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Vivid Imagination

I Told You So

*In which Dayvon comforts Jamell even though he did him wrong*


Jamell was hanging out with his best friend Dayvon and his boyfriend. At the mall. ″ I’m going to the bathroom″, Jamell said. ″Aight″, Dayvon said. ″Durk is that you″, Kayla said. ″What’s good shawty″, Durk said. ″Kayla what you doing here″, Dayvon said.

″This the guy I told you I was talking to″, Kayla said. Dayvon looked in shock. ″You know her″, Durk asked. ″Yeah, that’s my sister″, Dayvon said. Durk felt his heart sink to his ass. Dayvon watch as Durk kissed Kayla. Dayvon’s blood was boiling.

Dayvon wanted to show Jamell that Durk was cheating. Dayvon was smart. So, he taught of the quickest plan. ″Kayla it’s almost Valentine’s day. Take this. Go take a picture with your boyfriend″, Dayvon said.

″Come on bae″, Kayla said. Dayvon knew the guy who took the pictures. He texted the cameraman. He went along with his plan. Dayvon watched as the two cuddle up and kiss. The cameraman took the picture but made a copy for Dayvon.

The cameraman gave the couple a picture. Before, he sent a copy to Dayvon. ″Bye bae. Bye Dayvon″, Kayla said. Kayla left with her group of friends.

″Listen. Please don’t tell Jamell″, Durk said. ″You crazy folks″, Dayvon said. ″What does that mean″, Durk asked. ″Do you love him″, Dayvon asked. Durk took too long to answer the question. ″You don’t″, Dayvon said.

Durk couldn’t respond to that. He knew it was true. ″When″, Dayvon asked. ″What″, Durk asked. ″When did you stop loving him″, Dayvon asked. ″Ever since I met her″, Durk said. ″When the fuck was that″, Dayvon asked. ″Two years ago″, Durk said.

Dayvon stared into Durk’s eyes. ″How long has this relationship been going on″, Dayvon asked. Dayvon was losing his patience. ″Today makes it two years″, Durk said. ″Ok″, Dayvon said.

Dayvon punched Durk’s face. Dayvon punched Durk so hard he fell. Dayvon got on top of Durk and leaned his shit. ″Two *punch* fucking *punch* years″, Dayvon said. Dayvon saw nothing but red. Durk and Jamell have been in a relationship for a year.

″DAYVON! GET OFF HIM″, Jamell said. Dayvon looked into Jamell’s eyes. He had no other option but to stay cool. Durk got up. ″Why would you do that″, Jamell asked. ″He-″, Dayvon said. Jamell cut him off.

″Dayvon! Your jealousy needs to stop″, Jamell said. ″Huh″, Dayvon asked. ″You heard him. Bae let him go″, Durk said. ″Am I hearing shit″, Dayvon taught. ″Dayvon! Go Home″, Jamell said. ″You about to put our nineteen-year friendship down the hill. For a cheater″, Dayvon said.

″Now you just making shit up″, Jamell said. Dayvon shook his head. ″That’s how you feel″, Dayvon asked. ″Yes, leave″, Jamell said. Dayvon left disappointed.

(A Week Later)

Dayvon and Jamell haven’t talked in a week. It was starting to get to Dayvon. He missed his best friend. He felt like he lost a part of him. Jamell broke a promise. ″Never let our partners get in between us″. Dayvon invited his closet friends over.

″Dayvon let it go. He’s just a friend″, Lontrell said. ″I can’t just accept that fact. Pooh″, Dayvon said. ″Let it go folks. It just shows he was fake″, Taurus said. ″He is being played″, Dayvon said. ″Let it go. Dang″, Lontrell said.

″Dayvon someone downstairs for you″, Tione said. ″Who″, Dayvon asked. ″Some dude with a neck tattoo″, Tione said. Dayvon went downstairs to see who it was. To his surprise it was Jamell. ″What do you want″, Dayvon asked.

