I Knew You - Ron Weasley

Chapter 13 – Screaming Color

But it’s not forever
But it’s just tonight
Oh, we’re still the greatest
The greatest

Ron had avoided hanging out with Cassiah for a few days after the naked Quidditch incident. Frankly, he couldn’t shake the image of her naked body out of his head and he knew he’d start blushing tomato-red from head to toe the moment he looked at her. Cassiah knew him so well and was so good at reading people that she would have known instantly why he was flushing. Just the idea of that brand of embarrassment had Ron’s face flaming.

He recovered from his funk fairly quickly though, aided by copious amounts of bud and extensive, vivid sexual fantasies about imaginary women. Embarrassing? Yes. Effective? ...Also yes, apparently.

Just in time, too, because there was another Potions test coming up that week and after his humongous flunk on the last test, he needed Cassiah’s help more than ever to bring his grade back up. She was such a good teacher; she was always so patient with him. In the past, she’d rewarded correct answers with kisses or by removing articles of clothing, but Ron had a sneaking suspicion that was off the table this time.

The point was, no matter how smart Cassiah was and how easily this stuff came to her, she never for a second made Ron feel stupid. On the contrary, she made him feel confident. She was the first person to ever make him realize that he was smart; he was a great communicator and very intuitive. Just because he wasn’t a good tester didn’t mean he wasn’t intelligent. Cassiah had told him that he was smart in ways she could never be. That made Ron feel good.

And if Ron did a little advanced reading before their scheduled study session just to impress her... that was nobody’s bloody business.

Despite the fact that he’d spent the last few days completely entranced by the thought of Cassiah, Ron actually felt pretty relaxed on his way to the Slytherin dorms. Even when there were underlying and confusing thoughts, things felt natural between them. There was an organic quality to their dynamic that he didn’t even realize himself and wouldn’t have been able to describe even if he did. All he knew was hanging out with Cassiah was easy and fun.


Cassiah was surprised to find that Ron had beaten her to the dorms. She could see his ruffled red hair from down the hall, waiting out in the hallway for her to let him in. While Cassiah knew the password to the Gryffindor dorms (“Quidditch” wasn’t super difficult to guess), Ron had no idea what the Slytherin passcode was. Because of Ron’s never-ending feud with Malfoy, they hadn’t hung out in the Slytherin dorms often enough for her to bother telling him.

They always studied at night, after the library was closed, so common rooms were pretty much the only option. This time around, however, they were meeting in the Slytherin dorms because Cassiah really didn’t feel like running into Ginny or Hermione sober. This left Draco as the more amicable option, and he’d agreed to basically vacate the premises or hide in his room while Ron was there, and make sure the others did the same. The promise that he wouldn’t get called a blood traitor by any random students really eased Ron’s nerves about coming to see Cassiah in the dungeons, and he’d agreed.

And now this was going to be their first time hanging out alone since the breakup.

“Hey Ronald,” she said in greeting, bumping into him lightly. “You weren’t waiting long, were you?”

“Only a couple hours; don’t worry,” Ron deadpanned in return. She punched him in the arm – a very hard, muscled arm – for his sarcasm, but she also couldn’t help but laugh. He never failed to make her laugh.

“Shut the fuck up,” she shook her head, but she was smiling widely as she leaned in and whispered the password.

“No way! Your password is Quidditch, too?” Ron gasped with excitement as they stepped into the common room.

Cassiah looked at him like he had seven heads. ”Merlin, no. Are you hard of hearing, Weasley?” she teased, “It’s in Latin. It’s practically impossible to guess unless you speak the language. Which I clearly don’t, based on my marks in that class.”

“Bloody hell, Cassie. You got a B–. Plus, we were fourteen. That was four years ago. Quit it with the melodrama,” Ron rolled his eyes but his tone was playful so Cassiah knew he wasn’t actually annoyed. She could probably count on one hand the number of times Ron had been genuinely annoyed with her.

Cassiah huffed and placed her books down on the coffee table, organizing them in neat stacks: “Just sit before I change my mind about tutoring you.”

“Yes, sir,” Ron joked, carelessly dropping his beat-up book bag onto the floor beside the couch and scooping out the contents before plopping them haphazardly onto the table. Cassiah winced at the pile of crinkled papers and bent notebook covers. Ron was so messy sometimes.

