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ICARUS - Hawks x Reader


"Icarus flew too close to the sun, but at least he flew." -Jeremy Robert Johnson He was your Icarus, and you were his sun. That's how you saw it, anyway. Together, you formed the wings that would carry you to the top of the world...and then you'd both come crashing down... (descriptions are the death of me RIP) ⚠WARNINGS⚠ •Sexual Content •Coarse Language •Drug References •Adult themes •ANGST My Hero Academia/Hawks © Kohei Horikoshi Fan Fiction written by WombatSquid Cover created by the amazing Condensed_milku

Drama / Other
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"All limits are self imposed."

Those words rang through my head every moment of every day. Not just the words, but the man who had spoken them that silent, overcast night. I could never forget that lopsided, almost sly smirk, nor the way his hooded eyes sparked with something that surpassed mischief.

If only I had ignored him...

Icarus; the man who had flown too close to the sun. He was embodied within that man, and he was embodied within myself. We were the wings formed from wax and feathers, and together we reached heights that no man nor woman had ever even dreamed of.

...And together, we fell...

A tragically beautiful freefall that would end in nothing but pain and suffering. Regrets and mistakes that were memories made; paving our path towards a bittersweet end.

He could see the light in me, and in return, I could see the darkness that overshadowed him. That's where I had gone wrong. I hadn't done enough to keep him closer to the ground. I hadn't done anything...

...and now...

There had been countless warnings. People tried to save us from the inevitable, but we were flying too fast. We were too high to pay any mind, and that's why...

...that's why...

We were both Icarus, and we were each others sun. Young, naive and headstrong. As careless as they came. He was smart, yet cocky, and I was merely stubborn and brash. We played the lead in a wretched, repetitive tale.

I can still remember how his wings would glow in morning light; a deep, passionate vermilion that would soon symbolise everything that tore us down. It was no longer a colour of power, but a colour of loss. We were gods that fell from grace; we had plenty to show for it, but no matter how many lives we had saved, we could never be saved from ourselves.

We became Icarus...

...and Icarus flew too close to the sun...


...at least he flew...

***It's going to take me a millennia to post all of the chapters, ugh. Dammit, Wattpad, for turning to sh!t.***

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