The Night That Changed Everything~ Bughead

Chapter Eight

We then went home to our house and or phones buzzed and pinged the whole way home from our posts. When we arrived home we saw we had many likes, comments and messages off our friends and family.

On our conversations on the way home we talked about a date for the wedding. As we pulled up we both looked at one another and shouted 9th September. It was the date we got together and if that was the wedding date we would have been together for 10 years. It was May now so they wedding would be kind of quick but it didn't matter to us.

Betty's POV-
I was so excited I had been proposed to by the love of my life. We had already planned a date which was in under 4 months so we had to start planning. Over the next couple months we got everything ready and on 9th September we got married. I became Mrs Jones and it was the happiest days of my life. It was a kind of small wedding with close friends and family from both sides.
2 months later~

Betty's POV-
I woke up next to Juggie feeling sick to my stomach I quickly hopped out of bed and ran to the toilet. I threw up and Jug was there to hold my hair back. This happened for a couple days but I decided to think nothing about it.

I went out to go food shopping and whilst I was there my mind kept going back to my sickness I though about it and then it hit me. On the night after our wedding Jughead and I were a bit drunk in our hotel room. We snuggled as we watched Romeo and Juliet and then Titanic. After the films it was late and we had a kiss to celebrate our marriage but it got more passionate until we were making out which led to sex.

I couldn't remember if we used protection or not so I walked down the pregnancy test aisle and bought one just in case. Then I made for the shipping and went home.
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