I Knew You - Ron Weasley

Chapter 14 – I’ll Keep Coming Back

Oh, I couldn’t stop it
Tried to slow it all down
Crying in the bathroom
Had to figure it out
With everyone around me saying
“You must be so happy now”

Light On, Maggie Rogers

It was like a dam had broken between them; the pressure finally snapped and suddenly there was an overflow that couldn’t be contained or controlled. In the four days since initially hooking up in the common room, Cassiah and Ron had been so entirely incapable of keeping their hands off of each other that they must have done it eight times.

Cassiah was sore in the best way.

Ron noticed this as he passed her in the hallway after his last class of the day. He was meant to be heading out towards Quidditch practice, hoping to get in a quick workout before the scrimmage he’d planned for the day. When he saw Cassiah walking towards him down the crowded hallway, however, his plans changed.

She was waddling slightly as she went. Anyone else would’ve thought that her boots were uncomfortable or that she’d been uncomfortable sitting on those bloody uncomfortable stools that Hogwarts loved to provide them with in the classrooms, but Ron instantly knew better.

He couldn’t blame her, really. They’d gone two rounds in a broom closet that morning before Potions class and he had been thorough, to say the least. Combine that with the cramped angles they had to work with in the closet and the quickie they’d shared in his room while everyone else was at dinner the night before...

Ron felt the tips of his ears turning pink at the memory. He knew that Cassiah loved it when he made her sore like this. She said it was the most delicious kind of hurt – that it reminded her of how good he’d made her feel. Blood might’ve started to migrate to more places than just his ears at the thought.

Get it together, Weasley.

He lost the battle.

“Hey Black,” he called out to her, roughly grabbing her by the waist and spinning her around 180 degrees to walk with him.

She yelped slightly and looked up at him curiously as he rushed her down the hallway. “What’s happening?” she asked, “Don’t you have practice soon?”

Ron looked down at her, his eyes hard and his tone gruff and he growled, “Need you. Now.”

“N-now?” Cassiah said incredulously, her eyes wide as she picked up her speed to keep up with him as he dragged her along, “Merlin, Ron, we already did it twice just a few hours ago.”

“Yes and that was hours ago,” Ron whined and then came to a stop, turning to look Cassiah dead in the eye. His gaze was so serious it made her squirm. “I can’t help it. I look at you and all I can think about is fucking you,” he explained, letting his eyes run over her and groaning at the sight.

“I’m just in my robes. I don’t know what you’re so worked up about, Weasley,” she teased.

“Just shut up and come with me. We only have about fifteen minutes,” Ron ordered and Cassiah couldn’t help but submit as he grabbed her by the arm and resumed his frantic hurry down the hallway.

They got to the locker room in record time, already panting and out of breath. The second the door swung shut behind them, Ron pinned Cassiah up against it, the cold metal hard against her back. He loved the way her tiny wrists fit in just one of his big, meaty hands so that he could hold her to the wall with ease. She struggled against his grip, but he knew she was just testing him because it turned them both on to know how much bigger and stronger he was.

Ron buried his face in Cassiah’s neck and ran his tongue over her pressure point. Her hair was messy from running and it was tickling his nose, so he bunched it up with his free hand and pulled it out of his way. When Cassiah shivered under his touch he wrapped her long hair around his wrist and gave a gentle tug – just the perfect amount of force.


“Fuck, Cassie. I saw you coming down the hallway and you were limping cause you fucked you so good–”

“So well–”

“Shut up, bloody hell,” Ron demanded, silencing her with a hard kiss that clashed their teeth together, “I saw you struggling down the hall and it made me feel so good to know that only I can make you feel that way. Tell me.”

He released her wrists from above her head and let his hands trail down her spine to roughly grasp her backside, kneading into her thick flesh and causing her to moan.

“Ron, no one else–” she started, but Ron immediately stopped his ministrations, pausing dead in his tracks.

He stared down at her with dominance flashing behind his blue-green eyes and a hard look on his face. “Who?” he asked.

She shuddered at his demanding tone, whimpering slightly at the sudden lack of contact. Her voice was nothing but a whine when she spoke again. ”Daddy... no one else can make me feel as good as you do. No one but you and your big cock. You’re the best I’ve ever had.”

Ron moaned as he listened to her words. He loved when Cassiah talked dirty, but she rarely did it. And hearing her praise him like that and call him “daddy” was too much.

“I need you so bad, Cassie,” he whimpered, pushing his hips up against her she could feel just how urgently he wanted her, how long and thick and hard he already was for her.

But Cassiah had other plans. She gave him a rebellious little smirk and raised an eyebrow. “Then work for it.”

Ron was desperate. “C’mon, Cass. You know I always love to take such good care of you, but I really don’t wanna get caugh–”

“Please, daddy,” she cooed, and Ron groaned. He knew she was doing it on purpose, taking advantage of his own kinks to get her way, but he couldn’t say no when she called him that. He’d do anything she asked if she called him that, actually.

He was dropping to his knees on the cold stone floor of the locker room before she could utter another word. He ran his hands slowly from her ankles, past her knee socks, and over her soft thighs before lifting up her skirt and ducking his head under it. He pressed a wet, open-mouthed kiss into the crotch of her panties, his nose putting pressure against her clit as he did, and then hooked his fingers under her panties and swiftly pulled them down.

