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careful with the feather


Keigo Takami (Hawks) x reader.


You and Hawks have been dating for a straight two years now. You would do anything for him as he would do for you. Tonight was just a normal night and you would celebrate your two years.

Last year Hawks had given you a necklace with a feather on. You never knew what it meant, but one thing you did know. It was a part of him, which he asked you to always wear around your neck, keep it safe and close to your heart. You did as you were told. Ever since that moment you never took it off except when you wanted to shower. He loves you, you love him, you were the perfect couple.

Hawks and you had made plans for tonight. You would go stargazing. Of course you had a feeling something would ruin your night with him. While you started to get ready, your phone went off. It was him, full of excitement you opened the message, but your smile full of excitement soon turned into a pout. He texted you he would have to rearrange your plans because Dabi had asked him for help. This was the third time already that he had blew you off so you decided to go to his place. You walked inside, with the spare key that he had given you, you went up to his room and started to practice on how to tell him that you didn't enjoy the day, at all. After all, he had stood you up for the third time. You were tired of how he always chose Dabi over you. This might sound selfish, but here you go.


'Okay, you can do this, just don't cry.' you thought to yourself. You were, now, standing in front of the mirror staring at every detail that comes with your body. 'Am I not pretty enough?' , 'Of course not, why would I even think that..' You were commenting yourself on every 'ugly' thing you could even notice. Hawks has tried to get your self-confidence up, he had done a good job on that. But now here you were, standing in front of the mirror.

Taki, Hawks' cat, has entered the room and made her way to you. You got on the floor to let her lay in your lap. She enjoyed the pets you gave her and the two of you were basically crazy over each other. She stared up at you with her paws around your arm. You let out a few tears by the time you noticed she was staring at you, her claws slightly in the skin around your arm. Taki was a very smart cat, she knew when something was wrong, knew some tricks and is very comfortable around you. She basically is the perfect cat. You picked her up, carefully, and took her to the kitchen. You gave her some food, knowing that Hawks would probably be home late. She made purrs out of gratefulness and you smiled at this.

You made your way up to the bathroom to take a shower. You took your necklace off and placed it on the bedside table. As you entered the bathroom of his room, you soon noticed that Taki was already done and had crawled into the bed. 'Cute'. You turned on the shower and started undressing while waiting for the water to get nice and warm. Once you stepped under the water, a flood of thoughts hit you. 'What does the feather actually mean?', 'If it's a part of him does he feel everything that happens to it?', 'Should I even worry about this?'... As the curiosity grew, you tried to quickly wash everything off your body and stop the thoughts. You needed and wanted to know an answer to all these questions. Rather as soon as possible. You dried yourself and threw on shorts and a thank top. You got your way to the bedside table and started to experiment with the feather.


'Is she playing with the feather? That's cute' Hawks thought. If only he knew that you were stuffed with questions at the moment and tried to find answers.

You started to blow cold air on the feather, you tried to rub it. Nothing seems to have an answer for you. 'Okay, it's probably just a feather on a necklace. It's one of his definitely.', 'Why did I even think it would get me a reaction out of him?' You only had one option left that you didn't try. Lick the feather. You started to think that this was just a stupid thought of yours. But, part of you wanted to try this. Just In case. So now you ended up licking a feather, as silly as it sounds.

"Keigo, y'know, you seem quite uncomfortable. What's wrong?" Dabi asked his best friend, getting nothing as response. 'What the fuck is she doing!?' he thought to himself as he felt his warmth and lust grow. He could feel a wave of pleasure go trough his whole body. "Dabi, I have to go. See you" was all he said while leaving Dabi's apartment and leaving him completely confused. He got to his apartment as fast as possible, only to find your car in front of it. The lewd ideas going trough his head driving him crazy.

You heard the front door open, only to be closed harshly. 'Could it be-' Your thoughts got cut off by a blushing and frustrated Hawks storming into the room. Before you could process what was going on you were already pinned against the wall. "What were you doing baby bird?" he asked with a smirk on his face. When you processed what was going on and finally able to response to his question it was already to late. He crashed his soft lips against yours, your eyes widen from the sudden movement, but you shook it off and kissed back. He placed his hands on your thighs and picked you up from the floor. You threw your arms around his neck and made your legs go around his waist to pull him closer to you, leaving no space in between your bodies.

"K-keigo.." you broke off the kiss and gasped for air. "Now, now baby, why don't you call me by my name?" he said while giving you his irresistible look. Your confused face joined the party, but you tried to shake it off by giving him what he wants.


He started to attack your neck with wet kisses, not leaving a single spot untouched. He caressed your waist gently. You felt his grip tightening as he put you down. Before you knew it, you were thrown on the bed. He tugged at the hem of your shirt, "Undress" he demanded. You did as you were told while he took this opportunity to undress himself. As you both finished at the same time, he crawled on top of you kissing you rougher than before. His left hand caressed your cheek, as his right made its way down to your, now soaked cunt. (I'm so sorry) He slipped two fingers in you which caused you to moan in his mouth. This encouraged him, he picked up the speed of his fingers. His fingers curled in a way that it made them touch your g-spot. You felt the knot form in your stomach what caused you to only moan louder than before. "Ngh, daddy, I-i'm gonna-"

He cut you off and kissed you gently. You felt his fingers leave your body and you only whined at that. But the whine turned into a loud moan as he slammed his c*ck into you, he waited for a second to let you adjust to his size. You scratched his back as tears started to form in your eyes. The mixture of pain and pleasure becoming too much. He bent down to praise you, tell you that you were such a good girl for him. A sudden wave of immense pleasure hit your body. You didn't care if his neighbours heard you, the only thing you could think of was him. "A-ah, K-Keigo, faster p-please" you managed to say trough your moans. He grabbed your hips and pulled you up, he turned you around on the bed and pushed your face in his pillow. This position made him go even deeper, and you totally loved it.

He slammed into you and hit your spot immediately, your tear stained cheeks turned red and drool slipped out of your mouth. "mm, you're doing so good babybird" he groaned as he felt your walls tighten around him which let him know you were close. His hand made its way down to your swollen cl*t and rubbed it roughly in circular ways. You noticed that his thrusts got slower as his c*ck twitched. You felt the knot in your stomach come undone and released your juices and with one last rough thrust he came inside of you knowing you took the pill.

He pulled out and dropped himself next to you letting the two of you catch your breath. "Wow... that was amazing" you said while panting. He took you in his arms and cuddled you in his chest as he said "You should experiment with the feather more often"

You both chuckled at that and you felt the world slowly drift away as you fell asleep.

"I love you babybird, we'll clean up tomorrow"

Will think of ideas for the next chapter!
-1612 words
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