I Knew You - Ron Weasley

Chapter 15 – Hits Like Ecstasy

Oh and she hits like ecstasy
Comes up and bangs the sense out of me
It’s wrong but surely worse to leave
She hits like ecstasy
So free up the cheaper seats
Here comes a Greek tragedy
Greek Tragedy, The Wombats


Ron was back on his bullshit. He had been doing so well with keeping up with his schoolwork and improving his grades, but today, he hadn’t had the energy to leave his dorm in the morning. As much as staying in bed made the sinking feeling in his chest feel even worse, like maybe it was about to cave in, he couldn’t peel himself up from out of the covers. It wasn’t that he was depressed – he was emotionally exhausted.

He’d had a bad last few days, in all honesty. That raging anger inside him had started bubbling under the surface again when for the last few weeks, he hadn’t really been feeling it at all, wrapped up in the blissful new-ness of his affair with Cassiah. He hated that feeling.

For almost a week, Cassiah had been busy with prefect meetings and studying for some sort of important Divination exam that he was unaware of because she was taking a much more advanced level class than he was. As a result, Ron hadn’t seen her at all. Not in the way he needed to, anyway. He’d only seen her in class or passing in the hall – if he was lucky.

A nagging thought kept repeating in his head, and he wanted it to shut up so badly, but it wouldn’t go away. Could all of this be related to the fact that he hasn’t seen Cassiah? And if it was, what did that say about him? He hated the idea of his happiness or stability being tied to another person, which is why he always hated it when Cassiah had suggested when they were still dating that they got along better when they were having sex. He liked to think that humans had more control over their emotions than to have them be tied to one other person, but... He didn’t want to think about that, or he’d never get out of bed, and he’d decided on going to his afternoon classes.

He heaved himself up out of bed and began rummaging through his drawers, pulling out the bad where he hid his weed jar. He wrinkled his nose as he realized he’d already smoked almost all of it in just two days – a large portion of it this morning, while he had the pleasure of having the room to himself. Whatever. He’d pay Hagrid a visit later, or maybe that Hufflepuff girl who always cut him a pretty good deal. Her stuff wasn’t great, but hey – it was cheap and less of a hike than going all the way to Hagrid’s.

Ron settled back into the nook in front of the windowsill. He shivered in the cold air coming from the open window – he hadn’t bothered to close it last time he smoked. Granted, he knew he’d be back soon enough, and the hundreds-year-old windows were a bloody pain to heave open even for Ron.

He watched the first-year students struggling around on their brooms, chuckling slightly, and smoked a bowl (okay fine, two) before finally cleaning up his room a bit and grabbing his book bag before heading to class.

Just as he rounded the final corner on the way to his “first” class of the afternoon, he saw a flash of dark hair and green robes. He took off running, shooting straight past the classroom he needed to go to in order to catch up with her.

“Cassiah,” he said, his heart pounding with the exertion of sprinting but trying to control his breathing so she wouldn’t know he’d booked it down the hallway just to talk to her. He slung an arm around his shoulder as he fell into step with her and asked, “I haven’t seen you in days. How have things been?”

She stopped walking, staring up at him with fire behind those hazel eyes. “Maybe you haven’t seen me because you haven’t asked,” she retorted.

Ron was completely caught off guard by her hostility. He definitely hadn’t been expecting her to be mad at him. He was just trying to give her space because she had that big test coming up.

“Cassie, I-I’m sorry,” he stammered, “I just didn’t want to bother you since I know you’re busy–”

“Save it, Ronald,” Cassiah rolled her eyes, unamused, “Pansy and Blaise and Draco have still invited me to hang out even though they know I might be busy. It’s about being a nice friend and offering anyways. Guess you wouldn’t know anything about being my friend anymore, though, considering that we never hang out as friends now that you’re getting your dick wet.”

Ron instantly felt guilty. He had no idea she’d been feeling this way – like he’d just been being her friend until he could get what he wanted. Or, what she thought he wanted. Well... He certainly wanted it, but not only it. Whatever.

“You know you’re my friend, Cassie, c’mon...” he tried to soothe, but she just raised an eyebrow at him, unimpressed. They’d been friends for six years – long enough for Ron to know that while Cassiah loved words of reassurance, actions were more important in gaining her trust.

“Come to my kick-back tonight after the game against Ravenclaw. My dorm,” he invited her, but it was more of a statement than a question.

