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Just a bunch of head cannons of the Genshin impact characters with their s/o

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Rika kawai
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Cuddling head cannons (mondstadt editions)

Albedo isn't the biggest cuddler, but when it comes to his s/o he can't get enough of it when they use his lap as a pillow when he's working. Sometimes running his hands through their hair helps him concentrate.

Amber is the type to fall asleep on someone's shoulder or lap. She doesn't notice it until she wakes up afterwards either. She enjoys it when she falls asleep holding hands too.

Barbara adores it when her s/o lays down and let's her rest her head on their chest whilst having one arm around her. She apologised afterwards if their arm gets numb or she sleep talks.

Poor Bennett just wants any sort of cuddle. He never thought he'd be lucky enough to get a s/o as is, so when he gets a hug or a cuddling session with them he gets extremely happy. His favourite is actually being the big spoon, because then he feels secure like his s/o cannot disappear.

If Diluc gets the time to cuddle his s/o, he likes to be the big spoon as well. He likes to nuzzle his face in their neck and could spend months in the same position.

Fischl likes to be the small spoon, and it's even better when her s/o has their arms around her hips and holding her close. She also enjoys to have her face in their chest.

If Jean isn't busy, she likes to be sat on her s/o lap and keep her head in their shoulder. Sometimes, she cuddles like this whilst working and it's a big stress relief just to be held.

Hoooo boy. We know Kaeya is the biggest flirt and naturally he wants to cuddle his s/o every way possible. Whilst he doesn't have a specific favourite, he likes to have his arms around his s/o hips.

Lisa likes it when her s/o rests their head on her chest. Simple as that. It doesn't matter how they cuddle her, as long as it's like that.

Mona is similar to Lisa, but likes to be able to play with her s/o hair at the same time. Big plus if they play with her hair too.

Simply whatever makes her s/0 the happiest, but my goodness if they put her arms around her shoulders from behind and praise her she will fall head over heals- saying she already wasn't.

Razor isn't much of a cuddler, so he likes to sleep back to back with his s/o and have their backs touching. He enjoys it if you play with his hair randomly when you two are sitting together.

Sucrose was nervous to cuddle at first but when she broke down that wall she will always ask for a hug or cuddle from her s/o. She loves it the most when she's sitting next to her s/o and lags her head on their arm.

Venti likes to sit and have his s/o lay on his lap. He will chat and tell stories for ages, or even play them a lullaby.
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