Cassiah knew she was in for the ride of her life if Ron was too desperate to even strip her clothes off. She didn’t mind though; she loved it when he was rough with her – it was better that way, really. They were addicted to each other, to the ecstasy they brought each other. The image of his head hidden away under her skirt as he was on her knees for her would stay in her mind for weeks.


Cassiah left the locker room about nine minutes later, fresh hickeys on the insides of her thighs, her knee socks at entirely different lengths, and her hair pulled into a bun that was definitely not the cute kind of messy. Most importantly, however, she was thoroughly, thoroughly satisfied. It was amazing how much Ron could rock her world in under ten minutes, but then again, he had spent over a year studying her body like he was gonna be tested on it. He knew all the right buttons to press and so did she.

She hadn’t planned on having sex with Ron again that day, but she could tell that he was already really pent up when she saw him in the hall. She didn’t want to send him to quidditch practice half-hard or worse, with blue balls.

Plus, things had been going so well between them, and Cassiah wanted to keep things that way. They’d been successfully surviving as friends for about a month and she knew from previous experience dating Ron that the reason they hadn’t fallen into past patterns of bickering was that the sex had been consistent. When they weren’t having sex, even when they were dating, they had more little, stupid arguments, even though Ron wouldn’t admit that was why. Cassiah didn’t want to take away the key ingredient to her happy, peaceful friendship with Ron – her only steppingstone to something more.

And anyway, the sex had been mind-blowing between the two of them now that they’d waited so long and they had to keep it a secret, so Cassiah really couldn’t bear to turn it down.

She knew for a fact that she and Ron were just friends. He’d made it completely clear
to her that it was just sex for him and nothing more.

But her mind betrayed her. Even when he’d been so rough with her and railed her against the cold door, he’d put a hand behind her head to make sure she wasn’t bumping against the wall or uncomfortable in any way. The bare necessities suddenly seemed like huge grand gestures to her and she couldn’t help but get caught up in it. She was always one to overanalyze things that were probably meaningless.

There was one thing that was bothering her, however.

When Ron had seen her in the hallway earlier, he said something that made her wince a little bit. It sent daggers straight through her heart just to think of it, even though she knew Ron hadn’t meant for it to be hurtful.

He’d said every single time he looked at her, all he could think about was sex. Of course, a part of her was flattered. It was nice to know that after everything, Ron still thought she was attractive and desirable and more than a friend. At the same time, though, she couldn’t help but be hurt. He looked at her and immediately thought about hooking up – not about telling her about his day or hanging out and being friends. It made her feel just the slightest bit insulted.

He didn’t mean it that way, though, so she pushed the anxieties down.

If this was how she had to spend time with Ron now, she’d do. Plus, she was being dramatic, and she knew it because, in her heart of hearts, she knew it was better to just be friends with benefits with Ron than to date him. Dating left room for him to hurt again. This way, she could enjoy his company and his skills in bed without having to live with the constant fear of heartache.

Sneaking around was really hot anyway, like they had this big, dirty secret that nobody else but the two of them knew. She liked walking around with the secret knowledge that she was covered in love bites from Ron, or fully satisfied from his skilled hands. It made her feel sexy. Ron made her feel sexy.

When Cassiah arrived back to the common room, she was surprised to find Draco and Pansy lounging on the couch together. She’d been hoping she’d be able to sneak back in since she looked like such a mess, her hair in tangles and her makeup running around her eyes. (What could she say? Ron knew how to make her completely lose control.)

Immediately, she noticed Draco’s hand on Pansy’s upper thigh, and she blushed. She got the feeling that she had just walked in on a particularly intimate moment.

“Sorry,” she mouthed silently to Draco, apologizing for bursting in on his private moment with Pansy before disappearing down the hallway into her bedroom.

Cassiah wondered what their current status was. Draco and Pansy had been playing the friends with benefits game for years, and she’d always admired how good at it they were. She never understood how they could completely separate emotions from sex.

However, she supposed that if you did it for long enough, even the two most noncommittal people she
knew couldn’t help but catch feelings it seemed. Pansy had this starry look in her eyes as she gazed up at Draco, who was being remarkably and uncharacteristically soft and gentle with the short girl.

What a sick twist of fate it would be if that couple worked out instead of Ron and Cassiah, who everyone had always assumed would end up married with babies.

Cassiah quickly entered her room and then in contrast, slowly eased the door shut. She paused, her hands pressed up against the cool wood of the door still, and stared straight forward at it. Suddenly, she could feel more emotions than she’d felt in a month bubbling up in her chest.

And then out of nowhere, it happened.

She was crying over Ron Weasley again.

She wasn’t even hurt or upset by their situation. Hooking up with Ron made them both happy and relieved a lot of tension, and being friends did the same. She really had nothing to complain about.

But after a month of pushing them down, she was finally letting herself revisit all of those old hopes and dreams that now just felt like memories. She was letting herself remember how they’d planned their future, how he’d made promises to her that he didn’t keep. And those memories fucking hurt if she ever allowed them to come to the surface – a physical pain in her chest so deep and vast that she thought it would never fully go away. So even though she was okay, she cried, and it felt good. And that was okay, too.

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