Jamell didn’t say anything. ″Fuck″, Dayvon taught. ″Everybody out″, Dayvon said. Everyone grabbed their stuff and left. ″What happened″, Dayvon asked. ″He’s been cheating on me″, Jamell said.

″Wow″, Dayvon said. Dayvon was trying real hard to shut up. ″I know. You told me so. I’m sorry for not believing you″, Jamell said. ″Come on″, Dayvon said. Jamell followed Dayvon upstairs to his room. ″Lay down. I’ll be back″, Dayvon said.

Jamell started to feel like shit. Dayvon was right the whole time. Yet, he didn’t believe him. ″Here you go″, Dayvon said. He handed Jamell his favorite ice-cream. Jamell was confused about why Dayvon wasn’t mad. That made Jamell feel worse.

″Why aren’t you mad at me″, Jamell asked. ″I was mad″, Dayvon said. ″I’m sorry″, Jamell said. Jamell hid his face in Dayvon chest. ″It’s fine. Look at me″, Dayvon said. Dayvon lifted Jamell’s face. ″Don’t pull that shit again″, Dayvon said.

″I won’t″, Jamell said. Dayvon licked his lips as he stared at Jamell’s lips. ″Is there something on my lips″, Jamell asked. ″Mhm″, Dayvon said. ″What″, Jamell asked. Dayvon moved his thumb across Jamell’s face. ″It’s gone″, Dayvon said.

Jamell heard his phone ring. ″Hello″, Jamell said. ″I’m sorry bae″, Durk said. ″Leave me alone″, Jamell said. ″I ended it with Kayla″, Durk said. ″It’s over with us. I have another boyfriend″, Jamell said. Von looked at Jamell in confusion.

″Who’, Durk said. ″Hold on″, Jamell said. Jamell switched the call to facetime. ″Dayvon″, Jamell said. Dayvon was extremely confused. ″I should’ve known you liked him. Ever since that day″, Durk said.

″What are you talking about″, Jamell asked. ″That day when we were fucking. You moaned his name″, Durk said. Jamell quickly hung up the phone. Jamell covered his face with Dayvon’s blanket. He felt highly embarrassed.

Jamell prayed that Dayvon didn’t hear that. Jamell started breathing heavily. Dayvon pulled the blanket off. ″You moaned my name″, Dayvon asked. He had a big ass smile on his face. ″No″, Jamell said.

″Stop lying to me″, Dayvon said. Dayvon grabbed Jamell’s neck. ″Tell me the truth″, Dayvon said. ″Sort of″, Jamell said. Dayvon stared into Jamell’s eyes. Jamell felt the butterflies creeping up. ″Sort of″, Dayvon asked. ″Yeah″, Jamell said.

Dayvon couldn’t hold it in anymore. Dayvon kissed Jamell. Jamell didn’t react. ″My fault″, Dayvon said. Jamell was frozen. ″Why did you stop″, Jamell asked. ″I taught″, Dayvon said. Dayvon was caught off guard when Jamell kissed him.

Dayvon’s tongue explored Jamell’s mouth. Von didn’t have to fight for dominance. He knew he was going to get it. Dayvon bit Jamell’s lip as he squeezed and rubbed his ass. Dayvon rubbed Jamell’s pussy through his shorts. Jamell moaned and squirmed. ″Dayvon″, Jamell moaned.

Dayvon loved the way his name came out of Jamell’s mouth. Dayvon moved down to Jamell’s neck giving him hickeys. ″Mmm″, Jamell moaned. Dayvon found his hot spot. Dayvon bit Jamell’s hot spot softly. Dayvon moved down to Jamell’s chest.

Dayvon took his shirt and pants off. Throwing them across the room. Jamell stared at Dayvon’s dick in shock. ″What″, Dayvon asks. ″I don’t think I want to do this anymore″, Jamell said. ″Why″, Dayvon asked. ″I don’t think I can take it″, Jamell said.

