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A Match Made In Hell {Karma Akabane X Reader}

Chapter 1: The Art Of Assassination

After KoroSensei was done with a lesson, Karma walked over to Y/n, who happened to be sitting in the back of the class by the window. He stood in front of her desk for a few minutes before he spoke up. "You know, for an assassin you don't seem to be very observant. I've been standing here for a while and yet you haven't noticed me." He laughed.

"Mr. Akabane, I noticed you were going to come over here when you kept looking at me during the lesson. I just decided to ignore you. I have no respect for someone who says they'll become and assassin and be the one to kill someone but won't do it correctly." She said with a straight face and a bored tone. Everyone in the class sucked in a breath at her words. This wasn't going to turn out well.

Karma laughed. "What is that suppose to mean?" He asked.

"It means you're a novice and with the way you treat assassination you'll never kill anyone. You treat assassination like a game. It's not. It's a lifestyle and it's a permanent job. Assassins' don't kill for the fun of it. Well, most at least. It's hard work and not something that you should take lightly. To be a true assassin it takes a lot of hard core training, both mentally and physically. It takes a toll on you." SHe explained with a sigh. Everyone was now listening, and Nagisa was writing in his notes.

"You need to harden your emotions. You need to be quick on your feet and a fast thinker. You need to be able to change plans on a whim and know they'll still work. As much as assassination is good planning, it's also being able to adapt, every target is different. Situations don't always go as planned. You need to be able to take that into consideration." Now everyone was joting these notes down.

"There are different lines of assassination. There's the seduction method. The innocence method. The one shot one kill. There's the manual method where you kill a person with a weapon. The accident, where you make the death look like a tragic accident. There's even the drug method, which is pretty self explanitory." She then got up and walked to the chalkboard. "Do you mind Sir?" She asked. "No, go ahead." He told her.

"She grabbed a piece of chalk and started writing stuff down. "There's the planning. You have to put careful planning into each assassination attempt and bring into consideration everything about your target. Looks, height, strengh, likes and dislikes, hobbies, gender, smarts, their connections. Everything. Not to mention it's best to start practicing at a young age. I had my first kill at seven years old. I had been training since I was very very young, around the age of three."

"You see, my mother was an assassin. She was killed on a job about three years back. You need to think about that. This line of work does not insure you'll make it through the night. You had better be good at taking control of a situation and acting. You need to know how to harden your heart and hide your emotions."

She wrote some more things on the board and pointed to each of them. It was as if the h/c-ette/blonde, was made to teach. You need to be good at using different techniques and weapons. Being a one trick pony isn't something you can have in this line of work. And most importantly, and I'm looking at you for this one Mr. Akabane, you need to be serious about what you're doing, it's not all fun and games. It's majorly hard work and takes a serious toll on you the longer you do." She sighed as she sat down on her desk with her legs crossed. She ran a hand through her hair and spoke again.

"You can't be close to people in this line of work. You make tones of enemies doing this and anyone you know can be in jeapordy. That's the reality of this world. I was born into this. You all are doing a one time thing. Even so, take all of this into concideration. It will help you succeed. This is the art of assassination." She said as she walked out of the class just as the bell rang for lunch.

"Woah, she really knows a lot about assassination." Maehara commented. The rest of the class sweatdropped after finding out how much she knew and what she could do with this information. "You better watch out Karma, this girl might be coming for your spot as top student. I don't think she has any boundries." Teraska smirked.

Karasuma then walked into the classroom. "Everything she said was true. I'll teach you guys as much as I can, but she's had intense training since she was very young and there are no lines she's afraid to cross. I would know." He told them.

"Doesn't that scare you sir? I mean, she is your daughter, isn't she? Don't you worry whether she'll make it back home or not after a mission?" Asked Kaede.

"Yes, of course it does, but she makes her own path. She wanted to be an assassin, especially after her mother passed. Assassination is all she has left of her mom so I let her continue." He stated. The class nodded and all walked out for lunch. "Oh and Karma." The ravenette called.

"Yes sir?" The redhead said, stopping and looking at his teacher. Karasuma glared at the boy and said with venom.

"Stay away from my daughter." And with that he walked off to the faculty lounge. Karma smirked in response. They both knew the boy would do the exact opposite. When he had his eyes set on something, he got it.


The e/c eyed girl sat in the branches of a tree outside eating her lunch. Just as she finished her soba she heard someone walking up to the tree. "Yes Akabane? What do you need?" She questioned.

"You, intrigue me." He smirked. He then climed up the tree, and sat on the branch across from the girl. He watched her and waited for her response. Her face remained blank as she spoke.

"Is that so? And why, may I ask, do I intrigue you?" Was her response.

"You're just so mysterious. You're such a puzzle. And a challenge. I should tell you, I love a challenge." The redhead smirked.

"Okay." She said as she jumped out of the tree with her things still in her hands. She landed on her feet and smiled at the boy. "Then concideration this challenge expected." She said cheerily as she smirked and walked back to class.

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