Cassiah wasn’t a neat freak herself, but she liked to keep most of her belongings in pristine condition. She squinted and was pretty sure one of the notebooks had “PENIS” scrawled across it in Ron’s abominable handwriting and then “BOOBIES” in Harry’s neat block-print. But what else could she expect? Sure, they were in their last year and not children anymore, but Ron and Harry were going to be like this forever, probably.

“Where do you want to start?” she asked Ron, flipping through her notes quickly. They were color-coordinated.

“Everything,” Ron grumbled, “I don’t get the whole lot of it. Even when Neville and I are paying attention, I only remember the stuff when I’m doing it, and then I forget it the moment we walk out the door.”

“Must be all the weed,” Cassiah teased. But she was also probably just the slightest bit right.

"Very funny," Ron snorted, “Seriously, though. I have some notes, but I just never can tell what the important stuff is going to be, so I just end up copying almost the entire thing and I’m back at square one.”

“Okay,” Cassiah leveled with him, “Then we’ll start at the beginning of this unit and just try to decide what’s going to be important enough to be on the test. We’ll focus on actually remembering the stuff later. Now c’mere.”

Ron scooted closer to her on the couch and leaned over to share the textbook. They worked quietly for about forty minutes, completely focused. They had always worked fairly well together. Ron even corrected Cassiah on a few things, which made his chest swell up with pride.

After they finished one of the chapters, Ron leaned back against the couch, exhaling heavily. “I’m getting hungry. Do you have any study snacks?” he asked. When Cassiah just looked at him for a moment, he shrugged his shoulders, “Never mind, I brought my own.”

He reached into his bag and produced a whole array of sweet and salty snacks, spreading them out on the coffee table on top of the notebooks. “Snack break?”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt,” Cassiah wagered, “Oh! Do you have–”

Ron beat her to it, holding up a bag of butterbeer popcorn. “Of course I do,” he grinned.

She squealed with delight, grabbing the bag and opening it immediately. ”Mmm,” she murmured as she popped the first one into her mouth, “I hardly ever have these but Merlin they’re good.”

“Oh, trust me. I know,” Ron agreed, stuffing his hand into the bag on Cassiah’s lap, causing her to shriek and giggle as she batted his hand away.

“It’s so good to be hanging out again,” Ron said after Cassiah’s laughter died down, “I really wasn’t sure if we ever would after everything that happened.”

“Well, we were friends first, right?” Cassiah gave him a half-grin through a mouthful of popcorn.

Ron scoffed. “Yeah, but I wasn’t sure if you were going to ever want to be friends with me again after the fit I threw over you and Malfoy,” he explained, and then fell silent. After a moment, he asked cautiously, “Whatever became of that anyways? When I asked him about it he just gave me some vague, non-answer about your relationship not being what it appeared to be.”

Cassiah was floored. “You talked to him?”

“Long story. But answer my question!”

She sighed. “Well, I guess his answer was right. Draco and I were never like that in the way that you thought. We’re just friends – entirely platonic.”

Ron furrowed his brow, clearly perplexed, “So you guys never...?”

Cassiah snorted, burying her face in her hands in embarrassment. “Merlin, no, Ron. Nothing romantic ever happened between us. Or sexual, for that matter,” she reassured him, and then added, half under her breath, ”Nothing sexual has happened for me in a looong time.”

“Hah. Me neither,” Ron groaned, leaning back in his seat a little bit.

Cassiah’s eyes widened a bit. She wasn’t entirely expecting Ron to hear her. But to hear that he hadn’t been with another girl was definitely an interesting surprise.

Ron must’ve been thinking the same thing: “I kind of would’ve thought that you would have, you know, been with someone. Malfoy or MacMillan or someone. I mean, guys were always hitting on you even when we were together. You have plenty of options.”

She raised her eyebrows and grunted, “No opportunities have really presented themselves, unfortunately. It’s just me and my lonesome.”

Ron chuckled at that. “Bloody hell, tell me about it,” he murmured. He waited a second, considering, and then said, “It’s really hard, you know? Going from have sex every day or at least once or twice a week to just... nothing.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s really hard,” Cassiah joked and Ron shoved her in the arm for her pun. “But I know what you mean. Sometimes it drives me crazy. I got so spoiled that now I feel like I need sex and I can’t have it.”

Cassiah looked up from her lap to see Ron’s face aflame, suddenly aware of how close together they were on the couch. Ron was clearly caught off guard by how candid she was being about her needs. She knew she normally didn’t talk like this, but he’d started it and it felt good to just vent.