″Don’t worry baby. I won’t hurt you″, Dayvon said. ″Ok″, Jamell said. The lies Dayvon was telling. He was still mad about the fact that Jamell dissed him. For a whole week. Dayvon went back to kissing Jamell.

Dayvon kissed Jamell’s nipple. Dayvon licked, swirled, and sucked on Jamell’s chest. ″Dayvon″, Jamell moaned. Jamell still felt bad about what he did. Jamell tied his dreads up. Jamell lifted Dayvons head. ″What’s wrong″, Dayvons asked.

″Lay back″, Jamell said. Dayvon laid back. Knowing what was going to happen. Jamell took Von’s boxer briefs off and let his dick hit his face. Jamell’s mouth was watering. ″You going to stare at it or choke on it″, Dayvon said.

That made Jamell smile a little. Jamell spat on Dayvon’s dick before swallowing the whole thing. ″Shit″, Dayvon said. Jamell licked the side of Dayvons dick. Swirling his tongue on the tip. Then, swallowing it again. ″Fuck baby″, Dayvon said. Dayvon never moaned during head before.

Jamell twisted his hand on Dayvon’s dick. He went down and sucked Dayvon’s balls. Dayvon felt his soul getting taken. Jamell went back up, removed his hand, and bopped his head. Jamell bopped his head up and down at a constant speed.

He finally stopped letting Dayvon’s dick just chill in his throat. Dayvon grabbed Jamell’s hair, lifting Jamell’s head. Dayvon smiled at Jamell before fucking his face. Dayvon moved Jamell’s head up and down at a fast pace.

Jamell couldn’t breathe. He wasn’t going to tell Dayvon that. ″Don’t take your fucking eyes off me″, Dayvon said. Dayvon continued fucking Jamell’s face. ″Fuck I’m About To Cum″, Dayvon said. Dayvon released all his cum down Jamell’s throat.

″Damn where the fuck you learn how to do that shit″, Dayvon asked. ″It’s a secret. I only do it to people I like″, Jamell said. Dayvon just smiled at that fact. ″Why you smiling″, Jamell said. ″It’s cute″, Von said. Jamell went in for a kiss. Expecting Von to decline that offer.

But, Von kissed him back passionately. Hand on the neck and all. Dayvon took Jamell pants off. Laying him down. Von took Jamells panties off. He threw them somewhere. Dayvon kissed Jamell’s clit and entered a finger in.

″F-f-fuck...daddy″, Jamell moaned. That shit made Dayvon more turned on. Dayvon rubbed Jamell’s clit. Making eye contact with Jamell the whole time. ″S-s-stop...l-looking at me″, Jamell moaned. ″Am I making you nervous″, Dayvon asked.

Dayvon inserted two more fingers into Jamell. Fingering him faster. Looking deep into his eyes. ″Answer the question″, Dayvon said. ″S-s-shit...y-y-yes″, Jamell moaned. Dayvon flipped his finger inside Jamell. Dayvon took his fingers out.

″Open your fucking mouth″, Dayvon said. Jamell didn’t say no or hesitate. He licked Vons finger and tasted himself. Dayvon grabbed Jamell by the neck and kissed him. ″Fuck. You taste good″, Von said. ″Thanks″, Jamell said.

Dayvon entered his fingers back in. This time he didn’t give a fuck. Von rubbed Jamell’s clit fast as fuck. Fingering him fast as well. Jamell couldn’t take all the pleasure that was happening. He ended up squirting. That didn’t stop Von.

Dayvon entered another finger in. Twisted and turning his fingers inside Jamell. ″w-w-wait″, Jamell said. Jamell felt his body overheat. Jamell ended up cuming. Dayvon took his fingers out and licked Jamell’s cum off his fingers.

″Ready for this dick″, Dayvon asked. ″Yes, daddy″, Jamell said. Dayvon got up, grabbed an xl condom, and some lube. Just for when Dayvon giving Jamell back shots.

