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Not Human

Chapter 1

Just letting you know, this'll follow the anime (Maybe manga but who knows?)
If you want me to do the manga chapters, just let me know.

Another thing, I'm gonna change some of the story but not too much.

Now, let's get on with the story!~

A rough and scratchy voice yelled out, standing with his hands behind his back, watching two kids train by swinging fake swords at each other.
Weak grunts can be heard from the kids.

He yelled, his deep red eyes watching their every move. He knew they were getting tired, and they needed rest hours ago, but he felt like they needed to push past their limits.
They were like his children. He took care of them since they were babies, finding them at his door one cold winter night. When he took one good look at them, he knew they weren't actual siblings from the different scents they had.

"We're trying!"
The boy said. His heavy pants was worrying his sister so much. She threw her sword down and rushed to his side.

She exclaimed. Yuuma had a hard time breathing and took deep ones to ready himself.
The older man sighed and walked over to them.

"I've been training you both for years. You've both improved over those years. I think you two need some rest."
He suggested. The kids nodded eagerly and ran inside the house.
The man rolled his eyes playfully and followed them inside.

"Yuuma, (y/n). You've done well today."
The man said with a tiny smile. Yuuma returned the smile, while (y/n) nodded at him.

"Thank you, Father. We'll do our very best later."
They replied, bowing their heads. The man bowed back and walked to another room.

"I can't wait to be a demon slayer!"
Yuuma cheered, miniature flowers floating around his head. (Y/n) gave him a blank expression and made a unamused noise from her mouth.

"I can't wait either, but you do know there's more we need to learn from father, right? He was a pillar, one of the strongest there was."
She explained. Yuuma knew about him and nodded.

"That was until an upper moon permanently damaged his left arm, leaving him unable to fight the upper moon."
She continued. She knew Yuuma loved the short story of their father.

Who was their "father"?

His name is Makenai Sureiya, the Ice Pillar. He started his pillar life at the young age of 15 and retired at 36 after his left arm had permanent damage.
Almost two years later, he found Yuuma and (Y/n) and raised them as his own.

"Father is so awesome!"
Yuuma exclaimed, a warm smile glued on his face. (Y/n) nodded, sitting down on the floor, staring up at Yuuma with blank eyes. Yuuma sat down next to her and hugged her, a soft sigh escaping his lips and his warm breath hitting her neck. The (h/c) girl didn't move from him and patted his head with a small smile on her face.

"(Y/n). May I speak with you?"
Makenai asked the young girl. Said girl nodded and gently pushed Yuuma off her and placed him on the blankets, covering his body with the light blue blanket and moves his golden blonde hair from his face.
The former pillar sits down on his knees, his large hands resting on his lap. (Y/n) intertwined her fingers together, feeling a little nervous about what he wanted to talk about.

"Please sit down. Your legs need enough rest."
He spoke softly, his gentle eyes staring into her (e/c) orbs. She obeyed his soft request and sits down on her knees, her intertwined fingers on her lap.

"Now, there's something I've kept from you both. Something equally disturbing and interesting.."
He confessed. The (h/c) girl's shiny eyes widened ever so slightly. She leaned in a little, curious about the little secret.

"It's mainly about your blood. It's the same as a human, but I can smell a different scent mixed in. Something inhumane."
He continued, reaching a hand out to stroke her soft locks. (Y/n) felt a cold shiver in her spine from the words, imagining many possibilities.

"What?... Is it w-what I'm t-thinking?"
She stuttered. A frown appeared on his face. He knew she was thinking about the logical reason why her blood was different.
He wished it was that.
But it wasn't...

"No. Not at all. Far from that..."
He mumbled, pulling his hand away from her hair and resting it on his side. (Y/n) saw the worry in his eyes and felt herself worry.

"Do you remember anything at all? Like someone from your past?"
Makenai inquired. (Y/n) turned her gaze to the wooden floor, fiddling with her fingers. She saw many images flashing in her mind, each of them blurry than the next. Her eyes snapped open when she saw a figure looked down at her.
It appeared to be a woman. She couldn't see her eyes as they weren't present. Beside her was a odd shape but the entire figure was all black. The woman's mouth opened but no words came out.

".... Love you."
Those were the only words she heard from the woman before everything faded to black. (Y/n) gasped out, letting shaky pants and her fingers curling onto her clothes. Makenai scooted closer to the shaking girl, cradling her in his arms and gripped her shoulders.

"(Y/n)! Are you alright? What happened?!"
He asked quietly, shaking her gently. He could've sworn he saw the girl's eyes flashed a blood red for a second before returning to her original eye colour.

"I... I..."
(Y/n) tried to get the words out but couldn't. Makenai didn't want to pressure her any further and pulled away. (Y/n) pressed her hand against her forehead, gripping her loose hairs.

"I saw a woman with no eyes and another figure. But the figure was completely black and I couldn't tell who it was. The woman was saying something but I couldn't hear it. All I heard was love you."
(Y/n) explained, loosening her grip on her hair. Makenai opened his arms to her and watched her latch herself on him. He wrapped his arms around her smaller frame.

"If it isn't what I thought, then would that mean..."
(Y/n) didn't finish her sentence. Makenai nodded, patting her head softly. He felt her body stop completely. He assumed she fell asleep from the exhaustion and the headache he sensed and opened his mouth.

"No you're right. What you're thinking is right... For now..."

This isy first time writing anything about Demon Slayer so I apologise deeply if it's bad 😔

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