The Night That Changed Everything~ Bughead

Chapter Nine

Jughead's POV-
I waited for Betts to get home from shopping I hear the car pull up in the driveway so I run outside give Betty a kiss and then help bring the shopping in. We brought all the bags in and I started to put the frozen food she'd bought in the freezer. She then took the bag with all the bathroom supplies in and went to fill the bathroom cabinet up.

She returned to the kitchen where I had nearly packed away all the shopping after about 5 minutes with a sheepish look on her face and red eyes like she'd been crying.

Betty's POV-
I walked through to the kitchen after spending probably about 5 minutes in the bathroom putting the supplies in the cabinet. While in there I took the pregnancy test and it was positive I started crying as I was unsure what Jughead would think about it. I managed to get my words so I could tell Jughead.

"Juggie" I said "Do you remember the night after our wedding?" I asked in which he responded with a nod. "Well we were kind of drunk and one thing led to another and I have been ill recently and -

Jughead's POV-
I cut her off from her sentence with oh my god Betts are you-
Pregnant she replied holding a test in her hand yeah I am. I picked her up and span her around she was slightly confused until I said I'm so excited were going to have a baby!

Soon time passed and on Betty's 30th birthday our baby girl was born. We named her Juliet Rose Jones because they were names of the main characters in the films we watched the night she was conceived. We were so happy as our little family of 3.
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