“That was never our problem, was it?” Ron said. The sentence itself was a joke but his tone was completely serious. “Sex, I mean...” his tone was gruff, almost a whisper.

Cassiah felt the energy shift in the room and her nerves start tingling. “No,” she manages to squeak out, “Definitely not... You knew me in that way like nobody else.”

She could’ve sworn she heard Ron let out the smallest groan. He always liked the praise.

Cassiah looked up at him through her lashes, feeling her heart pounding in her chest and hearing both of their breathing become a bit ragged. Ron was staring back at her with a look in his eyes that she couldn’t quite comprehend. Needy but also controlled and–

“Oh, fuck it,” heard him mutter and suddenly his hands were grabbing her face and his lips were crashing into hers and bloody fuck this time it was real, not a dream or a memory.

His hands on her face and gripping the back of her hair were rough as his lips slid against hers, his tongue licking against hers.

“Oh, Ron,” she murmured into his mouth immediately and he let out a loud, unbridled groan at the sound of his name on her lips. That sound sent heat straight in between Cassiah’s legs and she rolled her hips into the couch.

“C’mere,” he growled, his voice gruffer than she’d ever heard as Cassiah felt his big hands grab onto her waist and roughly guide her into his lap. She let out a low whine when she could feel his length already hard and pressing up against her core. She rolled her hips down and shocks of electricity sparked through her body as she felt his hardness brush against her through the crotch of her leggings. The friction was so delicious that she kept rolling her hips again and again with Ron’s hands on her waist guiding her in the figure eights he always used to like.

“Bloody fucking hell. I didn’t know how long I’ve been wanting this until now,” Ron panted, thrusting his hips up to make contact with the apex of her thighs. Cassiah ground down against him, coaxing a long, low moan out of him.

Ron reached up and moved his hands from her hips to her breasts, squeezing roughly and kneading his fingers into her flesh through her bra. He pulled the hemline of her shirt up to reveal her bra and then pushed her bra down as far as he could. He licked a circle around her nipple before roughly sucking it into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it again and again. Cassiah tangled her head in Ron’s hair, panting heavily as she watched him. He was looking up at her with big blue-green eyes as he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

And then she was tugging his head back up to her mouth, reconnecting their lips briefly before pulling away again to say breathlessly, “Get me ready for you, Ron.”

Rom growled, and Cassiah felt him throbbing at the mere thought of being inside her again after so long. She felt his lips trail over to the nape of her neck where he began sucking a harsh mark in just the right spot to send shivers down her spine. He licked a thick stripe over the mark before quickly turned to suck the lobe of her ear into her mouth.

"Ah,” Cassiah gasped, the combination of his tongue and his hot breath on the shell of her ear making her wetter by the second. She could feel her slick forming a wet stain on the lap of Ron’s slacks, but she knew he’d love it when he realized. There was never anything that turned him on more than seeing how wet she got for him.

Cassiah didn’t let up on the rotation of her hips on his thick length. She could feel him hot and ready in his pants. She had half a mind to climb off him so she could unbutton his pants and take him into her mouth so she could hear him completely lose control, but she wanted him inside of her even more.

She reached down in between them and cupped him over his pants, causing him to hold his breath. She gripped his length and gave it a squeeze. It felt huge
and hard even through the fabric and Ron sucked in a breath at the contact.

She kept rubbing him in circles through his pants, pressing her thumb over where she knew the tip was every now and then.

"Harder. More. Tighter, fuck, Cassie, please," Ron was chanting, his lips still attached to her neck, which was covered in huge, dark bruises by now. Just the thought of that had her growing slick.

She pressed harder against his length, now running her hands up and down his shaft through his pants. She couldn’t stand the tension and heat in her core anymore and started grinding down against his thigh as best as she could.

“Bloody hell, are you getting yourself off?” Ron moaned and when Cassiah gave him a wicked smile in response, he gripped onto her hips hard enough
to bruise and let his head fall back as he let out a long, quiet ”fuck yeah.”

“You’re so dirty,” he continued, his voice ragged and rushed as Cassiah kept rubbing him faster, “So fucking desperate for me that you’re fucking yourself on my thigh. I’m gonna make you feel so bloody good, Cassie.”

His filthy words sent fiery heat all over her body and egged her on.

“O- Cassie, I-” Ron stuttered bucking his hips against hers. “Stop stop stop stop, I’m–”

But she didn’t listen. His whines and his hot breath were too delicious and sinful for her to just stop. She never wanted him to stop making those greedy little sounds. It was rare he completely lost control like this.

