Psycho (sangwoo x insane reader)


Y/n and sangwoo were childhood friends but now y/n is mental insane and sangwoo has some trauma.

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"Sangwoo" i sang calling him running to his room from the front door were our mothers talked. I run into his room and saw him playing with his toys.

"Y/n" he cheered jumping into my arms. He hugged for a while and after that he closed his door and sat me down wanting to tell me something. Normally he would never open up and let me do all the talking but today was different.

"What do you want to talk about" i asked grabbing my juice from my little bookbag i had and drinking it.

"Well i don't know if i can say this but when daddy was gonna i saw mom with another man." He said looking at the floor leaving me with a shocked expression. I could believe that his mom would cheat on his dad.

"Have you told your dad" i asked him and he just nods no. "Well why not" i said getting angry "because i don't want daddy to hit mom again.

"Okay" i said hugging him and rubbing his back when my mom called me and sangwoo downstairs.

"Yes" we said in unison.

"We need to talk to you" my mom said patting the seat next to her so we can sit down. Me and sangwoo sat next to each other since he really didn't want to sit with his mom.

"Okay sangwoo y/n we are moving to japan" my mom said making jazz hands. I was shocked and so was sangwoo. I had to leave my best friend and who know for how long.

"No mom i don't want to leave him" i said crying hugging sangwoo, he had no emotion on his face he was just blank. My mom tried to comfort me but it didn't work i just continue crying because he was the only one that never judge me. Even if i was a little weird or crazy he never judge me not once.


"Okay say goodbye" my mom said pushing me toward sangwoo.

"Okay" i sniffled wiping my tears and rubbing my eyes. I walk over to him and hug him and whisper "I'll come back to you i promise" i held out my pinky and he took it shaking my hand up and down with his.

"Bye" i waved walking back to my mom and putting my shoes on. Leaving for what i know as forever.



" Ahh finally back" i said sniffling the fresh air of korea. I take my phone out and walk out of the train station.

f̺͆i̺͆n̺͆d̺͆ h̺͆i̺͆m̺͆

I smirk at the thoughts in my head and i make my way to the street and call a cab. After the ride I give the man his payment and walk up to the gate of the house and open it. I make my way up to the door and knock three times. Then he opens the door.

"Who are you and why are you here" he asked not recognizing me

"Awe is that how you speak to an old friend" I said smirk pushing him out of the way and walking in.

" It's me y/n " I said rubbing my hand on his cheek "I'm back" I said smirking. He didn't even say anything he just stood there shocked not knowing what to say.

"Where is that cheating mom of yours" I said walking around looking at how the place looks the exact same.

"Dead" he said still standing at the door.

"Oh how sad" I said making my way into the kitchen. I make it into the kitchen and sangwoo follows. Crash.

"The fuck is that" I said getting up going toward the front of the house.

"It's nothing" he said trying to keep cool but I know when he is lying. I heard the noise again and I lead into a room and in a closet.

"Stop don't go down there" he said trying to grab my arm but I pull it back and open the latch and make my way down the stairs.

A girl.

She is laying there with nothing on but underwear and is tied up. I walk over to her and I hear sangwoo behind grabbing something.

" Your so pretty" I said removing he blind fold and caressing her cheek. "Sangwoo why didn't you let me you keep girls in your basement" I said standing up and walking over to him and wrapping my arms around his waist and leaning my head on his shoulder. He stiffen up to my touch.

"Yeah had her for 2 weeks" he said placing down the baseball. I just nod and walk back up stairs leaving him down there.

"NO DON'T LEAVE ME WITH HIM" the girl cried out from downstairs, I just smirk and continue walking back up stairs.

T̺͆h̺͆i̺͆s̺͆ i̺͆s̺͆ g̺͆o̺͆i̺͆n̺͆g̺͆ t̺͆o̺͆ b̺͆e̺͆ f̺͆u̺͆n̺͆

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