Psycho (sangwoo x insane reader)


"let's go" i hear sangwoo from outside the door "get dressed" i do as he says and get dress. I put on a long sleeve black shirt with a white skirt and some black stocking. I put my hair up into a ponytail and grab my coat. i leave the room and go down the stairs to see sangwoo and yoonbum wait for me. i ignore yoonbum and put my shoes on and walk out the house.

"get in" sangwoo said to both of us making me sit in the back. Annoying. The ride wasn't that long, we made it to some concert place and he made us sit in the back. after awhile he came on stage with a girl. She was pretty too. is that he girlfriend. did he use me. is he going to make me leave. thoughts. thoughts running through my head.

they started singing together. she was messing up making him look bad but he saved her by singing her part. in made me angry. i grabbed yoonbums hand and we went to the bathroom. i did not want to see or hear that anymore. after a little bit i heard the audience clap so i knew he was done. he came in the bathroom looking for us.

"why did you leave?" he asked trying not to yell

"because i didn't want to hear it anymore" he said pouting and turning my head looking the other way.

"come on" he sighed grabbing our hands and pulling us towards a bar. A table full of what it looks like his friends.

"Ahh guys these are my friends" sangwoo says sitting in a sit and we do the same. We earn dirty looks a snickers from the girls there. i mean we did look really skinny and pale due to not eating well. i would laugh at us too.

"introduce yourselves" sangwoo said

"im yoonbum" yoonbum said holding his head down

"i'm y-"

"hey your skinny" a girl said interupting me

"bitch let me finish i wasn't down talking, also don't talk about him when your makeup is cakey as fuck" i spat at her leaving her speech less. sangwoo and the other boys laughed , i caught a look a yoonbum and he was blushing.

"sangwooo it not funny" she said trying to flirt with him by leaning her head on his shoulder. I kick sangwoo leg a little to get his attention.

"what" he mouthed "stop get her off of you" i mouthed back but he didn't listen.

"hey are you guys dating" the girls friend asked pointing at me and yoonbum

"no but what's it to you?" i asked giving her a dirty look

"because he keeps looking at your tits" she laughed

"so..? what about i honestly didn't care" i lied, i did care. i didnt want him looking at my tits, thats weird. i place my hand on his thigh and grip it tight making him look up a bit. "stop" i whispered, he just nodded

"i need to use the restroom" yoonnbum asked sangwoo. he nodded and yoonbum climbed over me and sangwoo's other friend. sangwoo wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close. i got a dirty look from the girl that was all over him but i didn't care. i knew he was mine and that's it.

"wanna play a game?" he whispered in my ear making me smile knowing what he was talking about.

"of course" i whispered back. then i kissed his ear before pulling back getting a smile out of him.

"i'll be back" sangwoo said getting up and out of his seat

"this bitch" the girl said grabbing me up by my collar "he is mine and i'm going to be his girl friend" he said and i just laughed in he face slowly grabbing a knife.

"no you listen here slut" i said bring the knife up to her face "he is already mine, and if you get close to him again i will cut your slutty cakey face" i said bringing the knife down from his trembling face and sitting back in my sit. "okay bestie" i said with the most calm face ever.

"Y/n come im taking you home" sangwoo said coming back to the table grabbing my arm. I got excited because i wonder what game we were going to play. After today I've learned that it is yoonbum is kinda cool. I guess i could bot try and kill him but learn to love him. We could all be a beautiful couple. We may have our own problems but we manage.

Once we make it to the house sangwoo instructed us to wait in the closet until he go back. And that's just what did.

"Yoonbum~" i call him crawling his way

"Y-yes" he said looking down. I grab his face and give him a kiss on the cheek. And go up to his ear planting kisses.

"We can share him" i whisper in his ear leaving him flustered as i pull back. When i look out the closet door i can seen that bitch and sangwoo. Having sex. Me and yoonbum were shocked to see him with another women.

"Wait i can't my legs" she moaned. I almost threw up. He moved her next to the closet. Fucking her while watching us. It was disgusting.

"Why were you angry earlier" sangwoo asked the girl

"Huh?" She replied

"At y/n and bum" he continued

"Because he was skinny and ugly. His legs are limp and y/n she was all over you and she was ugly" she went on making me angry. I grab yoonbum head and laid it on my chest.

"Its alright she won't talk about anyone ever again." I said stroking his hair.

"Wow did you hear that" sangwoo said

"What?" The girl said

"Your dumb bitch y/n and bum are here" he said opening the closet door exposing us. She screamed and tried to leave the house but sangwoo grab her.

"Where are you going we were having sex?" He said grabbing he by her hair.

"Can you move?" He said to me and yoonbum. He opened the door to the basement and walked her down. When he had her chained up he came back up for us and helped us down to the basement.

"Time for your game" he said to me. I got excited.


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