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✰︎MHA boyfriend scenarios✰︎

🧞‍♂️Your quirk/hero costume🧞‍♀️

Animation: You can draw anything and it can come to life if you put your hand on the drawing. The drawing can be destroyed by whatever ruins paper or digital things (water & fire). If someone rips the paper drawing it will multiply the drawing even more.

Liquidification: Your whole body is made from water and you don't have any bones because you're made from water and you're a very flexible person. You can shape and control any water by you or whatever water is near you. You can also control the water temperature and pressure of the water.

Lava: You can create lava and shoot it out from the palm of your hands or the bottom of your feet. You can manipulate it and make it into whatever you want it to be, you can also dry the lava so that it becomes a solid and can be used for something else. It also depends on your emotions, the more angry the more lava can be produced.

Pink gum: You can create sticky substance somewhat similar to chewing gum but much stronger. It can be used to shoot at opponents within rage. It can both be expanded and contracted.

Rockstar: You are able to force people to dance. By doing this you have to shoot a beam of light to the opponent from your palms and you can tell them what dance you want them to do. You can play any instrument you want, you can summon the instrument you want and can make sound waves and that can hurt the person's ears causing them to bleed or blows them away. You have the ability to manipulate any sound wave within yards including making sounds louder or softer, or rearranging the sound to different sound to the ear. Can also manipulate your voice to sound like another person or animal. Depending on how powerful a song makes you feel, the more your power increase. Your strength, speed, and agility increases to the point you can jump very high. It works better when you're listening to a song but memorizing it and how it makes you feel is harder when you're forced on fighting. (I know this is alot but I made this one up and I had a hard time explaining the quirk😬)

Live hair: You have hair that can be controlled in anyway you wish. Your hair can grow or shorten whenever you want it to be. The hair can be used as a weapon, void, or as protection from an enemy attack. You can put objects in your hair but the more objects in the hair, the more heavier the hair is. You have a special attack to your hair and it's called "crazy hair", with this special attack you can make the hair have an ultimate weapon, void, or protection. If the hair is messy or gets tangled the quirk won't work as well so you have to always brush it and keep it maintained. Your hair can also cut through anything. (Btw I based this quirk on Rapunzel, she's your mother and your dad is Eugene. So it's your mom's/dad's name first and their last names are Rapunzel/Eugene)

Star bolts: You have the power to fly at supersonic speed but you use your feet sometimes to look like a normal human being. You have super strength so whatever something is heavy to other people it's not to you. You can also shoot nova blasts from your eyes and hands. And you have flammable hair but it sometimes depends of your emotions, if you're mad it will flame up at the ends of your hair.

Shapeshift: You are allowed to turn into any animal in the world and can even turn into the extinct ones, including insects too. You sometimes shift into people but it's different and somewhat painful.

Gamer: Though in your eyes everything is a game. You see health bars, item names, all of that stuff. You have an inventory to keep your items so they don't get in the way, for others this looks like you have some sort of endless pocket. And that does get heavier the more items you put in though. You can also glitch like a bad video game character which allows you to clip through solid objects and split your body into "glitched chunks".

Crystal: You have crystals all over your body and can make the crystals come out of the ground or shoot them out from the palms of the hands. The crystals could be large or small when making them. You can use the crystals as a protector for your body and harden it.
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