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My Life Savior | S.Todoroki x Reader


(y/n) has a powerful quirk, which caused many people to be interested on it. One of them was her adoptive father. At the age of five, when (y/n) manifested her quirk, the experiments started. When she finally turned 15, he convinced her to go to the famous hero academia UA, the best highschool for future heroes, as a spy for him and his other 'friends'. But deep down, (y/n) actually wanted to be a hero. But what will happen when a boy with split hair and heterochromatic eyes enter her life? Will he be on her side or an opponent? ⚠️WARNING⚠️ this book will contain angst scenes, swearing, and generally adult content, so I'll put warnings in the chapters which will have them, if you're too sensitive to read. ALSO I do NOT own Boku no Hero academia, the characters, nor the pictures. CRINGE WARNING This story was originally posted on Wattpad, but I decided to upload it to some other reading apps too! I hope you like my story :)

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(y/n): your name
(l/n): last name
(e/c): eye color
(h/c): hair color
(h/l): hair length
(s/t): skin tone
(f/c): favourite color
(f/f): favourite food

Quirk: Elements
Quirk Information:
The user can manipulate all 4 elements (air/water/fire/earth) including lighting. [(y/n) is currently learning how to blood and metal bend]

If the user overuse their quirk, they get dizzy and faint. Sometimes they might get a bloody nose, or a high fever.

Character’s Backstory:
As far as (y/n) remember, she was adopted by a couple and never learned who her biological parents were.
Some years after (y/n) was adopted by the family with the two parents and two kids, the couple broke up, leaving (y/n) with the man called ‘father’. Him and she travelled from Australia to Japan, where the man had some ‘work’ to do, as he told to (y/n). When she manifested her quirk at the age of five, he finally showed his true self, and started making experiments on (y/n), saying that he had to do them, so he could ‘protect’ her by learning more about her quirk, called elements. Obviously, it was a lie, but little (y/n) didn’t understand it.

But all changed as she grew older and started thinking on her own...

A/N: Hey guys!! This is my first fanfic, so I hope you’ll like it! Sorry if you see any grammar or vocabulary mistakes, I’m trying my best, ’cause English isn’t my mother tongue! Also if u have some ideas about the continue chapters, feel free to inform me in the comments and I’ll try my best to write them in the future chapters!!
Have a nice day and Plus Ultra!❤️ ❄🔥

Cover story’s by k1tti3-l0lz <3


(297 words)

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