Attack on titan girls prefrences


I'm moving this book from wattpad to here. You'll be a female reader in this and you'll be a tomboy.

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How you meet

It was hand-to-hand combat your partner was horseface you had a great dislike for the boy.

Jean: why are we even doing hand-to-hand combat!?

Me: your going into the military police aren't you?

Jean: yeah?

Me: you'll need to fight criminals with fist not swords I thought you were smart enough to know that but guess your just a stupid horse.

I smirked as fell for my trap. He got angry and rushed towards me but I did a kick to his knee, hip, ribs then head all with one leg in one go knocking him out. When I turn around I see annie behind me.

Annie: nice kicks.

With that she just walked away leaving me shocked.


I was walking around the shiganshina distract when I came across three boys ganging up on a smaller boy. I ran closer to them putting on my poker face.

Me: hey!! Leave him alone.

Leader: or what girly?

Me: or I'll take you down.

The three of them laugh making my poker face go blanker. One of them rush at me to throw a punch but I did an easy take down for someone bigger then me.

I pushed his arm in a little with my hand then I put my other hand under his armpit then flipped him over on the ground.

Minion 2: I'm leaving.

He takes his friend that I flipped over and left while the leader looks at me then runs away scared. I look at the blonde boy still on the ground I walk over to him and sit next to him smiling.

Me: hi I'm y/n

Armin: hi I'm Armin, that was a cool thing you did back there.

Me: the flip?

Armin: yeah.

I grab a cookie from my pocket than handed it to him.

Armin: for me?

Me: yeah.

Then two other kids come running towards Armin and I.

Armin: those are my friends.

We both stand up as his two friends stand in front of us one of the boy has brown hair with teal green eyes and the other is a girl with black hair with with grey eyes.

Armin: guys this is my friend y/n, y/n this is eren and mikasa.

Me: hi.

Eren: hello.

Mikasa just does a small wave as I did on back.


Sasha and I grew up in the same village I was the only introverted person in the village so the older kids picked on me but sasha protected every time that happened.

I would often hind behind her every time the bullies got close.


I always sat alone in the mess hall reading a book because I didn't really interact with people that and I have more of a emotional attachment to people who don't exist.

Then two girls walk over to me one whose tall with freckles and one that is blonde and probably to innocent for this.

Blonde: hi can we sit here?

Me: sure.

They both take a sit as I continue reading my book as the blonde talks to me again.

Christa: I'm Christa and that's ymir.

Ymir nods as I look up from my book and look at Christa.

Me: I'm y/n.

Christa: nice to meet you.

Me: nice meeting you too.


I was sitting at my table as Reiner comes over and tries to flirt with me.

Reiner: did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Me: no but I did hurt my knees crawling out of hell

Reiner: aww come on don't be like that.

Ymir: oi Reiner fuck off she clearly doesn't like you.

Reiner groans then walks off as ymir just looks at me before walking off just giving me her name.

Ymir: my names ymir.

I just stared as she walked off leaving me in my thoughts.


I was walking with Levi to meet the new section commander. Who levi keeps calling her shitty glasses.

Levi: alright brat you'll be working with shitty glasses, don't do anything stupid.

Me: I don't do stupid.

Levi: not you brat.

I suddenly get dragged backwards as I turn my hand I see a lady with brown hair, brown eyes with glasses drag me away from Levi.

Hanji: come on shorty she'll be fine.

She continues dragging me towards the lab. We both stopped as I turn to hanji.

Hanji: I'm hanji nice to meet you.

Me: im y/n.


I was walking around the HQ with hanji as she was going to introduce me to the Levi squad.

Hanji: come on y/n let's meet shortys team.

Me: alright.

We walked closer to where the Levi squad is but when we got there. There was only a girl sweeping.

Hanji: petra I want you to meet my best friend.

Petra looked up and walked over to us.

Petra: hi I'm petra.

Me: im y/n.

Petra: so your really hanji' s best friend?

Me: yep I question how sometimes but she's great.

Petra: I should continue working, see you around y/n.

A book of preferences for the lovely girls of aot.

I hope you enjoy

Peace out humans

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