I Knew You - Ron Weasley


Ron inexplicably broke up with Slytherin prefect Cassiah Black just days before their final year at Hogwarts, leaving them both with broken hearts and no future plans, but too stubborn and too proud to fix things. Will they find their way back together before the year ends, or will the end of their time at Hogwarts be the last time they ever see each other? warnings: slow burn. angst, drug/alcohol use, eventual SMUT (and lots of it) ;) started October 21st, 2020. began publishing on inkitt February 18 2021. updates at least once a week. Published on my Wattpad and my Tumblr (theweasleyslytherin). © 2020

Romance / Erotica
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Author's Note

Author’s Note – please read

Hello friends!

I haven’t written fanfiction since abouuuut... damn, 2017? Not since I was a junior in high school. Now here I am, nearly 21 years old and a junior in college and back at it. I’ve never written for Harry Potter before, but I really feel like there’s a severe lack of Ron Weasley fanfic (especially smut) out there, and he’s one of my #1 comfort characters, so I feel the need to contribute. This was originally going to be an angsty, smutty one-shot, but once I started, it became a whole monster of a story potentially loosely based on my own life right now (*pain*).

I’ll be updating as much as I can, but I am a college student with a (sort of) busy schedule so please keep that in mind and be patient with me! I’m a little rusty.

I will also be publishing this on my new and less-teen-angsty tumblr, theweasleyslytherin, once I get that up and running, so don’t be alarmed if you see it there.

As always, I don’t own the rights to any of these characters, places, etc etc. Unfortunately, those belong to everyone’s least favorite TERF, JK Rowling. Sigh.

Most of this isn’t really canon compliant. I won’t be covering major events or anything, mostly because it’s all about the ~romance~ and my world-building or plot-planning skills are not good. At all.

NOTE*** I know that it would be canon for the Weasleys and Cassiah to be distantly related if she’s a Black, but A) she’s estranged from her father and B) all of the pure blood families are distantly related in some way or another, so we are going to pretend that doesn’t exist!

I really hope you enjoy! If you do, please give me some encouragement :)


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