And then she felt him go completely rigid, his fingers digging into her waist and his head falling back as he let out a choked ”Ohhhh" and squeezed his eyes shut.

She didn’t realize at first and kept pumping him through his pants until he rushed to say, “Merlin. Stopstopstop, just– Give me a minute, bloody hell...”

That’s when she felt the rapidly growing wet spot on the front of his pants, and it wasn’t from her. She stared down at it in shock. That had certainly never happened before.

When she looked up, Ron’s face was flaming red. Before she could say anything, he was grabbing the blanket off the back of the couch and shoving it over his crotch as best as he could with Cassiah still on his lap. “B-bloody hell, Cassie, I’m so sorry. You know I never do that; it’s just been so long that I just couldn’t hold off. I-I tried to tell you to stop but–”

“Ron,” she soothed, giggling softly, “It’s okay.”

“It’s bloody humiliating. I’m a grown-ass adult and I just shot a load in my pants.”

“Felt good though, didn’t it?” she asked, and Ron nodded enthusiastically. “Plus,” she added, “You know you’d think it was hot if I did that. And I happen to find it unbearably hot when you can’t control yourself because I make you feel so good.”

Ron stared up at her, the mischievous glint beginning to return to his eyes.

“Prove it.”

Cassiah grabbed his hand from where it was resting on her waist and took two of his fingers in her own. She guided his hand down into her leggings, slipping his fingers under her panties. She shimmied a bit and then swiped their fingers through her sex. He groaned when he felt that she was dripping for him between her legs, his fingers becoming coated in her slick. They brushed against her swollen clit as he removed them from her panties and Cassiah let out a needy, high-pitched whine.

Ron locked his eyes with her, and he brought her fingers to his lips, sticking them in his mouth and sucking them clean of her juices. That visual paired with the intense eye contact had Cassiah’s sex
throbbing between her legs.

“Wh-” she started, her voice shaky, “Why don’t you take care of me until you’re ready for round two?”

“If I fuck you after I just came I’m gonna last–”

“I know,” Cassiah blurted out and blushed, ducking her head in slight embarrassment at the memory. There was a time over the summer when they’d gone for a second round immediately after Ron had finished and he’d lasted so long that she’d come about four times before he’d finished, and she’d actually been crying from how oversensitive and fucked out she was.

“You naughty little slut,” Ron murmured, his eyes bright with admiration, “I’m going to make you scream.”

Before she could even respond, he grabbed her and swung her around, pressing her back into the cool leather of the couch as he pinned her wrists above her head with just one hand. She struggled against him, loving the thrill of the fact that his one hand could hold her down.

Ron roughly pulled her leggings and panties down in one motion, leaving them pooled around her ankles as she wrapped her legs around the back of his head.

She crawled up so her core was aligned with
her face and he stared at her wetness with a hungry, animal look. He licked his lips and groaned, “Fuck, I missed this pretty pussy.”

He delivered a tiny slap to her dripping lips and clit before running a finger through her slick and spreading it over her swollen clitoris. She was already a needy mess under him, whining and whimpering.

“How fast can I make you come for me?” Ron wondered aloud, “No one’s touched you like this in so long.” He circled his finger over her clit at an agonizingly slow pace and she rotated her hips, signaling for him to spread up.

“Have you been touching yourself?” he questioned her, and she nodded quickly and desperately, wanting to answer his question so that he’d pick up his pace and give her a release.

“Merlin, you’re so bad, Cassie. Such a bad girl, I fucking love it. I’m gonna fucking destroy you,” he promised, and she moaned.

Ron sped his fingers up to a torturously fast pace and Cassiah felt herself hurtling towards the edge. Her legs started to shake uncontrollably, and her thighs clenched around Ron. Her back arched and her head shot back as she chanted, ”Ronronron, bloody hell, I’m coming, I’m coming Ron..."

He kept stroking her through her climax until he could tell her was done, completely spent and relaxed back against the couch. But he wasn’t even half done with her, and she knew it as he loomed over her, shucking off his stained slacks and his wet underwear.

He stroked over his aching cock as he towered over her, already hard and leaking at the tip after she’d made him come just minutes ago.

“On your hands and knees,” Ron demanded, pumping his thick length expertly in his hand. Cassiah felt her heartbeat between her legs at the sight of him touching himself and immediately moved to follow his orders.

