The Night That Changed Everything~ Bughead

Chapter Five

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and told Betty no matter hey I will help her get through this. She smiled and hugged me. It was the best hug of my life. It was a long and meaningful hug and I could feel the warmth as bodies touched.

Betty's POV-
I gave him a hug after all he was so kind and caring. He was a good hugger and then I got lost in my thoughts for a second.It was not like a hug I normally got off my friends or was better and it was better than any I got of Archie. I stepped back form the hug and giggled. Jughead did the same and muttered something under his breath but I couldn't hear what.

A couple weeks later Betty got better with Jughead's help and hadn't even spoken to Veronica or Archie who were together now. She didn't plan to speak to them ever again in her life after what they did to her.

Betty's POV-
I heard a knock on my door and opened it. Stood there was Jughead with a smile on his face. I had invited him round and then we were going to go to Pop's ,our favourite local diner.

He drove us there and we took a booth. Pop came over took our orders and said how are my two favourite customers? I replied with I'm doing good Pop and Jughead replied with I'm hungry which made me giggle. Pop knew what's Archie has done to me and was very nice and supporting to my situation. He was also very nice to Jughead after what he'd done for me.

After we our food Jughead and I went back to his car and I asked him a a question I really wanted to know. I said you know when I hugged you that day a couple weeks ago what did you say under your breath? He replied with oh you see it's part of a story so I'll have to explain the story. He then started the story...
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