“Ron, I don’t want your pity invite, since you clearly didn’t intend on inviting me in the first place.”

“It’s not a pity invite. I genuinely want you there,” he pleaded.

She squinted at him, wrinkling her nose a bit. Ron knew how insecure she got about things like this and was internally kicking himself for not inviting her in the first place. He just hadn’t thought she’d want to come. It was bound to be just the guys getting crossed, and maybe one or two girlfriends of guys and close Gryffindor girl-space-friends that Cassiah didn’t know.

Cassiah pursed her lips. “It doesn’t count since I had to force you to invite me,” she said finally, “I’ll see you around, Weasley.” She turned on her heel and left, probably headed for the library.

Ron knew he should follow her, but he couldn’t afford to miss another class today. Plus, he thought to himself, this little argument wouldn’t ruin his friendship with Cassiah. Now that she’d told him what was wrong, he could do better, and that would be that.

But what if he was wrong? What if Cassiah thinking that Ron was taking advantage of her – even if that wasn’t his intention – was enough to make her cut Ron out of her life again? He suddenly felt a little queasy and more than a little scared. He wasn’t sure what exactly Cassiah meant to him right now, but he knew that having her in his life made him feel better – more at ease.

He needed her, even though he didn’t want to say that out loud to her and put that weight on her shoulders. He was a heavy guy for a girl like her to have to carry, both literally and figuratively. She takes care of everyone else in her life, he didn’t want to add to that like he did before.

When Cassiah returned to the common room after spending hours in the library after class, she was still flustered by her encounter with Ron earlier. She hadn’t meant to spout off at him like that, but she also would have thought that he’d respond better after knowing her for all this time. Ron knew more than anyone about her insecurities, about how she always worried about people the second that their energy towards her shifted.

The worries came from a good reason, from real-life experiences, she reminded herself bitterly. He’d proven her right before, even though he’d promised that he wasn’t ever leaving her... And now Ron was proving her right yet again. Is it really paranoia if you’re always right?

As she rushed down the dimly lit hallway towards her room, she was ruffling through her bag, looking for her key. She didn’t see him coming until they collided, smashing into each other.

“Draco, I’m so sorry. I’m just in a rush–”

“Cass, I’ve been meaning to talk to you–”

They both spoke at the same time and then broke into quiet, exasperated laughter.

“Um,” Cassiah cleared her throat after a moment, itching to get into her dorm and put her books away, “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“Yeah, yeah, of course–” Draco started, but Cassiah cut him off.

“Actually, can it wait until later? I’m kind of in a rush to get somewhere.”

She turned to head forwards into her dorm, but Draco grabbed the sleeve of her robe, bringing her to a stop again.

“Not really. It won’t take long, I’m just...” he pursed his lips, shuffling his feet awkwardly, “Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m worried about you, Cass.”

Cassiah wanted to laugh it off and tell Draco he was being ridiculous, but the seriousness in his blue eyes let her know that he wasn’t going to just drop this. “Why?” she asked, furrowing her brow in confusion.

He was taking way too long for Cassiah’s tight schedule. She was already running late. Draco didn’t seem to care though as he nodded slowly to himself. “It’s not a big deal. You just seemed so happy to be seeing Ron again, but you two haven’t been hanging out all week long, and you’re spending all your time with us Slytherins...”

Cassiah’s face must’ve morphed into an expression of hurt because Draco rushed to explain, “Not that we don’t want you there. We do. But this is how you were acting when you and Ron weren’t talking at all and things were bad between you two, so I just wanted to check in. N’ make sure you’re okay, y’know?”

She instantly relaxed. She thought he was gonna say he and Pansy needed space as a couple. Or worse, that he knew she and Ron were doing it on the downlow.

“I’m okay, Draco. Just busy this week,” she offered him a tight smile and patted him on the shoulder, “Thanks for checking in on me, though.”

She turned and headed into her room to discard her books and her robe, but she didn’t miss the look on Draco’s face. He was definitely suspicious. He knew there was more to the story, even if he didn’t know what.

And Cassiah found herself hating that Draco was right. Things were off between her and Ron, and once again, there was nothing she could do about it but wait and see if he’d change his mind.


Ron exhaled a thick cloud of smoke, watching it disappear into the thick air of the dorm room he shared with the other Gryffindor guys. He leaned over to pass the bong to Dean, and when he turned back around Harry was waiting for him with a new drink in hand. Ron smiled at his best friend and gladly took the cup from him, “Thanks, mate.”

