The Night That Changed Everything~ Bughead

Chapter Two

A week before Archie and I were going to marry, Cheryl Blossom - my popular and often feared cousin- decided to throw us a pre-wedding party. Cheryl was known as being the schools notorious party queen, any chance of a party she'd throw one and any party she was not invited to she make herself invited.

The party was for just close friends like our wedding was going to be like and it was beautifully set up. There beautiful gold and silver decorations everywhere and lots of alcohol to go round after all this was a party.

Cheryl then stood up on the bar and made an announcement:Everyone it's gift time, bring your gifts up to the happy soon to be Mr and Mrs Andrews! Slowly Archie and I were surrounded by gifts and starting opening them one by one together. We got so many nice gifts and after we had opened all of them Archie and I thanked everyone for the presents and started dancing.

Archie's POV-
Then a slow song came on so Betty and I slow danced with some of the other couples (mostly parents) that were there.We then had some drinks, I'm not sure how many but enough to make me drunk. When I'm drink I do stupid things and make really stupid decisions. Of course that's is what happened I made a stupid decision thatnight; the night that changed everything.
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