Psycho (sangwoo x insane reader)


I get on top of him and remove my shirt and watch his eyes move to my breast since i didn't have a bra on. He sits up with me still on his lap and start kissing and licking on my chest.

He flips me over so now he is on top and im on the bottom. I grab his face and start kissing all over his face. He pulls my pants off and moved down to my thighs. He licks over mt clit, i throw my head back in pleasure. He starts sucking and pushing his tongue inside.

"Fuck" i said placing my hands on his head basically riding his face. He stops and moves up to my face kissing me making me taste myself. He pulls he pants off and pulls out his dick. Which is huge my hands can't even wrap all the way around it. He starts rubbing his tip on my clit before he pushed it in.

"Fuck" i moan with tears forming in my eyes from the pressure. He starts moving faster holding my waist for support. He hold his back and leave scratches all over it.

"Fuck im gonna cum" i moan

"Hold it" he said turning me over so now im on my knees and my head is on the ground but I'm faces the door. As he is pounding me from the back i notice yoonbum watching us. When he see me notice him he immediately blush and hide his face.

"Come here" i called to him making sangwoo look up and see yoonbum watching us. When he crawls in he sits in front of me.

"Your a pervert aren't you?" I moan as sangwoo grabs my hips slamming his self into me. He doesn't answer which make me kinda angry since he does it all the time. Looking down like a bitch.

"Sangwoo i wanna get on top" i said moving him under and sit back on his dick. I start riding him keeping eye contact with yoonbum. He starts staring at my boobs move up and down.

"Touch them" sangwoo says holding my waist pushing into me. Yoonbum grabs my boobs and plays with them.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum" i said moving faster. Sangwoo grabs my hips and hold them in place and start ramming into me.

"Fuck fuck im cumming" i moan grabbing his shoulders for support.

"Me too" he said continue ramming in to me and then releasing on my stomach. Yoonbum lets go of my boobs and places his hand in his lap and holds his head down.


"Im going to shower" sangwoo said leaving me and yoonbum in the room by our selfs.

"Your such a perv watching us like that" i said crawl over to him while still naked. He tries no to look at my body.

"ANSWER ME" i said grabbing his neck and making him look at me.

"N-no i just heard something" he stammer trying not to look away. I just hummed in response.

"Sangwoo should just kill you , your not that entertaining but whatever" i said getting up and walking out of the room and to the kitchen to get some ice cream. I hear sangwoo come out of the shower with his towel hanging low on his waist exposing his v- line. I start eating my ice cream and looking around the kitchen.

"Yoonbum come here" i called to him. I see him crawl out of the room and into the kitchen.

"Yes?" He asks looking me in the eyes catching me off guard. He's finally learned.

"Wanna shower with me you need one" i asked him placing my ice cream down and kneeling next to him.

"N-no thank you" he says removing his eyes from my mine. I stand up and grab his arm and pull him into the bathroom throwing him up against the bathtub.

"Strip" i said drawing us a bath. He does what i say and has trouble taking off his skirt.

"Ugh it doesn't take that long" i say turning to him and lifting him up and pulling the skirt off and placing him in the water. Then i get in myself.

"You know, you look a lot like his mom" i said pulling his face to mine examining him.

"R-really?" He asks.

"Yeah also you should stop stuttering its not cute" i said leaning back against the wall cleaning my nails.

"Okay" he answer holding his head down. I'm surprise he hasn't tried to leave yet.

H̺͆E̺͆ I̺͆S̺͆


E̺͆V̺͆E̺͆N̺͆ I̺͆F̺͆


S̺͆O̺͆ D̺͆U̺͆M̺͆B̺͆

J̺͆U̺͆S̺͆T̺͆ D̺͆I̺͆E̺͆ A̺͆L̺͆R̺͆E̺͆A̺͆D̺͆Y̺͆

I start laughing at my own head. Yoonbum starts looking at me.

"What ya wanna have sex or something?" I ask him making him turn his head immediately.

"Your so cute when you don't stink you know?" I ask him getting up and out of the bath.

"No" he said trying to get out of the bath but can't. I go over and help him out of the bath and helo him get dress.

"Sangwoo should really kill you, you look like his cheating ass mother" i said placing him back on the floor and walking upstairs to get dressed.

"Hey yoonbum come here" i hear sangwoo say before it starta getting muffled and then i hear slaps and punches also screaming. I laugh at the sound and continue to get dressed.

"Y/n im leaving watch him" sangwoo said before i heard the door close. 'Dammit got roach dutie' i thought then laughed at my own joke.

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