Cassiah braced herself on her elbows, leaning to arch her back and push herself closer to him. She looked back over her shoulder and saw Ron shifting to move up behind her. She bit her lip and looked up at him.

“Fuck,” Ron murmured at the sight. “Get ready, baby. I’m not going slow with you,” he said as he linked his tip up with her entrance.

“Would never want you to,” she countered, pushing back against him, silently begging him to put it in.

Without any warning, he thrust into her in one push, giving her no time to adjust and as a result earning him a winded, shrill, ”Ron!"

She could hear him chuckle slightly behind her and knew he smiling as he palmed the thick flesh of her ass in his hands, kneading it between his fingers as he caught his breath.

“Merlin, Cassie, you f-feel tighter than ever,” he stammered as he started moving his hips, keeping up his promise of not going slow with her. His thrusts were short and rough. When he hit the right spot deep inside her, Cassiah cried out and pushed back against him to take him deeper and he kept up angling for that spot, earning the same reaction every time.

“Merlin, Ron, right there,” she begged, circling her hips, “Please don’t stop. Keep going.”

“I couldn’t stop if I wanted to baby. You feel so good,” Ron responded, the loud smack of his hips slamming into her over and over echoing throughout the room.

Cassiah began to whine almost non-stop, obviously losing control, and he quickened his pace and went even harder on her than before, knowing from experience that this was just what she needed to come.

He leaned over her, his chest hovering just over her back so that he could place sloppy kisses along the back of her neck and her shoulders. She turned her head to kiss him, but Ron had reached underneath her to begin playing her clit and instead, her mouth fell open and her eyes rolled back into her head. She came hard with a sob, her walls pulsing around.

But she knew Ron wouldn’t be done with her yet. He started back up with slower, more thorough thrusts, pulling almost all the way out every time before pushing back in at an agonizing pace, but still just as hard as before. Their bodies jerked with every movement.

Ron fathered Cassiah’s hair in a fist behind her head and yanked, pulling her head back and coaxing a sharp cry out of her. He was finally able to kiss her, and he pressed his lips sensually to hers. She moaned as he licked into her mouth, just as needy as she was.

She could feel her third orgasm coming on and knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold out or handle another afterward. She clenched around Ron, circling her hips in rhythm with him, and panted, “Come for me, Ron. You know you want to. You’ve made me come twice, you’re gonna make me come a third. You deserve it.”

She knew his praise kink would take him right over the edge and it did. He let out an earth-shattering groan and cried out her name, finishing inside her and giving a few final thrusts before going still and collapsing on top of her back. They stayed there for a moment, no sound but the sound of them catching their breath for several moments.

“Bloody hell,” he panted, peeling himself off of her sweaty back and sitting back on the couch.

She gingerly sat up too, still over-sensitive, and faced him. “You can say that again,” she murmured.

“Bloody hell,” he repeated, and Cassiah barked out a laugh, weakly punching him in the arm and telling him to shut up.

“You’re so right,” she conceded, “We may have had little disagreements every now and then, and you had to do what was best for you and end things but... Sex was never our weak point.”

“Definitely not,” Ron agreed, pushing his sweaty hair back off of his forehead before starting to get redressed. “Merlin, can we please keep doing this? I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it going back to my hand after this. I had no idea how much tension had built up until now,” he admitted – more like pleaded.

“One hundred percent. Trust me, Ron. You know I always needed this just as much as you did,” Cassiah said, fully dressed and pulling her hair on top of her head in a messy bun. “We just have to be cool about it. Friends can definitely have passionate sex and then be just that – friends,” she explained to him, but it felt more like she was trying to convince herself.

“Totally,” Ron was quick to agree, staring forward in a sexed-out daze.

“So long as nobody finds out, there will be no weirdness. Just two friends who also happen to enjoy having sex with each other in secret.”

“Amazing, mind-blowing sex,” he added.

“Uh-huh,” Cassiah agreed, still not entirely recovered, “So it’s deal.”

“Yes,” Ron finalized it, “It’s a deal. Now let’s get our stuff and get out of this common room before they get tired of being holed up in their dorms and wander in here. We’ve already pushed our luck enough.”

Cassiah nodded, grabbing her books, “I suppose we have. But what about the test? We didn’t finish studying.”

“Cassie,” Ron answered earnestly, grabbing her hand, “I don’t care if I never pass a test again if I’m having sex that good.”

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