, Nagisa, what kind of person is this Karma guy?" Kayano asked. "Uh, he and I were in the same class our first and second year. He was violent. So violent they finally expelled him; shipped him here. E class is where they send you when they don't know what else to do with you. The thing is under the circumstances, he might end up a star student." Nagisa told her.

"Huh? What do you mean?" She asked. "Weapons and blood are his passion. Trust me, if anyone can kill our teacher it's Karma. But, I do wonder; Mr. Karasuma had talked about another student. He said 'If she can't kill him then I fear no one can'. So who is this girl, and what is she like." Nagisa responded. "Stick around Koro-Sensei. I'll show you what it's like to be assassinated. You won't want to miss it." Karma told his new teacher while walking away.

When it was time for class, all of the students were taking a quiz, but Koro-Sensei kept punching the wall; making a squeaking noise. The whole class groaned. "Um, what is he doing?" Mimura questioned. "I don't know. I think he's punching the wall." Yada said. "No, you're right. Karma's smack talk seemed to have really touched a nerve." Isogai told them.

"But what's the point of punching a wall when his tentacles are too soft to do any damage?" Maehara asked. Finally, Okano had enough. "Okay, that's enough! Could you maybe stop that? We're trying to take a quiz here!" She yelled; clearly annoyed with his actions. "Sorry. Yes. Absolutely." Koro-Sensei said hurriedly.

"Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into Karma? The jellyfish is sincerely pissed off with you." Terasaka asked; his arm lying on the back of his chair. "You can't pay me enough to be in your shoes." Yoshida told the redhead. "If I was you I'd stay at home with my head under a pillow." Said Muramatsu. Karma smirked.

"Course he's pissed. Who wouldn't be if someone made an attempt on their life? Unless the would-be assassin screwed up and pissed himself in the process." He told them. "I didn't piss myself! That attitude's gonna get your ass kicked!" Terasaka said; punching his desk.

"Quiet please! No noise during a quiz." Koro-Sensei yelled. "Tell that to your tentacles." Karma interrupted "Continue to talk and I will assume your cheating!" Koro-Sensei continued. "Sorry Koro-Sensei, my bad. No worries though; I've already finished. I'm just gonna eat this gelato if that's okay." Karma told his teacher while holding up the pink gelato in a cone.

"Not so fast; no eating in class! Hey, that's the gelato I brought back from Italy, yesterday!" Koro-Sensei yelled. "Uh oh." The class sighed in unison; looking fairly grim.

"Huh? My bad. I just saw it chilling in the faculty lounge." Karma said licking the gelato with an innocent smile. "This won't do young man! I flew to the coldest layer of the stratosphere to keep that delicious cream from melting!" The octopus yelled. "Yeah? so, what are you gonna do? Hit me?" Karma taunted while licking the ice cream. "Of course not. I'll simply have it back and finish what's left, thank you very much." Koro-Sensei said; walking over to Karma. "Huh?! Anti-me bb's?!" He questioned as his feet tentacles blew up. Them Karma shot at him; laughing.

"Wow, that's twice in one day teach. I'm gonna keep pulling the same old tricks. Class will get interrupted, our grades will slip." Karma said walking up to his teacher while still pointing the gun at him; then resting it on the octopus's chest. "Let's be straight up though. If you want this to stop you could just kill me, or anyone else in this class for that matter." He continued; wiping the ice cream on Koro-Sensei's shirt.

"You just gotta let go of wanting us to see you as our teacher. Give us a taste of your ugly side." Karma said; letting the gelato fall on his teacher. "Or you could make peace with all this and except that I'll be the one to kill you." He said with the look of a murderer. "Here's my quiz. Easy peasy." He added; tossing Koro-Sensei his quiz and walking to the door. "Peace out for now teach. What do ya say we play again tomorrow." He concluded; walking out the door.

Later that day, after school at Kunugigaoka station, everyone was going home. "See you later Nagisa." Sugino said. "Bye, have a good one." Nagisa said back while waving. "Are you kiddin me? Is that actually Nagisa? Look at that guy; all cozy with the E class dumbass's." Said one of the class 3-D students; his name is Nobuta Tanaka.

"Ew, gross. Gotta hand it to him, he's adapted to the crowd he's gonna spend the rest of his life with." Tanaka's best friend Chosuke Takada said. You see, both of these boys were old classmates of Nagisa. Nagisa had his back turned to the pair but looked at the floor sadly; taking their harsh words to heart. "Hey did you hear the news? Now that his suspension's over they shoved that Akabane nut over to E class." Tanaka told Takada. "Oooh. Dude, no kidding I'd rather be dead than stuck in a classroom with that freak." Takada replied.

