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"I still believe we should think this trough."

You stated as you were working on a project with your friend. You have been working for about three hours now- wait. No. It's been four hours. 'Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck' is all you could think right now. You were supposed to meet your boyfriend an hour ago. "(F/N)!," you yelled, "I HAVE TO GO!" You quickly grabbed your stuff and when you finally looked at her, you only saw her confused state.

"I'm sorry, I was supposed to be somewhere an hour ago! Can we do this project on another day?"

You made your way to their front door and took your shoes. "I'll text you!" Was all you said before pulling the door open, being met with the cold breeze. You didn't even bother at this point to put your shoes on. All you could feel and think about was pure guilt and how your precious boyfriend Oikawa must feel.

You and Oikawa have been dating for a year and 7 months now. The moment he asked you out you felt like your world got crushed, in a good way obviously. You did not expect your crush to ask you out. Obviously. And now here you were, his beautiful girlfriend. Oikawa loved you in every possible way. However sometimes you were quite insecure because of how famous he was around girls. And how girls often flirted with him while he flirted back. (No loving intentions)

You arrived at his house after 10 minutes of running. You made your way to the door but before you could knock on it Oikawa had pulled you inside.

As your arm got pulled, the actions were too quick for you to process everything in time. He pinned you to the wall and closed his door with his leg. He kept your two hands above your head with one of his while the other made its way to explore your body.
"Why're you so late"

His voice was lower than normal and also dominant other than his playful tone. You tried to find words but stayed quiet as you still didn't process the whole thing going on at the moment. Two of his fingers traced the sensitive skin of your thighs.

"Don't make me repeat myself little cutie~"

There it was, Oikawa Tooru's playful and flirty tone, that was meant for your ears and yours only. "I- I was working on a project with my f-friend.." you said when you were finally able to form a sentence. The harsh grip on your wrists and the fingers moving on your thighs had you squirming under his touch.

"hmm" he hummed, clearly not satisfied with your response. "What friend." Your heart started to beat faster with every touch. You weren't able to answer by all the sudden attention he was giving you. As he seemed to notice this, his playful smirk made its way on his face, and that's when you knew you messed up and were going to face the consequences.

He tapped at your legs telling you to jump. You jumped up, wrapping your legs around his waist. His hands started to move under your shirt. While he made his way to the bedroom you held him as if he were to drop you, which he of course wouldn't. He opened the door to his bedroom and closed it with his foot. He quickly made his way to the bed and pinned you down. He held your two hands above your hand with one of his while his other drew circles in your skin. "Tooru~ please..." He smirked at you and got up, you whined cause the little stimulation you got was gone now. You tried to get up but as if Oikawa had eyes on his back "Don't you dare to get up little cutie~ 'm not done with you yet." he said and all you could do was obey while he made his way to the closet. He came back with a small black box with letters on that said. 'For my little cutie'

You felt your heart warm up at the cute box but that feeling soon got away as he opened it. All you could find in the box were toys, handcuffs and rope. He took out the rope out of the box and tied your hands to the bed. "W-Wait-" as you were about to complain Oikawa shoved his hand in your panties and started rubbing your clit fast. He looked at your face smirking while you were moaning loud unable to hold it back, it took everything to not give in to his little game but he was pleasuring you too much for that. "Nggh, Tooru, wait is too much!" you moaned, "What? I can't hear you cutie.." He took his hand out of your panties and got off of you again. He went to the door and you were asking him where he was going but got no reply.

Oikawa was going downstairs, you started wondering why he left you after putting up such a show. But before you could think more he was back already, he was holding a bowl with ice cubes in it. The sight of you in only your shirt and panties turned him on more than he would want to admit. He came over to you on the bed and crawled over you. He let your hands out of the rope to get your shirt off and then tied you back. He let his fingers draw circles in your skin, he took piece of ice and placed it between your breasts. "F-fuck...." you gasped at the coldness of the little cube. He moved it down to your stomach and let it wander around a bit. Your hands tugging at the rope that it could rip. "If you rip the rope I won't be happy with you" When he finished his sentence he immediately slipped the ice cube in your panties making you arch your back from the sensation. Oikawa took another cube and placed it in his mouth and took the other one away from you. His face got closer to yours and his soft lips captured yours in a passionate kiss.

He licked your bottom lip asking for permission, but you wanted to play around and deny it. He broke the kiss and looked at you, you could see the hint of darkness in his eyes while he started to rub your clit in fast motions making you gasp. He took this opportunity to roughly kiss you again and slip the ice cube in your mouth, tongues swirling around each other. He started to kiss down your neck and to your breasts. He gave them just a little attention, but they were not where he wanted to pleasure you. He kissed your stomach and made his way down to your womanhood. He slid off your panties and hovered over your pussy (god I'm so sorry) He licked slowly between you folds and rubbed your clit roughly with his thumb. Your legs shaky, the sound of your moans and erotic wet noises filled the room. As Oikawa started to thrust his tongue in and out of you he held your stomach and pushed you down so that you wouldn't move too much. The ice melted in your mouth and your tongue felt frozen, but you somehow spoke up. "T-tooruu," you whined "I-i'm gonna-" he cut you off with "Cum for me princess, 're you gonna cum for me?" As you quickly nodded your head in a yes motion he removed his tongue and replaced it with his fingers. Thrusting in and out of you fast, his tongue swirled around your sensitive bud in ways you can't even imagine.
"W-wait, it's to-too much- stop! I'm gonna" and with that his movements didn't stop, he picked up speed if that was even possible.

You came in his precious mouth, his tongue making sure to not let anything spill. He seemed pretty satisfied now and playfully put another ice cube on your stomach. You moaned at the sudden coldness and he smirked "Oops~" he smirked. Your curses to him weren't loud but not silent either.
"What'd you say cutie" he said while he placed the cube on your clit.

"You know I could tease you all day~"

But to say as much as Oikawa loved to tease you, he still had some human inside of him.


After care

It was 9AM, you weren't a morning person. At all. But somehow you managed to wake up so early.

Oikawa laid behind you, arms wrapped around you, both your legs and Oikawa's intertwined with each other.
You turned around and looked at his sleeping face. 'How did I deserve this bastard, he's so cute' you thought. Oikawa hugged you tighter which let you know that he would wake up soon.

Before he would wake up you tried to get up and run away but Oikawa quickly grabbed you and started to tickle you. You started to giggle, loud. "Don't run from me, princess" As you giggled even more a chuckle was heard from him. You were squirming under his touch and he loved that. He loved teasing you. And this for sure wouldn't be the last time he would do that.

"Hey y/n?"


Oikawa called you nicknames almost every single day that whenever he used your real name you just started panicking.

He laughed at your sudden outburst and placed a kiss on your head.

"Nothing cutie, it's just.. I love you"

"You scared me you know!" You said playfully punching him. "Auwch" he said not being able to stay serious as you both laughed. "Hey,"

"I love you too"


Okay this didn't go as smooth as I thought it would, but here you go ^3^.
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