Dayvon put the condom as Jamell watched. Jamell was still scared. Dayvon looked into Jamell’s eyes. “You still scared”, Dayvon asked. “A little”, Jamell said. Dayvon kissed Jamell.

“I promise you I won’t hurt you. We can start with half of it”, Dayvon said. “Aight”, Jamell said. Dayvon got on top of Jamell. This is a position Jamell kind of hate. It makes him nervous.

Dayvon rubbed the tip against Jamell’s entering. Dayvon put half of his dick in. Jamell grabbed the bedsheets. The more Dayvon put in. The more Jamell held on to the bedsheets. “Dayvon”, Jamell moaned.

Dayvon held Jamell’s hand. “Just squeeze my hand”, Dayvon said. Dayvon remembered what Jamell did. He was still a little mad. So, he put the rest in. Jamell squeezed Dayvon’s hand extremely hard.
“DAYVON”, Jamell moaned. “Sorry, Mell”, Dayvon said. Dayvon kissed Jamell passionately. Dayvon started thrusting. Jamell hasn’t been touched in four months.

“F-f-fuck...Von”, Jamell moaned. Dayvon deep strokes were getting to Jamell. Dayvon went a little faster. “Mmm f-f-fuck”, Jamell moaned. Dayvon went back to giving Jamell slow deep strokes.

“Look at me”, Dayvon said. Jamell looked at Dayvon. “Y-y-yess”, Jamell said. “I love you”, Dayvon said. Stroking after every word. Dayvon grabbed Jamell’s hands. “Fuck”, Dayvon moaned.

Jamell’s toes were curled. His eyes locked in with Dayvon’s. Deep strokes hitting his soul. Dayvon hit Jamell’s G-spot. Jamell squeezed Dayvon’s hand. “That’s your spot”, Dayvon asked.

“Mhm”, Jamell moaned. Dayvon hit that spot multiple times. Rubbing Jamell’s clit in the process. Jamell felt his body overheat again. Dayvon hit that spot one more time. Before, Jamell made a mess.

“Arch”, Dayvon said. Jamell weakly got up and arched. Dayvon knew exactly what he was gonna do. Dayvon put another condom on. This time extra lubricated. He smacked Jamell’s ass.

Dayvon entered Jamell quickly. Jamell let out a big gasp. Dayvon started with a small prep thrust. He then went faster.

“V-v-von...f-f-fuck”, Jamell moaned. Dayvon was thrusting into Jamell extremely fast. Dayvon pulled Jamell’s hair. Pulling Jamell’s face closer to him. Dayvon sped up his thrust.

“V-v-von...s-s-slow...d-d-down”, Jamell said. “You deserve that shit”, Dayvon said. “Y-y-yess”, Jamell said. That “yes” messed Dayvon up. His thrust became less friendly.

“V-v-von...p-p-please”, Jamell said. They made a code word that works for everything. “You gone keep being disloyal to our friendship again”, Von asked.

“N-n-no...f-f-fuck”, Jamell said. Jamell felt his soul leave his body.

“You going to keep on believing other niggas over me”, Dayvon asked. Von thrust faster.

“n-n-NO...I-I-I...p-p-promise”, Jamell said.

“Who pussy this is”, Dayvon asked.

“Y-y-your’s...d-d-daddy”, Jamell said. Jamell was about to cum again.

“Who you belong to”, Dayvon asked.

“I-I-I’m...y-y-yours...p-p-please...d-d-daddy”, Jamell said.

Dayvon slowed down. Jamell cumed again. “I’m about to cum”, Dayvon said. “Cum in my mouth”, Jamell said. Dayvon pulled out, took the condom off, and came into Jamell’s mouth. The two collapsed on the bed.

“You didn’t have to violate like that”, Jamell said. “My bad folks”, Dayvon said. They both laughed. “You wanna be mine”, Dayvon asked. “What do you think the answer is”, Jamell said. “Yes”, Dayvon said. “Duh”, Jamell said.

“I love you Dayvon”, Jamell said. “I love you too Mell”, Dayvon said.

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