“Of course,” Harry said in reply, “It’s just Firewhiskey and whatever mixer Seamus bought when he went into Hogsmeade today.”

“Sounds nasty,” Ron answered, wrinkling his nose as he swirled the contents of his cup.

Harry snorted, pushing his glasses back into place from where they’d fallen a bit. “It is,” he confessed with a chuckle.

Ron raised his cup to his mouth and took an experimental gulp. He swallowed hard, his eyes widening as he looked back over at Harry and mused, “Strong, too, apparently.”

All the boys were sitting around on the floor of their dorm room. Seamus had some girl with him that he met in his Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and Neville was flanked by Luna, who looked like she was probably tripping balls, in Ron’s opinion. He wondered what she’d taken, and if she was selling.

He was shaken out of his thoughts again but Harry’s voice. “Ron,” he called, “Is Black coming tonight?”

Ron shook his head, fighting off a blush but he could tell he was failing based on the burning sensation on the tips of his ears. He cleared his throat. “Uh, no. Why?” he asked.

“Just wondering. I haven’t seen her all week,” Harry replied, shrugging and taking a long sip of his drink.

“Yeah, no. She’s been busy studying this week,” Ron admitted, “Plus, she probably wouldn’t want to come anyways because she’d be afraid of running into my sister.”

Harry made a slight choking sound, spluttering over the sip he’d just taken as Ron looked over at him. He gave Ron a sheepish grin and admitted, “I wish Ginny was here.”

“Shut the fuck up, mate.” Ron could tell Harry was tipsy if he was talking to him about his feelings for his little sister.

All of a sudden, Ron saw Seamus’s face light up from across the circle. Finnigan’s eyes were trained on the door, but Ron was sitting so that his back was to it, and he couldn’t see.

Just as he was turning, he heard Seamus’s voice from across the circle. “Merlin, Black! What the hell are you doing here?” he crowed, and Ron watched as Seamus rose to his feet to go greet Cassiah and give her a hug.

Harry looked at Ron with eyebrows raised, and suddenly Ron felt his heart rate rise, and not in an excited way, for the most part – in a pissed way. He clenched his jaw. Now he looked like a bloody idiot for not knowing Cassiah was coming when she was his friend – his ex.

He listened to the chatter of his friends greeting Cassiah from his seat next to Harry. “Ron didn’t say you were coming! What a nice surprise!” Dean was saying.

“Hey Luna,” Cassiah said, waving shyly to the only other girl she knew in the room. If only Luna was on planet Earth at the moment, Ron thought with amusement.

“Hello, Cassiah,” Luna replied, offering Cassiah a small smile from behind her big, signature sunglasses. Ron wasn’t sure why she was wearing them inside.

Ron glanced around the circle, expecting Cassiah to take a seat next to Luna, but found that there was no space anywhere, except for... Right in between him and Dean, of course.

Be nice, he reminded himself. She’s still your friend, even if she’s being difficult right now.

“Hey, Cassie,” he said, looking up at her and patting the space on the carpet next to him. She plopped down on the floor next to him. As she was sitting, Neville leaned over Harry to pass Ron the bong again. “I didn’t think you’d come,” he added, feeling calmer and smiling softly at her as he took the bong from Neville.

Cassiah’s gaze was stone-cold. She raised an eyebrow at him in a challenge. “I’m here for the free drugs, not you, Weasley,” she stated matter-of-factly and plucked the bong out of Ron’s hand before even letting rip it once.

He scoffed, his hand still poised to hold it in his grasp as he sat there, jaw dropped in shock. He hadn’t expected her to be so hostile. She never had been this way with him before.

“Might wanna close your mouth, Ronald, or the flies will get in,” she said as she exhaled smoke, which traveled in a trail up to his face. He barely even heard what she said, though, too mad about her attitude and too entranced by how hot she looked blowing smoke into his face.

The combination, while infuriating, was doing something for him...

He decided to ignore it and turned back to Harry to chat idly about the game earlier – which they’d won, by the way. Ron had his best game yet of the season earlier that night.

“We need to be drunker than this,” he murmured to Harry, refilling his cup with Seamus’ concoction from earlier. “Hell, we deserve to be drunker than this,” he amended, laughing softly.

Harry nodded vigorously. “Totally agree,” he said, and then raised his voice to the whole group, “We’re gonna play a game!” His announcement was met with shouts of approval from the whole circle of friends until Neville asked,

“What game?”

