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My Life Savior | S.Todoroki x Reader


(Y/N)’S POV:

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm going off and I immediately turned it off. With a yawn I got up and did my morning routine. Took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and hair and put on my uniform. Before I left my bedroom, I glanced at myself in the mirror. Thank God I put some leggings under my uniform skirt, otherwise my scars would be visible. I just hope I don’t get dress coded. With that, I started making my way downstairs, tip-toeing, hoping that he wouldn’t wake up. I put on my shoes and as I was about to walk out of the door..

“Where do u think you’re going” said the voice of the man, whose I didn’t want to hear that morning.

“I’m going to school, today’s the first day, remember?” I replied.

“Oh yeah I forgot, we’ll be back as soon as your classes are over, or you know the punishment.” he said

“Y-yes sir” I responded quickly, while cursing myself inside for stuttering in front of him.

“Now now, no need to be formal, what have we talked about huh?” He said with a rather harsh than sweet voice.

“Yes father” I corrected myself.

“That’s right, now go, you don’t want to be late do you?”

“Of course not father” I responded cringing with the word ‘father’

“Remember, you going there is not to become a hero or bullshit, you’re going there so you get information about All Might, got it scum?” he said while giving me a ‘smile’ faker than my fake gucci flip flops.

“Yes father” I replied

And with that, I left and head to the train station that wasn’t to far from the house. Well, even though it’s close to the train station, it’s quite far away from my high school, but ‘father’ insisted me going there, because they wanted me to collect information for him and his ‘buddies’. Let’s just say, the man who I’m forced to call father isn’t exactly the best one around, but I always think that some parents kill their own children, so I can’t say that he’s the worst.

I got off the train, and made my way to my new highschool. Anxiety started taking over me as negative thoughts surrounded my head. ‘What if they don’t like you?’ ‘What if they think you’re a weirdo or even worse, the weird quiet kid in the class?’ What if they are like the kids from middle school?′ ‘What if they’re like THAT one kid in middle school?’ I flinched as I remembered my old classmate. And then I thought.., ‘What if he’s in this school? I’m pretty sure that he wanted to attend the same with me..-’ my thoughts were cut off as I reached the gated of my new highschool.
I looked up and saw a huge sigh that had two giant letters on it. “UA” I read and I took a big breath.

“You’ll be fine (y/n), all you have to do is breathe” I said to trying to calm myself down but with no result.
As I was about to start walking, a hand reached out and touched my shoulder, making me jump in response. When I turned around, I saw a pretty girl with pink hair, and pink skin, with horns on her head, and black eyes with yellow iris.

“Eek! Sorry if i scared you! I saw that you were a little nervous so I thought that I should introduce myself to you! My name’s Mina Ashido but you can call me Mina!” said the girl that I just met.

“My name’s (y/n) (l/n), but you can call me (y/n), no need to be formal” I said, giving a small smile at the happy girl. Her eyes seemed to light up as I spoke to her, which made me blush from embarrassment, thinking that I said something wrong, but my thoughts were cut off when she started talking again..

“Oh my gosh you’re SO CUTE! I love how shy you are! Well if you don’t mind answering, what class are you in?” she said as I could feel the positive aura coming from her.

“Oh uh thanks, you’re cute too I like your little horns” I said with a giggle, on which she responded with a close eyed smile, which made me relax.

“Well if I remember correctly, I’m in class 1a hero course, what about you?” I asked the girl and started walking with her into the school.

“You’re kidding, I’m on class 1a too! I’m sooo happy that we will be in the same class, you seem chill” she said and I giggled in response, trying not to show the blush from the complement. I wasn’t used to people complementing me, I was always told that I was useless and unworthy.

“I think that’s our class (y/n)!” said Mina, as I snapped out of my thoughts, and looked up to come face to face with a HUGE door that said ‘1a’ in big letters.

“Why is this door SO big?!” I asked quite loudly making some students from the halls to turn their attention to me.

“Idk, it might be someone’s quirk, they might be like titans from AOT” said Mina. I looked at her shocked as she new one of my favorites animes.

“Wait you watch AOT?! It’s like one of my favorite animes, if not my favorite!” I said to Mina, and she immediately turned to me with wide eyes and started screaming.

“OMFG I FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE TO TALK ABOUT IT!! ALL OF MY FRIENDS SAY THAT ANIME IS TRASH AND I WAS SO IRRITATED!!” she yelled as she hugged me pretty hard, making me unable to breath, but as soon as she noticed, she unwrapped me from the hug, laughing nervously and apologizing.

“It’s okay Mina, don’t worry about it! But the real question is, WHO IS YOUR FAV CHARACTER IN AOT?!” I asked her quite excited her for her answer.

“GIRL WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?! OF COURSE LEVI!” she said and I started jumping around, hearing the name of my also favorite character in the anime.

“YASS GIRL!” I said

“Well I think that we should go to the classroom before it’s too late and get detention on the first day.” She said while giggling.

As I thought that I would be late to return home if we got detention, I grapped Mina’s wrist and dragged her to the door, but stopping before I could open it, stress making its way through my whole body, making me shake a little.

Mina notices how nervous I was, patted my shoulder with her hand, and gave me a warm smile, which I returned.

As Mina was about to open the door, I thought to myself “everything’s gonna be fine, you already have someone that you can call a ‘friend’, at least that’s what you think so”

As Mina and I walked in the classroom, I looked at the students that where in little groups, meeting new people. As I looked at everyone’s faces, I made eye contact with a familiar per of crimson red eyes, and my face paled immediately.

“Oh hell no” I whispered loud enough only Mina to hear, who was standing next to me.

Mina turned around to see where that voice came from, and as soon as she saw the expression in my face she placed her hand on my shoulder and asked.

“(y/n), what’s wrong?” She asked

The ash blonde boy stood up from his seat, starring directly in my eyes, a look of regret, guilt and sadness on his look, and started making his way to me and my friend, while keeping the eye contact.

As soon as I saw that he was coming, I stepped back. I suddenly felt numb and started falling, but right before I could fall into the cold ground, a strong per of arms caught me. As I was about to look up and thank the person that caught me and save me from a rough fall, everything went black.

A/N: Hey guyss!! I hope u like this chapter! Have a nice day and Plus Ultra! ❄🔥


(1382 words)

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