Psycho (sangwoo x insane reader)


"Ou sangwoo let me play with the new one" i said jumping on his arm as the girl coward in the corner crying. He sighs and give me the knife. I start smiling and start walking towards her when the voices in my head when off.

K̺͆I̺͆L̺͆L̺͆ H̺͆E̺͆R̺͆

C̸U̸T̸ H̸E̸R̸

ꎭꍏꀘꏂ ꀍꏂꋪ ꌃ꒒ꏂꏂꀷ

爪卂Ҝ乇 卄乇尺 匚尺ㄚ

ርሁፕ ዘቿዪ

የሁረረ ዐሁፕ ዘቿዪ ፕቿቿፕዘ

"As you wish" i whisper grabbing her and pushing her to the ground straddling her. I watched her whimper and crying under me. I made me feel powerful.

"No please don't kill me" she begged.

"Ahh yes beg" i said lean towards her ear when got silent which made me angry. I hate it when people don't listen to me or do as i say.

"I SAID BEG BITCH" i spat in her face which made are start begging more and crying.

"So pathetic" i said laughing grabbing arm and holding it down. I place the knife to her forearm and began sawing away at her skin. The blood squirt all over me face and her scream were like heaven for me.

"Sangwoo look" i said laughing turning toward where he was when i notice he isn't there anymore. Which made mr angry since he is probably with that whore of a man upstairs. I stop cutting the girl leaving her arm almost off but not completely. I tied he up and drop the knife and went up stairs.

They were kissing.

I'm so shocked that all i do is go back downstairs and start crying.

Why is he kissing him?

Am i not good enough?

Im a girl and he is a boy

He is mine

Why doesn't he love me

Is he gay?

I walk over to the girl who is still crying and grab the knife and start stabbing he in the stomach and face and legs. After she is dead i rip out her stomach and pull out her guts and laid them on the floor. In neat piles. As i sit i her pile of blood i continue crying and asking myself why? Why does he love me? I killed this girl for him and he still doesn't love me.

"Wow" i heard from behind me also with clapping. I look back and see sangwoo stand there with yoonbum at his feet. I dont even say anything i just go up stairs and strip my clothes and grab bleach and go to my room. I head to the bathroom and throw my clothes into the shower and pour bleach all over them.

After i finished cleaning i go put on sangwoo sweats and a tight shirt and head back downstairs. I see that sangwoo is in the basement and yoonbum is in the kitchen. I go into the kitchen and go up to him.

"Hey look at me" i said startling him and he turned around. I grab the knife from the counter next to me and hold it up to his neck.

"You are pathetic" i spat at him "do you really think he would ever love you" i continue and he started cry and i dug the knife deep into his neck drawing blood.

"Yeah that's right cry for me" i whisper in his ear "you look pretty when you cry" i said and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. I removed the knife and placed back on the counter and sat back in the chair watching him cry and turn around.

"Hey y/n come here" sangwoo called from the basement. I yell 'im coming' and leave the kitchen.

"What's up?" I asked him and i look at his shirtless body covered in sweat and blood. Honestly making me horny.

"Grab the bag over there and my other knife" he said and i walked over to his table of tools and picked out the nicest knife. I hand him the knife and he makes me hold the bag. He cuts he limbs off and slide them of of her bone and crushing the bone. After he has he sliced up he puts her meat into a blender and blend it to a paste. Then pours it into the bag.

"Sangwoo you look so good right" i said

"Really?" He said walking up to me placing his blood covered hand on my lower back and pulled me toward his bare body.

"Yeah" i said going in for a kiss "i want you to fuck me" i whispered in his ear.

"Alright" he answered picking me up with my legs wrap around his waist and his hands on my ass. I wrap my arms around his neck and start kissing and leaving hickeys all over his chest and neck.

When we get upstairs he lays me down on the futon and lifts up my shirt leaving hickeys and kiss all over.

"Fuck hurry" i whine

"Alright but no promises i will go easy on you.

A/n if you wanna be bestie my insta is @irregularsquare

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