Ron and Harry just stared at each other, completely unprepared for such an obvious question. Ron was just opening his mouth to answer and suggest something fun – maybe Ride the bus – but Cassiah’s voice came out instead.

“Never have I ever,” she declared with so much confidence that no one even questioned it. But Ron knew better. Cassiah hated that game. There was undoubtedly a bloody good reason why she was suggesting it, and he was willing to bet it was targeted at him.

“I’ll start,” he spat out, sounding a bit over-eager, but he didn’t care. If she was going to play dirty, it was all he could try to do to beat her to the punch and get ahead of it while he could.

“Never have I ever...” Ron pursed his lips as he thought before he felt a mischievous glimmer reach his eyes and said, “Been friends with a blood purist.”

The room went dead silent with realization, all eyes on Cassiah until she finally forced a laugh. “Fair enough,” she said with a smile only Ron could tell was fake, “I do live with a lot of them, unfortunately.” She took a swig of her drink, shivering slightly as she tasted how strong it was.

“Alright,” Cassiah wagered, repositioning herself to fold her legs to one side, unknowingly leaving Ron with a few of her toned legs in those knee-high stockings and that skirt. Bloody hell. He gulped.

“Never have I ever,” she said, looking around the circle playfully before locking her eyes dead on Ron. He shifted under her gaze, knowing that he was fucked. “Had a daddy kink.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up,” Ron fired back automatically.

Harry snorted from next to him and his face flamed bright red as he realized that he’d fell right into Cassiah’s trap. Yes, she’d targeted it at him, but everyone would have thought she was just kidding if he didn’t let his temper get to him and say something back.

She’d been counting on that, Ron thought. For his anger to out himself – because she’d promised when he told her to never tell anyone that herself.

“Weeell,” Dean said, eyes wide as saucers as he cleared his throat awkwardly. “Now that I know more about Weasley in bed than I ever, ever cared to–” he shot a playful, teasing glance at Ron, “I’ll go next.”

Ron brought his cup to his lips and took gulp after gulp of his drink, ignoring the way it burned in his throat and the way the liquid was spilling out of the side of his cup and dripping down his neck and onto his white t-shirt. When he drained his cup and took it away from his face, letting out a burp.

He caught Cassiah’s eyes on him. He stopped, locking eyes with her for a second before looking away and wiping at the Firewhiskey on his chin with the back of his hand.

The game continued around the circle with much less malicious questions – never have I ever: hooked up in the Astronomy tower, secretly tasted one of the potions from class, done acid. Okay, maybe the last one was a call-out, he decided. Either way, Ron still ended up putting four out of five of his fingers down.

But Ron wasn’t going down without getting Cassiah back, first.

It was finally his turn again and he’d been plotting his next move for the last five minutes. When everyone turned to listen to him speak, he didn’t hesitate. He knew that the point of the game was to say things you hadn’t done, but he couldn’t resist but break the rules for this one.

“Never have I ever gone to Diagon Alley with my Dad.”

This one seemed benign, but everyone instantly knew his intention.

And the second that he’d said it, he saw Cassiah’s face and immediately wished he could stuff those words back into his mouth.

She just stared at him for a moment, eyes watering and lip quivering, before getting up and storming out of the room. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he’d taken it way too far bringing up Cassiah’s dad.

He stumbled to his feet, tripping over cups and wands and cards that scattered the floor in his panic. “I–I have to go,” he stammered to explain, feeling sick with guilt. No one said anything.

He burst out into the hallway just in time to see Cassiah all the way down the hall, disappearing into the girls’ bathroom.

“Fuck it,” he muttered to himself as he reached the door and shoved it open. “Cassie, where are you? I’m coming in!”

“I sure hope you are, Ronald Weasley, because I have some choice words for you!”

She was right inside the doorway, her jaw set in stone and arms crossed as she glared at him.

“Let’s hear it then. Get the self-righteous speech over with,” Ron spat, suddenly feeling defensive. He’d been here before. He hated how small he was about to feel.

“Are you bloody kidding me, Ron?” she shrieked, “You hit me with a low blow about Sirius and then have the nerve to act like I’m doing something wrong for reacting to it?” She was almost frenzied.

That was it. “You were rude to me all night, Cassiah. From the second you walked in the door your intentions were malicious when I invited you to be nice!”

“Oh!” Cassiah shouted, hurting Ron’s ears, “I’m soooo glad and so lucky that you’re so generous to invite me to your stupid little party when you’re railing me seven days a fucking week!”

