The Night That Changed Everything~ Bughead

Chapter Twelve

The Party

It was 5:30 and the party was at 6 so I quickly straightened my hair and put on my bikini. I sipped my denim booty shorts on over the top, put on my sliders and left my house.

At the party there were many cheerleaders and jocks. Some were in pool others were doing keg stands and games like spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven. I heard a shout coming from pool it was Freddie he told me to jump in so I quickly pulled off my shorts and sliders and stood at the side.

As I undressed I could feel him staring at my body and when u was at the edge he came over and sat on the side with me. He was hot he was ripped as I predicted then he slid in I then slid in and he caught me. We started splashing each other before we got our and dried off.

We then went over to the games areas as a new game was being started as they finished playing truth or dare. I sat on the girls side and Freddie sat on the boys side we were going to play 7 minutes in heaven and deep down I kind of hoped to get Freddie.

The first person up is Freddie so he span the bottle and to my excitement it landed on me so we went to the closet. I we spoke for about 2 minutes and he confessed that he liked me and I said the same we then had a 5 minute make out session.

As we came out of the closet Freddie and I left the game and in hand to let the others know it went well. We walked over to the keg stand and he was surprisingly good at it. We then walked towards the firepit and I sat on his lap with a blanket over us. We sat and watched the roaring fire and I felt like the luckiest girl alive.

Soon it was 11 and everyone started to go home but he pulled me in for a kiss and he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I accepted. Then once everyone was gone we went to his room and watched a couple movies on Netflix. At 1 o'clock I left and managed to sneak home into my bed.
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