The Night That Changed Everything~ Bughead

Chapter Six

"So deep down I have always been jealous Archie I replied and Betty's face was confused. She said what do you mean? I said the reason I have always been jealous of Archie is because I liked you an do was going to ask you out to Pop's but a week later Archie did. You were so happy together and I wanted you to be happy but it pained me to see you guys together. A couple weeks ago what I said under my breath was wow I've always wanted this."

Betty's POV-
Wow Jughead Jones, Archie best friend just said that he had been jealous of Archie and liked me I was confused but kinda happy to know that someone actually cared about me.
I asked him "Do you still like me now?" He replied with "Does this answer your question?" and kisses me.

Jughead's POV-
I couldn't resist I just had to kiss her I knew it was wrong because Archie had just cheated on her. We kiss for a couple seconds but then she pulled back. I say "I'm sorry that was stupid of me with all the stuff that's gone on and-"
She then stopped me from talking by saying "No" and kisses me so I kissed her back .

Betty and Jughead spend their time together and eventually came boyfriend and girlfriend and there relationship advanced through college as they both went to Yale and didn't hear from veronica and Archie until many years later when a certain something brought them together...
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