The Night That Changed Everything~ Bughead

Chapter Four

It was a picture of Archie and Veronica in bed together hooking up. I was horrified my fiance was doing that with my best friend. I asked Cheryl to lead me to the room so I knew it was 100% real and sure enough it was. I screamed and ran off and I noticed Jughead was following me.

Archie's POV-
I was busy getting spicy with Veronica. Despite being drunk, I knew it was wrong but for some reason it felt right. Suddenly a heard a scream and realised it was Betty. Before I could explain anything she ran off and Jughead said well done mate look what you've done and followed her.

I then felt bad. My fiancee had saw her best friend and her fiance being spicy and we were supposed to get married in a week what was I going to do?

Jugheads POV-
I ran after Betty and tried to console her after what she had just witnessed when though I myself was shocked. How could my best mate be so stupid to go behind his beautiful fiancee's back and drunkenly hook up with her best friend.

Deep down I had always been jealous of Archie since he started dating Betty. On the first day of Riverdale High I saw Betty and it was like love at first sight. I wanted to asked her on a date to Pop's but I didn't have enough courage. Then less than a week later Archie asked her out and I had to accept that because Archie was my best and only friend at the time but I pained me so much to see them together. It still does. I know it's wrong but maybe I might have a chance.
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