“For the last time, Cassiah, I didn’t think you’d want to come–”

She laughed wickedly. “That’s fucking rich, Ron. We all know you just don’t want to have to work for it. You want all the benefits and none of the actual friendship, right?” She shook her head angrily, “Well now you’re gonna get neither.”

“Are you fucking serious Cassiah?” Ron shouted back, grabbing at her arm to try to make her listen but she snatched it away, which only made him angrier. “Did you ever consider that maybe I don’t want to hang out as friends because I actually do care about you?”

“That makes no bloody sense, Ron. But you were never the smartest, were you?” she shot back, and Ron felt his blood boil. “You don’t care about me. Because if you cared about me you wouldn’t have broken up with me–”

"Don’t say that,” Ron growled, his chest heaving with his breath.

“You had no real reason to break up with me when everything was so perfect besides just wanting to fuck other bitches now that you’re Quidditch captain,” Cassiah screamed, almost mocking him with her tone as she stepped closer and closer to him until Ron was backed up against the sink, the cool porcelain against his back,

“Well reality check, you’re just some kid who plays for his stupid school team and you’re not a big deal anywhere outside of that locker room.”

“That’s it! I’m fucking done,” Ron snapped, grabbing at her and flipping them so that he was no longer pinned against the sink. He turned to leave, but then he felt Cassiah’s icy grip of his forearm, yanking him back towards her.

“It’s done when I say it’s done,” she spat, staring up at him with more anger in her eyes than he’d ever seen before. Cassiah didn’t get angry.

Her chest was rising and falling just as quickly as Ron’s was, a perfect reflection of him. His eyes flickered for a second to her heaving chest, her cleavage pushing up out of the top of her shirt. She caught his gaze and squinted her eyes back at him challengingly.

His hand reached out to grasp roughly at her waist and pull her harshly closer to him until they were standing, panting, chest to chest.

Her eyes fell to his lips and Ron felt a twitch of arousal. He hadn’t seen Cassiah this angry, this passionate, in forever. He hadn’t let out his anger like this in–

“You’re not getting either anymore,” she repeated her sentence from earlier and Ron furrowed his brow for a second, confused, before he felt her grab at his waist and buck his hips towards her,

"After this."

Before Ron could even process, Cassiah smashed her lips against his, one hand slipping to claw at the skin under her t-shirt and the other grabbing roughly at his backside. He let out a surprised, high-pitched whimper into her mouth, suddenly feeling hot all over.

He felt her hands roughly pushing his shirt up and off his head, and then snaking under the waistband of his grey sweatpants to squeeze at his ass. Her left hand trailed back to the front of his sweats to grasp at the outline of his dick through the fabric, which had already been impressive and obvious earlier in the dormitory but now that he was getting hard–

“Fuck, Cassie,” he hissed, bucking his hips up against her hand.

“Now look who’s needy,” she whispered back. Ron growled and grabbed at her waist, hoisting her up to sit on the sink. He heard her gasp slightly as the cool porcelain met her bare thighs. “Make me feel good, Ron,” she demanded, spreading her legs open from where she sat.

Ron’s gaze quickly trailed from her ankles, following her high socks all the way to her thighs, and then eventually finding the bare skin between her legs. He reached under her skirt and grabbed at the fabric of her panties, nearly tearing them in his haste to get them off. Cassiah gasped again and he felt himself grow hard at her noises.

He immediately dove in, licking into her from underneath her skirt. She tasted so good he could never get enough. He drew tight circles over her nerves with his tongue, pushing her thick digits into her and then curling them in the way that he knew drove her crazy.

And it did drive her crazy. She was letting out high-pitched moans above him, her legs shaking and clamping tight around his head. He used his free hand to dominantly press against her pelvis, stopping her from bucking up against his mouth.

Just as Ron could tell she was getting close, he stopped – stopped the dizzying circles on her clit, stopping the pounding of his fingers inside her, everything – and she whined, pushing her hips up to try to get him to start again.

But he rose to his feet, licking at his lips and tasting her slick still lingering on them, and stared down at her wickedly.

“You fucking asshole, Weasley!” she cried, and he smirked in response.

“Don’t threaten to turn off the tap when you need me just as much as I need you,” he grinned knowingly at her. He watched her squirm under his heavy, lustful gaze.

“I don’t need you,” she stammered determinedly, but her tone was less than convincing.

