The Night That Changed Everything~ Bughead

Chapter Eleven

Juliet's POV-
After school I went home to my mum and dad and told them that I met this dude who is most likely to work in the blue and gold with me. My parents joked saying ooh you got a boyfriend? I replied with a stern no and say I have to quickly redo my hair and makeup before I head to pops. I tell them I'll be back within 2 hours.

I arrive at pop's and meet Freddie in a booth he sat there with his work drinking a chocolate shake and there's a strawberry shake waiting for me how did he know that was my favourite flavour. I thank him and ask him how he knew I love strawberry shakes. He replied with you seemed like a strawberry kind of girl.

I read his work at I have to say it was pretty good. We chatted and I found out he was actually a nice footballer who loved business and writing. He wasn't like the others. As I left pop's he offered to walk me home but I declined politely. I gave him my number,he then looked into my eyes and he kissed my cheek.

I blushed, thanked him and left. His eyes were brown but dreamy and they fitted with his personality dreamy. It was about 10 o'clock at night and I got a text message from Freddie saying hey I just wondered if you wanted a party at mine this weekend as my parents are in NY rn. I replied with a yeah sure and he said thanks xx.
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