Psycho (sangwoo x insane reader)


I need to kill him. I walk downstairs to the room they are sleeping in and stand in the doorway. Just looking at how yoonbum was in his arms where i should be. I walk to the kitchen and grab my favorite knife. I walk back to the room and go in and stand over them. I wake up yoonbum by picking him up. I take him into the kitchen and throw him on the floor.

"You think you can take him away from me?" I asked him pulling him up by his hair and bring the knife up into the air. "Say hi to my mom for me" i said bring the knife down but before it could pierce his skin sangwoo came and grabbed both of my arms.

"LET ME GO" i cry out of frustration and moving arm causing us to fall down. But he doesn't let me go.

"Y/N STOP" he yelled try to contain me

"NO LET ME GO" i continue crying


"THAT FUCKING ASSHOLE IS TAKING YOU AWAY FROM ME" i cried and just stayed limp in his arms "he took you away from me i was here first" i cried in his arms.

"That's why i have to kill him" i said leaping out of sangwoo arms and going for yoonbum throat chocking him. As he gasps for air i get pulled away from his by my waist. Sangwoo is taking down to the basement.

"NO NO DON'T TAKE ME DOWN THERE I WILL BE GOOD I PROMISE" i cried out trying to hold on to him but he pulls me off and throws me on the basement floor.

"DON'T LEAVE ME HERE" i cried out trying to go up the stair behind him but he pushes me down and chains me up uses the same chains he put on yoonbum.

"We are no longer friends" he said before closing the door leaving me in the dark.

"IM SORRY" i cried out hoping he would come back and get me. But it never happened.


3 days later

"Here" sangwoo said throwning food at me

"I don't want it" i said turning the other way

"Fucking Christ y/n just eat it." He yelled turning me over and trying to feed me

"NO I DON'T WANT YOU PITY FOOD" i yelled in his face " go give it to your boyfriend im sure he will eat it"

Just like that he left not feeling one thing. I gave up everything for him. I killed my mom for him. I gave him my virginity. I killed someone for him. I did everything. For him.

I just silent cry myself to sleep.

Im awoken by water splashing on me. Sangwoo unties me and carries me up stairs in into the bathroom. He takes off my clothes and puts me in the bath and bathes me. I hadn't said not one word to him.

"You can stay up here with us or you can be a brat and go downstairs." He said. "I rather go back than live with your boy toy" i spat at him.

And that's just what i did, i went back into the basement. I know he feels just a little remorse for me. I start humming the song that our mothers use to sing for use when we were childern. He locks eyes with me watching me cry and just turns around doing nothing.

"Im sorry" i whispered

"What?" He said turning from the pile of bones he is crushing up.

"Im sorry for act the way i did" i said knowing i was lying. He walked over to me and grabbed my face with his blood hands. And kiss me. He kissed me on the lips.

"Your forgive" he said unchaining me. I was caught off guard but i go upstairs and immediately go to my room and shut the door. I grab my notebook and make an entry.


Today is the day that i have been release from the basement. Which is surprising considering he also forgave me. But the most important thing is that he kissed me. But it's very gross since he probably had kiss his boy toy downstairs multiple times. Absolutely disgusting. I really want to kill him but i can't because i want sangwoo to love me. Even so we've killed people together. Even when we were childern sangwoo would watch me kill little helpless animal. So im sure he loves me but he just doesn't know it yet.

-love y/n

I finished writing down in my notebook and put it under my pillow. I het changed and go to sleep thinking of my love.


"I'm leaving" i heard sangwoo say before the door closed. I go to leave the room when i couldn't. The door was jammed. I was stuck in the room. While he was chained up downstairs. I kick and bang on the door but nothing worked. I was stuck.

Let me out.

It replayed in my mind over and over again. I just needed to get out but i couldn't. I was stuck in my head with these voices.


"I brought you a present" i heard sangwoo say from downstairs.

"Its a trash bag" i also heard yoonbum speak. He should be grateful no matter what it is.

"Sangwoo please!" I heard from downstairs. I wonder what's going on. I know i shouldn't be jealous of a roach but he is taking my sangwoo away from me leaving me stuck. Stuck upstairs in his room where we use to play together.

"I also brought you crutches" i heard. Is he planning on taking him out and leaving me here. On a date?

"SANGWOO LET ME OUT" i bang on the door leaving dents in it. Nothing. Not one word. But the front door closing. That bitch. Its his fault. Im going to kill him. And feed sangwoo his remains. Since he likes him so much.


This got kinda dark lol but im obviously not really going off the same script because uh copyright so yuh tell me how i did😻

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