The Night That Changed Everything~ Bughead

Chapter Three

Archie's POV-
I had noticed Betty had popped inside to chat to Cheryl and I couldn't find Jughead anywhere so I stumbled my drunk self over to Veronica who also happened to be drunk. We chatted and joked being stupid when we decide to go look for Betty.

We found Jughead at the buffet and he said he'd go have a look for Betty as soon as he finished his food .

Jughead POV-
I was at the buffet looking at the selection of food and filling up my plate when Archie and Veronica stumbled into the room both obviously drunk saying they were looking for Betty. I told them I had not seen her and I would look for her once I'd finished my food. They then thanked me and left the room and headed upstairs.

I have known Archie very well for years now I knew what was going to happen. Drunk Archie makes stupid decisions he'd done it before. I had to quickly find Betty and warn her what was about to happen.

Betty's POV-
I couldn't find Cheryl inside so I went back outside but she wasn't there so I waited a bit and scanned the area. I still couldn't find her so I went to the buffet where the majority of people were when I heard someone shout my name.

I turned around and saw Jughead. I asked him if he knew where Cheryl was but he said I need to go upstairs now because Archie was going to do something stupid that he'd regret tomorrow. We quickly hurried up the stairs and met Cheryl who said I'm so sorry Betty and showed me a picture on her phone. I was shocked
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