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| IN PROGRESS| |"Hisoka." she mumbled. "hmm?" He murmured pressing his face into her neck. "Be a good girl." He wispered into her neck. She shuddered, pulling at the wrist he held, but he wouldn't release it. His grip tightening on her wrist, Akari almost flinched.| Akari Yokoyama is part of the Phantom Troupe. She has been working with them for years but hasn't seen the troupe in years. She's finally returning when her boss asks everyone to gather in Yorknew City for the auction. Akari finds a mysterious man waiting for her when she arrives, someone she hasn't seen for years. Will things still be the same? Who is the new enemy that ruined her plans? Follow Akari on her wild journey as a spider and learn about her past. ~~~ I don't own HunterxHunter. Hunterxhunter characters aren't mine. Neither is the story/plot of hxh. Art isn't mine, found it on pinterest I apologize in advance for any misspelling in the story.

Action / Romance
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This story contains spoilers for hunterxhunter. So read at your own risk.


This story includes, blood, violence, and mature themes, as well as strong language, trama, abuse and self harm. please don’t read if sensitive to any of those themes.

*** = NSFW/Smut

(Please skip these if you are underage!)

Chapters contain words from 1k-3k, but never going above that.

The story starts at the beginning of the phantom troupe arc.

I do not own hunterxhunter or any of the characters or the plot.

However Akari, Daiki and the side plot is my creation.

other than that, i hope you enjoy! this is my first HisokaxOc so I hope you like it!

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