Ron stepped close to her again, one hand braced against the mirror and the other on her knee. His face was just inches away from hers and it was all he could not to reach out and bite at her plump lower lip.

“Oh yeah?” he whispered, raising an eyebrow, “So, you would mind if I just left right now? You don’t need me to do anything for you?”

She shook her head no, but Ron knew it was just because she didn’t trust herself to speak.

“You don’t need me to trail my hands up your legs?” he asked, his voice low and sexy and his fingers pushed her stocking all the way down, and then slowly started to travel up her bare leg. He stopped when he reached her inner thigh, using his thumb to rub slow, tantalizing circles into her thick fleck.

“Don’t need me to run my fingers through your hair, maybe even pull at it a little to show you just how bad you’ve been?” continued, taking his hand off of her thigh and then replacing it in her hair. He stroked through her long, brown locks before giving a harsh tug, which earned him a high-pitched whine.

He ran his fingers through her hair, down the soft, sensitive skin of her neck, and then over her cheek before finally settling in between her parted lips. She opened her mouth just the slightest bit more and he pushed his fingers in and softly whispered ”suck.”

He felt her mouth close around his digits and her tongue suckle lightly on her fingertips. His pants grew tight as he imagined the implications of her doing the same thing to his throbbing length.

Suddenly her hands were trailing down his back and to the front of his sweatpants, toying with the elastic band and finding that he hadn’t bothered to put boxers on underneath. He smirked at her face lit up with realization.

“And you definitely,” he smirked, “don’t need me to push up the hem of your skirt and fuck you hard against this sink.”

She whimpered, still tugging at the hemline of his pants while sucking on his fingers in her mouth.

“Naughty girl,” he chided, and he studied her face. She still hadn’t caved. “Or do you want me to fuck you from behind so that you can watch in the mirror?” he finally finished. Game, set, match.

Cassiah pushed his fingers out of her mouth. “Fuck you,” she spat.

“Is that a yes?”

Ron got his answer when Cassiah hopped off the sink and turned around, leaning just her elbows against the porcelain. She looked back at him, the dirtiest look in her eyes that Ron had ever seen. He almost came in his pants just at the sight of her standing there waiting on him like that.

“What are you fucking waiting for Weasley?” she said challengingly.

Ron blinked hard, shaking himself out of his daze. He didn’t wait another second before pushing his sweatpants down and pumping himself a few times before pushing into her.

Cassiah let out a filthy, high-pitched moan of his name once he’d bottomed out, which only made him starting thrusting into her faster, watching her face in the mirror. He immediately started on the buttons of her blouse until he could peel it off of her.

He growled as they both watched her chest sway in the reflection with every thrust of his hips.

“This feels so wrong,” he admitted, trying to focus on the feeling of her tight walls fluttering around him and not on how they’d just screamed in each other’s faces and said such horrible things.

“I know,” Cassiah said in a breathless whisper, but then locked eyes with him in the mirror, “But then why does it feel so good?” she added, knowing that it would drive Ron crazy.

And she was right. It was hard to care about anything when he was buried deep inside her and she was chanting his name. He started pounding into her at a ruthless pace, watching their half-naked bodies move together in the mirror.

“Cassie,” he grunted, trying to control the pace of his hips but struggling as his pleasure climbed higher and higher and he neared his climax, “Are you almost there? I can’t–”

“Yes,” she murmured. “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” her answer echoed out into the room over and over as it also became her cries of pleasure as she came crashing over the edge. The image of her face and body contorting in pleasure in the mirror was too much for Ron, and he couldn’t hold off any longer.

When he finally slowed his hips inside of her, he gently pulled out and then collapsed forward, his bare, sweaty chest pressed against her back.

But Cassiah, for once, didn’t want to linger in post-orgasm bliss, apparently. Ron stumbled slightly as she pushed him off of her.

“I meant what I said,” she said coolly as she gingerly bent to pick up her blouse and began rebuttoning it. Ron was too in shock of everything that had unfolded in the past hour to even appreciate the fact that he’d fucked her so good that she was already the best kind of sore.


He tried to hand back her underwear that he’d taken off of her, the fabric scrunched up in his fist, but she shook her head no.

“Keep it as a souvenir,” she sneered, “Merlin knows you won’t be seeing the real thing.” And then she was gone.

Ron leaned back against the sink and his head lightly hit the mirror, still shirtless and his eyes falling shut. He fucked up. Bad.

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