Just then, Karma smashed a glass bottle above Tanaka's head on the pole behind him. "Seriously? Because I could help you out with that. It'd be messy, but real quick." Karma told them with a smile as he pointed the broken bottle at them. "I'd rather live thanks!" Tanaka said cowardly. "Runaway." He and Takada said in unison. Karma laughed and threw the remains of the bottle on the floor. "Like I'd actually do anything, right." Karma told Nagisa. 'I'm not gonna risk another suspension with the once in a lifetime deal they're giving me in E class.' Karma said in his head.

"Uh, hey." Nagisa said awkwardly. "Yeah, hey Nagisa. Is it cool if I pick your brain for a sec?" Karma asked. He and Nagisa walked into the station, and Karma spoke. "Word is that you've been keeping notes on the octopus." Karma said. "Um, well yeah, I kinda have." Nagisa told him. "Does he hate that nickname? Us calling him octopus I mean." Karma asked. "Well, now that you mention it, whenever he draws himself it's always as an octopus. And that's the skin he picks for his characters in every video game. And there's this thing he does in the sandbox; he calls it an octopus trap. So, no. Don't think he does at all. In fact, I think it's like his personal avatar or whatever, you know. He loves it." Nagisa told him.

"Does he? That's good. Oh, this is gonna be freakin' epic." Karma said with a smirk and an evil glint in his eyes; his back turned to Nagisa. "I know that look. You're cooking up something really dark." Nagisa said. (A/N: How can anyone not ship this. Nagisa knew the look on Karma's face even with Karma's back turned to him. But this is a Karma x reader so that's beside the point, but still, I ship it!!!!) "It's fun right. I was into this when I thought he was just a monster, but, now that I know what his personality is like," Karma started; he got a crazed look on his face as a train past behind him he continued. "I finally get to kill an honest-to-goodness teacher." He let out a laugh with the crazy smile "I've been dreaming of this, ever since my last teacher up and died." He said. Nagisa looked at him with surprise.

The day after that, when Koro-Sensei walked into his classroom he opened the door and turned to the class who all looked oddly glum. "Good morning boys and girls. Eh? Why the long faces; has something-" He cut himself off when he turned. There, on his desk was an octopus, with what looked like a screwdriver through its head. Karma smirked and said, "Oops, that's on me. Totally thought it was you. Innocent mistake. I stabbed it so I suppose I should get rid of it." Koro-Sensei sighed.

"Yes." He growled. "You should." As he walked over to the young redhead the boy held an anti-sensei knife behind his back. 'Bring it on Koro-Sensei. No worries, I don't plan on killing you physically yet. It's more fun to watch you spirt die first.' He said in his head. Just then Koro-Sensei's tentacles turned into drills and he ran up to Karma.

"Observe if you will Karma my boy." The octopus said. "The versatility of these tentacles, and the firepower of this missile taken from the self-defense force." He said as he held a bag of Tempura Bits, a bag of flour, some sauce, and a bag of Bonito Flakes. The bottom of the missile lit on fire. Karma gulped,

"If you think I'm gonna let the new kid get away with murder think again." Koro-Sensei told him. He put some steaming hot takoyaki in Karma's mouth, which the redhead then spit out. "Don't you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your complexion tells me you haven't eaten, so please, help yourself to some of this delicious takoyaki. I insist." He said tauntingly. Karma held his hand over his burning mouth while he growled at his teacher and his light orange eye twitched in anger.

"You see, I'm a giver. I take care of things. Hungry students, would be assassins', troubled teens. Every attempt on my life is an opportunity for me to play my part. So by all means, keep at it." He stated while she shoved a piece of the food in Karma's face. Then he opened his mouth to show some steaming hot Takoyaki in it. "By the end of the day, if your body and mind aren't at glow with health and knowledge, I haven't done my job." Koro-Sensei told the boy.

Later that day, in first period (Aka Math) Koro-Sensei was writing an assignment on the chalkboard. "As you can see whatever we do, this number remains." He started. Karma sat in his seat, in the back of the classroom smirking. "Now, I know the concept of indivisibility is a beast, but if its fangs frighten you I have a sure-fire method for taming it. See if you can get the gist as I write it out on the board." He told them.

