I Knew You - Ron Weasley

Chapter 17 – If I Could Fly

So you’re not my girlfriend
Don’t pretend that makes us nothing
Tell me you don’t miss this feeling
I’m starting to see who you are

Half The World Away, One Direction

As he is turning down the kiss, she is having sex with someone else. Unnamed at the time.

Someone else tries to kiss Ron and the twin’s NYE party but he panics and pushes her away. He tells Cassiah about it when he gets back to school and she says something like why should I care, I’m not your girlfriend and we’re not even fucking, and even if we were, we wouldn’t be exclusive. She’s emotional.
Cassiah is dating someone else.
Why? he asks.
Because I had to move on, Ron. I couldn’t let you hurt me again. That makes him sad. How could she do this and not even mention his letter? She doesn’t get it. Her new many intercepted it.

Sex with Blaise.

She kind of emotionally cheats on him with Ron. They secretly meet up and she says it wrong but he says it’s fine because all they do is play chess and smoke etc. etc. “I know we’re just friends but you’re sitting on my lap and my body definitely doesn’t remember that we’re just friends so I’m so sorry if I get hard.” Until one day when they kiss and she pulls away and leaves because she can’t do that to _____. It turns out ____ cheats on her and she comes to Ron crying.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you forget you ever even met that asshole.”

SO MUCH LATER; didn’t you get
my letter? she asks teddy and we get the real thing. t

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