Instead of paying attention Karma pulled out a gun and shot at his teacher. However, the teacher grabbed the gun and turned to the boy while saying, "Karma, it takes an anti-me bb far too long to reach its mark." The mentioned boy looked at his hand to see his nails painted. Koro-Sensei internally smirked. "I had time on my hands, hope you don't mind if I prettified yours." He said holding up nail polish, nail stickers, and a nail file. Karma gritted his teeth and growled his teacher.

Little did they know a girl was sitting in a tree outside the window watching through a pair of binoculars. She chuckled at the sight. "You really shouldn't be here. They're not ready for you to enter yet and you could get caught." Karasuma told her. "
Karasuma-san when do I ever leave a trace or get caught?" The girl asked. "Never." He sighed. "That's right never, so I'm not planning on starting now."

She told him as she swung her legs over the tree branch and hung upside down. Her h/l h/c hair hangging in the air. "You're going to fall." He scolded her. "Oh well, I'll only land on my head." The girl told him. "Either all the blood is already rushing to your head or you've just been hit on it too many times over the years." Karasuma mumbled. "Probably both." She smirked. She swung off the branch and did a front flip, landing on her feet.

In fourth period, home ec, Koro-Sensei walked around the classroom watching everyone. "Let's see now. How'd the two of you do Fuwa?" He asked the girl. "I'm not totally sure. Its got a bizarre, tangy flavor to it for some reason." She told him. "Let's give it a taste." Her teacher responded. "Probably easier if you just start over from scratch. Why not toss it out." Karma said walking over and punching the table making the liquid almost splash on Koro-Sensei.

"We wear an apron in home ec, Karma." The latter said putting a pink heart printed apron and headcover on Karma. "Oh, and don't worry, the soup is fine. I sited it out of thin air and put it back in the pot. I also added a dash of sugar." Koro-Sensei told Fuwa. The girl gasped as she tasted the soup. "That's just what it needed!" She exclaimed. Terasaka laughed as Karama growled. "Cute outfit." He told the redhead.

The girl once again sat in the tree watching the class. She watched as they sat in fifth period, Japanese. The girl turned to Karasuma who was standing at the trunck of the tree watching her. "They're very funny, and seem to get along wonderfully. They act more like a family than a class." She told him. "They have to, they only have each other. Their parents see them as disgraces and the other students look at them like crap on the bottom of their shoes." He responded.

"They're not stupid. They're actually fairly smart; they just struggle a little at certain subjects. Though that Karma boy he's smarter than the rest and he knows it. He's too cocky for his own good. If he were in my line of work it'd get him killed." She countered. "Why don't you tell them that yourself?" Karasuma said walking back to the classroom. She jumped off the tree branch and landed on her feet as she always did.

Karasuma knocked on the classroom door and walked in. Koro-Sensei stopped his lesson and looked at Karasuma and the girl behind him. "Ah. she's here." The teacher said. The class looked at each other in confusion. Nagisa turned to Kayono and said, "That must be the girl Mr. Karasuma was talking about." The said girl stood at the front of the class next to Karasuma. Her h/l h/c hair was covering her face. She was wearing blue jean shorts and a black tank top that said 'I ❤ TO KILL' written in blue. The shorts and shirt showed off her scared s/c skin and she had on black combat boots. She lifted her head up to show her bright e/c eyes.

All of the boys were in awe at the sight of her. Immediately taken aback by her beauty. All of the girls were instantly jealous, envious, and wanted to be her friend all at the same time.

"Class," Koro-Sensei started. "This is Ms. Y/n Karasuma. Mr. Karasuma's daughter. She's a professional assassin and will be joining our class. Y/n is there anything you'd like to say to the class?" The teacher asked. "I'm not here to make friends. I'm here on a mission, so stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours." The class instantly flinched at her harsh words and tyrannical glare.

Everyone except Karma. No, he smelt a challenge. "Not what I was hoping for but I suppose it's something." Koro-Sensei said. "She's not a people person so I'll answer any questions you have for her." Karasuma said.

Students hands shot up at the chance to know more about the girl. "Yes, Maehara?" Karasuma asked. "How old is she?" The boy questioned. "15." Was the man's answer. "Why is she in our class?" Asked Nakamura. "As your teacher said before she's a professional assassin. She's here to kill your teacher, and because I needed an excuse to get her to go to school." He mumbled the last part. "Does she have a boyfriend?" Terasaka asked. For the first time Y/n answered. "I'm not into dudes." She said with a blank face. Karasuma chuckled. "Last time it was I'm not into girls, this time it's I'm not into dudes. Who are you into?" He asked.

Y/n smirked. "This amazing person named Y/n Karasuma." She said with a wink. "I like her." Karma mumbled to himself.

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